January 23, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Danny Ching, Erika Benitez Win the 500-Strong ‘Hanohano’ Race in San Diego

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Updated with results from the Kids Race

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Danny Ching and Erika Benitez have taken out the 2016 Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge in San Diego’s Mission Bay, with 500 paddlers showing up on a crisp morning for this classic, early season race.

The Infinity speed freaks Dave Boehne & Slater Trout took line honours on their tandem SUP, while Rob Rojas snuck across for second over the line on his unlimited. But in the main battle of the 14 footers, Danny narrowly edged out his new team mate Noa Hopper, with Chase Kosterlitz, Chuck Glynn, Chance Fielder and Gabriel Beauchesne Sevigny all just seconds behind.

It was actually a double victory for Danny, who won the OC-1 long course race earlier in the day (defeating all of the OC-2 and most of the surfski competitors in the process). It was a also a great day for young Noa, who, just like his team boss, also competed in the 9 mile OC-1 long course (finishing top 10) before backing up strongly in the 4.5 mile SUP short course.

Hanohano race

The top 14′ guys, from left to right: Chuck Glynn (LairdSUP), Chase Kosterlitz (JP Australia), Danny Ching (404), Gab Beachesne-Sevigny (Riviera), Noa Hopper (404), Chance Fielder (Infinity), Brennan Rose (Riviera) [photo: Mike Muir]

Sounds like the top six or seven 14′ guys were in a draft train for most of the race, with Danny pulling away towards the finish. The 404 front man crossed in 53 minutes 56 seconds (which makes me think the course was a little longer than 4.5 miles), just eight seconds ahead of Noa. Chase and Chuck both crossed a few seconds later, while Chance (on his new Infinity team board) and Gabriel were less than half a minute off Danny’s pace.

Brennan Rose and Garrett Fletcher finished a couple of minutes later in 7th and 8th place respectively, while Anthony Vela was next over the line as the fastest guy on a 12’6.

Below: Dave Boehne and Slater Trout on their custom, 19′ Infinity tandem SUP


The Hanohano is a great race because it almost always sees a dark horse or two stand up, and this year it was Gabriel Beauchesne Sevigny (aka ‘Gab’ or ‘GBS’ as I like to call him). GBS isn’t a familiar name in the SUP world, however he’s definitely one to watch in the future. The Canadian dark horse/Olympic canoe prospect is currently trained by Larry Cain, and has his sights set on the Rio Olympics later this year. Gab turned heads at the Surf to Sound race late last year, where he topped the podium with Larry and their fellow Olympic canoeist Tommy Buday Jr. According to Larry, his protégé may turn his attention to SUP racing full time after this year’s Olympic campaign.

On the women’s side it was a battle of the young guns and a preview of what’s to come in the next few years, with Erika Benitez showing why she’s a star of the future to finish a minute clear of her friendly rivals. Erika, who represented Team Mexico at the 2015 Worlds but now resides in California, defeated her fellow youngsters to salute in a time of 1:03:09. A minute later, Alexandria Higginson edged out Jade Howson by just six seconds to claim the second step on the podium.

Hanohano Race

The future of women’s SUP racing looks bright; left-right: Erika, Alex, Jade and Shae (photo: Mike Muir)

Amazingly, Erika, Alex and Jade are all under 16 competitors (in fact Alex and Jade are under 14). Great to see the stars of tomorrow stepping it up in the women’s sport, with groups such as the Paddle Academy and Performance Paddling leading the way (Alex, Jade and Shae are also all part of the Riviera team).

To highlight just how strong the girls are becoming these days, top 10 world ranked athlete Shae Foudy didn’t even crack the podium, having to settle for 4th place behind her training partners. Bailey Rosen was close behind in 5th, while SoCal SUP stalwart Kristin Thomas came home 6th.

Below: Short vid of the race start via OnIt Pro (yep, some guy was on a double blade)


Though surely the most inspirational performance of the day came from Jonas Letieri from Brazil. Jonas, who shot to fame at last year’s Payette River Games, lost both his forearms in an electrical accident (while volunteering at his church, no less) but hasn’t let that get in the way of his surfing and paddling lifestyle (watch Quickblade’s great recap of the PRGs for more inspirational stuff). Jonas crossed the line right beside Quickblade’s Jim Terrell, who designed Jonas’ special paddle and has been training the young guy at QB HQ all this week.

Below: Jonas and his new custom paddles crafted by Quickblade’s Jim Terrell


It’s almost a cliché to suggest that any sportsperson with a serious injury or disability is an ‘inspiration,’ however with Jonas that word is an understatement. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Jonas at the BOP Brazil in 2014 (and in Idaho last year) and I can say from first hand experience that even just five minutes with this kid will make you a better person. His positivity is purely infectious.

After the race I chatted briefly with Jimmy Terrell, who told me it was another great year for the Hanohano. He also said Jonas was really enjoying the atmosphere and paddled very strong in his first race in California (though he suffered a tight back in the latter stages and had to ease it home).

A truly inspirational performance from an amazing young man.

Below, Jonas being interviewed by SUP Connect post-race


Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Hanohano has become a staple of the SoCal Winter Series. What started out as an outrigger race (‘Hanohano’ is an OC-1 maker), the event now also attracts prone, canoe, kayak and surfski paddlers in addition to the stand ups. In fact SUP has become the single largest class, with 260 of the 500 odd competitors on SUPs this year. In another positive sign for the event, there were over 65 women competing in the SUP divisions alone, along with almost 30 juniors in the grom race (it was great to see many of the pro athletes helping out during the kids race).

Here are the full results from the Hanohano SUP race, with raw results (including OC-1, prone, etc) available over on PaddleGuru.

Also check back later for more pics and videos of the race. I know the OnIt Pro team were down there with their cameras, so expect their usual 1,000 photos to drop on Facebook tonight or tomorrow.

UPDATE: Yep, OnIt Pro has hundreds of photos up already. Mike Muir from Riviera also has a very nice collection


2016 Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge SUP Race Results

Course: 4.5 miles (though it was probably a little longer)
Conditions: Flat water, light winds, a little chilly
Click “M/F” to switch between men’s and women’s results
Click “Board” or “Age” to sort by board class/age division
Click “Time” to reset the results

1M1Dave Boehne, Slater Trout0:52:08M Tandem1Men's 19-391
2M2Rob Rojas0:53:49M Unlimited1Men's 40-491
3M3Danny Ching0:53:56M 14'1Men's 19-391
4M4Noa Hopper0:54:04M 14'2Men's U191
5M5Chase Kosterlitz0:54:07M 14'3Men's 19-392
6M6Scott Shoemaker0:54:07M Unlimited2Men's 40-492
7M7Chuck Glynn0:54:08M 14'4Men's 19-393
8M8Chance Fielder0:54:23M 14'5Men's 40-491
9M9Gab Beauchesne Sevigny0:54:25M 14'6Men's 19-394
10M10Brennan Rose0:56:03M 14'7Men's 19-395
11M11Garrett Fletcher0:56:18M 14'8Men's 19-396
12M12Anthony Vela0:57:21M 12'61Men's 40-491
13M13Travis Cunningham0:58:09M Unlimited3Men's 19-391
14M14Taylor Rambo0:58:28M 14'9Men's 19-397
15M15Jack Wygal0:58:29M 14'10Men's 40-492
16M16Nick Scheel0:59:27M 12'62Men's U194
17M17Brandon Rambo0:59:47M 12'63Men's 19-391
18M18Tim Warner0:59:55M 14'11Men's 19-398
19M19Eric Starnes1:00:04M 14'12Men's 50-591
20M20Sean Pangelinan1:00:10M 14'13Men's 19-399
21M21Daniel Russell1:00:16M 14'14Men's 19-3910
22M22Zibi Wadzynski1:00:19M 12'64Men's 40-492
23M23Ej Johnson1:00:30M 14'15Men's 50-592
24M24Ryland Hart1:00:38M 12'65Men's U161
25M25Tyler Bashor1:00:40M 12'66Men's U141
26M26Ikaika Pidot1:00:43M 12'67Men's 19-392
27M27Patrick Cleveland1:00:46M 12'68Men's U162
28M28Steve Dullack1:00:50M 14'16Men's 40-493
29M29Brent Campbell1:00:52M 14'17Men's 19-3911
30M30Michael Kelley1:00:55M 14'18Men's 50-593
31M31Paul Pianowski1:00:59M 14'19Men's 19-3912
32M32Tyler Schmuckle1:01:02M 14'20Men's 19-3913
33M33Stephen Sinkus1:01:07M 14'21Men's 40-494
34M34Jordan Mckee1:01:13M Unlimited4Men's 19-392
35M35Jeremiah Murphy1:01:19M 14'22Men's 40-495
36M36Scott Rose1:01:21M 14'23Men's 50-594
37M37Dale Marnati1:01:28M 14'24Men's 60+1
38M38David Meyler1:01:29M 14'25Men's 40-496
39M39Stephen Baker1:01:51M 12'69Men's U142
40M40Karl Treiberg1:01:54M 14'26Men's 50-595
41M41Alan Chalom1:02:15M 14'27Men's 50-596
42M42Braly Joy1:02:20M 14'28Men's 40-497
43M43Elijah Schoenig1:02:23M 12'610Men's U143
44M44Thomas Nilsen1:02:28M 12'611Men's U144
45M45David Dean1:02:30M 14'29Men's 50-597
46M46Paul Cribb1:02:32M 14'30Men's 40-498
47M47Jedd Hasay1:02:45M 14'31Men's 19-3914
48F1Erika Benitez1:03:09F 12'61Women's U161
49M48Chris Hammond1:03:13M 14'32Men's 40-499
50M49Derek Turner1:03:35M 14'33Men's 50-598
51M50Manny Vargas1:03:57M 12'612Men's 40-493
52F2Alexandria Higginson1:04:11F 12'62Women's U141
53F3Jade Howson1:04:17F 12'63Women's U142
54M51Robert Howson1:04:23M 12'613Men's 50-591
55M52Eric Diggins1:04:26M 12'614Men's 40-494
56M53Rick Ranjo1:04:29M 14'34Men's 40-4910
57M54Andew Mencinsky1:04:32M 14'35Men's 40-4911
58M55Justin Van Dyck1:04:40M 12'615Men's 40-495
59M56Keaton Rose1:04:42M 12'616Men's U145
60M57John Schalka1:04:45M 14'36Men's 60+2
61F4Shae Foudy1:04:57F 12'64U191
62M58Chris Murphy1:05:03M 14'37Men's 19-3915
63M59Kevin Wakashige1:05:06M 14'38Men's 50-599
64F5Bailey Rosen1:05:12F 12'65Women's 19-391
65M60Ben Gareiss1:05:20M 12'617Men's 19-393
66M61John Bland1:05:32M 14'39Men's 60+3
67M62Carlos Perez1:05:37M 14'40Men's 19-3916
68M63Brandon Sauls1:05:42M 14'41Men's 19-3917
69M64Jeff Warner1:05:54M 12'618Men's 40-496
70M65Brett Simpson1:06:03M 14'42Men's 19-3918
71M66Jon Anderson1:06:14M 14'43Men's 50-5910
72M67Sean Sullivan1:06:17M 14'44Men's 50-5911
73M68Ron Remeyer1:06:25M 14'45Men's 50-5912
74M69Mick Vollmer1:06:35M 12'619Men's 40-497
75M70Dwayne Bora1:06:40M 14'46Men's 50-5913
76M71Matt Macarewich1:06:42M Unlimited5Men's 50-591
77M72Ryan Ekedal1:06:49M 14'47Men's 19-3919
78M73Hanson Siverts1:06:57M 12'620Men's U146
79M74Chris Sinatra1:07:02M 14'48Men's 40-4912
80M75Jason Meffe1:07:03M 14'49Men's 40-4913
81M76Stephen Rodi1:07:23M 14'50Men's 40-4914
82F6Kristin Thomas1:07:36F 12'66Women's 50-591
83M77Jason Kierein1:07:59M 12'621Men's 40-498
84M78Scott Cuda1:08:10M 14'51Men's 40-4915
85M79Craig Callender1:08:20M 14'52Men's 40-4916
86M80Alex Mauer1:08:23M 12'622Men's 19-394
87F7Kelsa Gabehart1:08:39F 12'67Women's 19-392
88M81Karl Eugster1:08:53M 12'623Men's 50-592
89M82Todd Drake, Josh Drake1:08:55M Tandem2Men's 19-392
90M83Danny Marron1:08:58M 12'624Men's 19-395
91F8Jaime Donnelly1:09:06F 12'68Women's 19-393
92M84Mark Pighini1:09:08M 14'53Men's 50-5914
93F9Valeria Salustri1:09:09F 12'69Women's U162
94M85Kurt Benson1:09:11M 14'54Men's 50-5915
95M86Eric Thompson1:09:13M 14'55Men's 60+4
96M87Zach Bartenstein1:09:34M 12'625Men's 19-396
97M88Bill Randoll1:09:38M 12'626Men's 60+1
98M89Chris Connelly1:09:40M 14'56Men's 40-4917
99M90Mike Becker1:09:43M 14'57Men's 19-3920
100F10Jennie Sandvig1:09:58F 12'610Women's 19-394
101F11Terri Plunkett1:10:04F 12'611Women's 40-491
102M91Tony Fajardo1:10:07M 12'627Men's 40-499
103F12Shar Sault1:10:10F 12'612Women's 40-492
104M92David Mitchimoto1:10:15M 14'58Men's 40-4918
105M93Raden Baldogo1:10:22M 14'59Men's 40-4919
106M94John Nordin1:10:24M 14'60Men's 40-4920
107F13Susie Kiley1:10:31F 12'613Women's 40-493
108F14Gretchen Benedetto1:10:32F 12'614Women's 50-592
109M95Gavin Mencinsky1:10:38M 12'628Men's U147
110M96Conrad Rojas1:10:47M 12'629Men's U148
111M97Kai Lenny1:10:50M 12'630Men's 19-397
112M98Matt Fletcher1:10:52M 14'61Men's 40-4921
113M99Ryan Cooper1:10:55M 14'62Men's 19-3921
114M100David Mallari1:10:59M 14'63Men's 50-5916
115M101Noam Elroi1:11:01M 12'631Men's U163
116F15Jennifer Polcer1:11:13F 12'615Women's 19-395
117M102Michael Copley1:11:15M Surfboard1Men's 60+1
118F16Maggie Adams1:11:28F 12'616Women's 50-593
119M103John Stallone1:11:33M Unlimited6Men's 50-592
120M104Juerg Geser1:11:37M 14'64Men's 40-4922
121M105John Acosta1:11:42M 14'65Men's 40-4923
122M106Rene Bruz1:11:46M 14'66Men's 40-4924
123M107Orry Ingram1:11:48M 12'632Men's 19-398
124M108Michael Skelly1:11:55M 12'633Men's 50-593
125F17Jenny Kingsley1:11:59F 12'617Women's 40-494
126M109Grant Heinz1:12:06M 14'67Men's 50-5917
127M110Norm Scheel1:12:10M 14'68Men's 50-5918
128M111Gerry Lopez1:12:22M 14'69Men's 60+5
129M112Omar Smith1:12:25M 12'634Men's 19-399
130M113Bob Allen1:12:30M 14'70Men's 60+6
131M114Harold Goodman1:12:35M Unlimited7Men's 40-493
132F18Mel Wygal1:12:42F 12'618Women's 19-396
133M115Kai Dano1:12:50M 14'71Men's 50-5919
134M116Burke Hammond1:12:53M 12'635Men's U149
135M117Kaliko Kahoonei1:12:59M 14'72Men's 19-3922
136M118Ernie Villanueva1:13:07M 14'73Men's 50-5920
137M119Scott Amos1:13:11M 14'74Men's 40-4925
138M120Dee Mann1:13:15M 14'75Men's 50-5921
139M121David Hansch1:13:23M 12'636Men's 60+2
140F19Abby Baker1:13:25F 12'619Women's U143
141F20Kitsy Nipper1:13:33F 12'620Women's U144
142F21Helen Taylor1:13:35F 14'1Women's 50-591
143M122Thomas Stephenson1:13:36M 14'76Men's 50-5922
144M123Lance Shaw1:13:39M 14'77Men's 50-5923
145F22Lisa Hazelton1:13:42F 12'621Women's 60+1
146M124Anthony Parra1:13:47M 14'78Men's 19-3923
147M125Scott Monge1:13:48M 14'79Men's 40-4926
148M126Jim Brumm1:13:52M 12'637Men's 50-594
149M127Mark Stavron1:13:56M 14'80Men's 60+7
150M128Craig Meader1:14:24M 14'81Men's 50-5924
151F23Shonna Litton Brown1:14:26F 14'2Women's 19-391
152F24Valerie Ells1:14:35F 12'622Women's 50-594
153M129Christopher Davidson1:14:41M 14'82Men's 19-3924
154M130Corey Carlin1:14:45M 14'83Men's 40-4927
155M131Peter Doody1:14:50M 14'84Men's 50-5925
156M132John Gates1:14:52M 14'85Men's 40-4928
157M133Terry Kipper1:15:07M 12'638Men's 60+3
158F25Kathy Lynch1:15:13F 12'623Women's 50-595
159F26Jeanne Trimm1:15:29F 12'624Women's 50-596
160M134Andy Hope1:15:40M 14'86Men's 40-4929
161M135Milo Hama1:15:45M 14'87Men's 50-5926
162F27Marzena Wadzynska1:15:52F 12'625Women's 40-495
163M136Mark Guthaus1:16:01M 14'88Men's 50-5927
164M137Don Goss1:16:05M 14'89Men's 60+8
165M138Paul Gallo1:16:18M 14'90Men's 50-5928
166F28Laurie Armer1:16:32F 14'3Women's 60+1
167M139Sasha Unruh1:16:35M Surfboard2Men's 40-491
168F29Johanna Way1:16:39F 14'4Women's 19-392
169M140Clete Dadian1:16:43M 14'91Men's 50-5929
170F30Teri Carlin1:16:46F 12'626Women's 40-496
171M141Wayne Limm1:16:53M Unlimited8Men's 50-593
172M142Gary Leong1:17:03M 14'92Men's 60+9
173M143Tom Mccormack1:17:09M Surfboard3Men's 19-391
174M144Bill Carey1:17:26M 14'93Men's 40-4930
175M145Mark Geraghty1:17:35M 14'94Men's 60+10
176M146Randy Strunk1:17:39M 14'95Men's 50-5930
177M147Samson Grunwald1:17:43M 14'96Men's U192
178F31Tiffany Grunwald1:17:49F 12'627Women's 40-497
179M148Harry Petersen1:17:50M 14'97Men's 60+11
180F32Josette Lata1:17:53F 12'628Women's 40-498
181F33Suzie Yeo1:17:56F 12'629Women's 50-597
182M149Adam Malan1:18:00M 14'98Men's 19-3925
183M150Jon Tronowsky1:18:17M 14'99Men's 60+12
184M151Zeke Rose1:18:29M 12'639Men's U1410
185M152Wayne Kuba1:18:40M 14'100Men's 50-5931
186F34Belah Ellis1:18:44F 12'630Women's U145
187M153Max Dugan1:18:54M Surfboard4Men's 19-392
188M154Peter Durdaller1:18:56M 14'101Men's 60+13
189M155Danny Marucut1:19:03M 12'640Men's 40-4910
190F35Karin Sakul1:19:24F 12'631Women's 50-598
191M156Jeff Bennett1:19:34M 14'102Men's 60+14
192M157Layton Petersen1:19:54M 14'103Men's 19-3926
193F36Gina De Los Reyes1:19:57F 14'5Women's 19-393
194M158Jared Bonnot1:20:04M 12'641Men's 19-3910
195F37Margaret Neiman1:20:13F 12'632Women's 60+2
196M159Carl Arreola1:20:18M 12'642Men's 40-4911
197F38Paige Shores1:20:32F 14'6Women's 50-592
198F39Tonia Williamson1:20:40F 12'633Women's 40-499
199F40Janet Gavaldon1:20:44F 12'634Women's 40-4910
200M160Kyle Kipper1:20:52M 12'643Men's 19-3911
201F41Abbey Sangmeister1:21:01F 12'635Women's 19-397
202M161Charles Wright1:21:14M 14'104Men's 19-3927
203M162Rosendo Deynata1:22:07M 14'105Men's 40-4931
204M163Joe Scaturro1:22:10M 14'106Men's 19-3928
205M164Ron Adelhelm1:22:29M 14'107Men's 50-5932
206M165Akoni Tenorio1:22:51M 14'108Men's 19-3929
207M166Chris Koerner1:23:04M Surfboard5Men's 50-591
208M167Chris Wells1:23:06M 14'109Men's 50-5933
209M168Jonas Letieri1:23:09M 14'110Men's 19-3930
210M169Jim Terrell1:23:13M 14'111Men's 50-5934
211F42Sarah Eishen1:23:16F 12'636Women's 40-4911
212M170Fred Lindsey1:23:21M 14'112Men's 50-5935
213F43Anne Prestridge1:23:59F 12'637Women's 50-599
214M171Brian Wahlbrink1:24:03M Surfboard6Men's 19-393
215M172Steve Romeo1:24:06M 12'644Men's 40-4912
216M173James Yanoschik1:24:38M 12'645Men's 60+4
217M174Dominique Smith1:24:49M 12'646Men's 19-3912
218M175Richard Ells1:25:16M 12'647Men's 50-595
219F44Lori Pighini1:25:27F 12'638Women's 50-5910
220M176Bob Long1:25:31M 14'113Men's 60+15
221F45Kelly Hildebrand1:25:38F 12'639Women's 19-398
222M177Chet Carney Ii1:25:53M 14'114Men's 60+16
223F46Judith Walaszczyk1:26:07F 14'7Women's 60+2
224M178Lance Roberts1:26:13M 14'115Men's 50-5936
225F47Veronica Wold1:27:07F 12'640Women's 50-5911
226F48Lauryn Duffee1:27:34F 12'641Women's U146
227M179Peter Simpson1:27:36M 12'648Men's 60+5
228F49Patricia Ochenduszko1:27:43F 12'642Women's 60+3
229M180Wayne Berge1:27:57M 12'649Men's 50-596
230M181Thomas Kaiser1:28:25M 14'116Men's 19-3931
231M182Nathan Thompson1:28:31M 14'117Men's 19-3932
232F50Brenda Yanoschik1:28:45F 12'643Women's 50-5912
233M183Mark Meierhoefer1:29:05M Surfboard7Men's 40-492
234M184Kurt Baker1:29:08M Surfboard8Men's 50-592
235F51Anne Skinner1:29:11F 14'8Women's 50-593
236F52Jane Culp1:29:20F Unlimited1Women's 50-591
237M185Thomas Arnold1:29:23M Surfboard9Men's 60+2
238F53Alexis Lujan1:30:00F 12'644Women's 19-399
239F54Ashlyn Duffee1:30:38F 12'645Women's U147
240F55Kendra Hargens1:33:00F 12'646Women's 19-3910
241M186Donald Preston1:33:02M 12'650Men's 19-3913
242M187Tony Montero1:33:55M 14'118Men's 60+17
243F56Sylvia Almaguer-miller1:35:19F 12'647Women's 50-5913
244M188Nate Gabehart1:35:28M Surfboard10Men's 40-493
245F57Elaine Peat-Foster1:35:37F 12'648Women's 60+4
246M189Roy Thorne1:36:54M 12'651Men's 40-4913
247F58Norma Ramirez1:37:14F 12'649Women's 40-4912
248M190Tim Casey1:39:01M Surfboard11Men's 19-394
249M191Christophe Chevallier1:39:10M 12'652Men's 50-597
250F59Viviana Pinilla1:41:09F 12'650Women's 50-5914
251F60Julie Garrido1:41:39F 14'9Women's 40-491
252F61Sherry Bravo1:41:47F 12'651Women's 50-5915
253M192Ari Elden1:42:42M 12'653Men's 19-3914
254F62Amy Ostrowski1:43:23F 12'652Women's 19-3911
255M193Oliver Calcetas1:45:20M 14'119Men's 40-4932
256M194Orlan Calcetas1:45:24M 12'654Men's 40-4914
257F63Diane Guerena1:47:43F 12'653Women's 50-5916
258F64Leticia Barragan1:48:46F 12'654Women's 40-4913
259F65Havy Lanier1:49:33F Surfboard1Women's 19-391
260F66Sheena Frizzell1:51:22F Surfboard2Women's 19-392

Kids SUP Race Results

1st: Keaton Rose — Guy U14 — 00:04:51.89
2nd: Thomas Nilsen — Guy U14 — 00:04:53.08
3rd: Jade Howson — Girl U14 — 00:04:55.60
4th: Alex Higginson — Girl U12 — 00:04:55.90
5th: Gavin Mencinsky — Guy U12 — 00:05:00.45
6th: Zeke Rose — Guy U12 — 00:05:12.77
7th: Johnny Lapointe — Guy U16 00:05:13.95
8th: Conrad Rojas — Guy U12 — 00:05:23.91
9th: Kitsy Nipper — Girl U12 — 00:05:26.70
10th: Burke Hammond — Guy U12 — 00:05:28.00
11th: Belah Ellis — Girl U12 — 00:05:45.70
12th: Skye Fielder — Guy — U12 — 00:05:48.67
13th: Abby Baker — Girl U12 — 00:05:50.30
14th: Lily Schryer — Girl U14 — 00:05:59.30
15th: Kristofer Kirkpatrick — Guy U14 — 00:06:08.65
16th: Trevor Mencinsky — Guy U8 — 00:06:22.90
17th: Ashlyn Duffee — Girl U12 — 00:06:39.50
18th: Sidney Grunwald — Girl U12 — 00:06:41.60
19th: Lucien Escarguel — Guy U12 — 00:07:02.80
20th: Anne Behrens Girl U10 — 00:07:30.30
21th: Aidan Cleveland — Guy U10 — 00:08:29.52
22nd: Soryn Preston — Girl U8 — 00:08:56.60
23rd: Mikayla Spellwag — Girl U12 — 00:09:19.90
24th: Carla Perez — Girl U8 — 00:09:37.10
25th: Sienna Joy — Girl U10 — 00:09:50.90
26th: Kirin — Guy U8 — 00:10:56.00