November 20, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Australia Reclaims ISA Team Champions Title Ahead of France, New Zealand and Hawaii in Fiji (Updated)

Australia has reclaimed the ISA Team Champions trophy, taking back the silverware they lost to the Americans last year to make it four championship titles in the five year history of this event.

Led by dual gold medalist Harriet Brown, the Aussies took 5x gold and ten 10x medals, comfortably finishing ahead of the French, with New Zealand and Hawaii almost dead even in the tight battle for third. Surprisingly, defending champs Team USA didn’t even make the top four podium, finishing 5th after a mixed bag of results this week in Fiji.

More analysis coming in the next few days, but in the meantime here are all the results from a memorable week in Fiji. Thanks to the ISA and our local hosts for bringing us to this magic slice of paradise in the South Pacific. But right now it’s time to go for another surf at Cloudbreak…



Final Team Standings


If those three letter country names are confusing, here’s the full list of nations:

5th: United States
6th: Spain
7th: South Africa
8th: Japan
9th: Peru
10th: Argentina
11th: Canada
12th: Great Britain
13th: Sweden
14th: Puerto Rico
15th: Brazil
16th: Denmark
17th: Fiji
18th: Tahiti
19th: Ireland
20th: India
21st: Switzerland
22nd: Mexico
23rd: Slovenia
23rd: Costa Rica
25th: Colombia
26th: Cook Islands

Click here for the full results on the official site.



Men’s Surf Race

#AthleteNationTimeISA PointsWorld Rankings
1Casper SteinfathDenmark0:19:18100040.00
2Kai LennyHawaii0:19:2886030.00
3Arthur ArutkinFrance0:19:3073024.00
4Titouan PuyoFrance0:19:3467020.00
5Slater TroutUSA0:19:4261017.00
6Toby CracknellAustralia0:19:4858314.00
7Marcus HansenNew Zealand0:19:5555512.00
8Lincoln DewsAustralia0:20:0152810.00
9Dylan FrickSouth Africa0:20:205009.00
10Zane SchweitzerHawaii0:20:284888.00
11Kenny KanekoJapan0:20:324757.20
12Guilherme ReisBrazil0:20:394626.40
13Chuck GlynnUSA0:21:284506.00
14Glenn EldridgeGreat Britain0:22:374385.60
15Nico SchenkSwitzerland0:22:504255.20
16Jurgi ZulaikaSpain0:23:124134.80
17Chris CouveSouth AfricaDNQ4004.40
17Pepe OltraSpainDNQ4004.00
17Georges CronsteadtTahitiDNQ4003.60
17Joseph CerdasCosta RicaDNQ4003.20
21Sebastian BarberoArgentinaDNQ3803.00
21Damian WarnerGreat BritainDNQ3802.80
21Mariano de CaboArgentinaDNQ3802.60
21Itzel DelgadoPeruDNQ3802.40
25Cormac McCulloughNew ZealandDNQ3602.20
25Mike DarbyshireCanadaDNQ3602.08
25Jon HjerstromSwedenDNQ3601.96
25Vinnicius MartinsBrazilDNQ3601.84
29Ryan KnyshCanadaDNQ3401.72
29Pete KosinskiIrelandDNQ3401.60
29Sekar PatchaiIndiaDNQ3401.52
29Andreas SvenssonSwedenDNQ3401.44
33Johnny O'HaraIrelandDNQ3201.36
33Camilo MarmolColombiaDNQ3201.28
33Eroni FotofiliFijiDNQ3201.20
33Luis LopezPuerto RicoDNQ3201.12
37Kiko BustamantePeruDNQ3001.04
37Sergio RosaPuerto RicoDNQ3000.96
DNFLesi NavuwaiFijiDNF00

DNQ = Did Not Qualify (i.e. knocked out in the heats)
Click here for qualifying heat times



Women’s Surf Race

#AthleteNationTimeISA PointsWorld Rankings
1Penelope ArmstrongNew Zealand0:21:30100040.00
2Olivia PianaFrance0:21:3786030.00
3Candice ApplebyUSA0:21:5373024.00
4Karla GilbertAustralia0:22:1667020.00
5Lina AugaitisCanada0:22:2561017.00
6Laura QuetglasSpain0:23:0458314.00
7Tarryn KingSouth Africa0:23:2255512.00
8Takayo YokoyamaJapan0:23:3552810.00
9Manca NotarSlovenia0:23:505009.00
10Marie BuchananGreat Britain0:23:524888.00
11Nicoline RasmussenDenmark0:24:214757.20
12Annie ReickertHawaii0:24:354626.40
13Juliana GonzalezArgentina0:24:464506.00
14Alejandra BritoMexico0:29:114385.60
15Brissa MalagaPeru0:35:184255.20
16Tanvi JagadishIndia0:36:174134.80
17Maya PerssonSwedenDNQ4004.40
18Nimsay GarciaPuerto RicoDNQ3954.00
19Arieta LalabalavuFijiDNF00.00

DNQ = Did Not Qualify (i.e. knocked out in the heats)
Click here for qualifying heat times



Men’s Marathon

#AthleteNationTimeISA PointsWorld Rankings
1Michael BoothAustralia2:00:18100040.00
2Titouan PuyoFrance2:00:4786030.00
3Georges CronsteadtTahiti2:00:5073024.00
3Arthur ArutkinFrance2:01:0273024.00
5Vinnicius MartinsBrazil2:01:3061017.00
6Guilherme ReisBrazil2:01:3358314.00
7Kai LennyHawaii2:02:0555512.00
8Kenny KanekoJapan2:04:3852810.00
9Marcus HansenNew Zealand2:04:395009.00
10Zane SchweitzerHawaii2:05:024888.00
11Giorgio GomezUSA2:06:564757.20
12Chuck GlynnUSA2:08:134626.40
13Casper SteinfathDenmark2:08:234506.00
14James CaseyAustralia2:09:064385.60
15Pepe OltraSpain2:09:304255.20
16Dylan FrickSouth Africa2:11:224134.80
17Itzel DelgadoPeru2:14:404004.40
18Pau YbarraSpain2:14:423954.00
19Nico SchenkSwitzerland2:14:443903.60
20Chris CouveSouth Africa2:15:483853.20
21Damian WarnerGreat Britain2:18:113803.00
22Mike DarbyshireCanada2:19:483752.80
23Ricardo AvilaPuerto Rico2:20:033702.60
24Pete KosinskiIreland2:20:193652.40
25Francisco GiustiArgentina2:20:393602.20
26Michael HastieNew Zealand2:21:583552.08
27Jason BennettCanada2:22:463501.96
28Andreas SvenssonSweden2:25:553451.84
29Jorge QuintanaPuerto Rico2:27:373401.72
30Paul SimmonsGreat Britain2:28:173351.60
31Sebastian BarberoArgentina2:30:153301.52
32Sekar PatchaiIndia2:32:033251.44
33Camilo MarmolColombia2:35:073201.36
34Avisai TibinalivaFiji2:35:083151.28
35Johnny O'HaraIreland2:51:503101.20
36Niko WaqalivaFiji3:07:543051.12
DNFRaul DelgadoPeruDNF00.00



Women’s Marathon

#AthleteNationTimeISA PointsWorld Rankings
1Candice ApplebyUSA2:02:54100040.00
2Olivia PianaFrance2:04:3286030.00
3Laura QuetglasSpain2:07:0273024.00
4Manca NotarSlovenia2:09:1467020.00
5Terrene BlackAustralia2:09:5061017.00
6Penelope ArmstrongNew Zealand2:10:5858314.00
7Takayo YokoyamaJapan2:12:0255512.00
8Lina AugaitisCanada2:13:1952810.00
9Marie BuchannanGreat Britain2:16:015009.00
10Juliana GonzalezArgentina2:16:174888.00
11Jackie de BillotSouth Africa2:16:244757.20
12Talia DecoiteHawaii2:19:494626.40
13Nicoline RasmussenDenmark2:20:124506.00
14Maya PerssonSweden2:29:174385.60
15Desiree HernandezPuerto Rico2:31:344255.20
16Giannissa VeccoPeru2:33:484134.80
17Alejandra BritoMexico2:44:304004.40
18Tanvi JagadishIndia3:02:213954.00
19Egi DoddFijiDNF00



Team Relay – Final

GOLD: Team Hawaii
Silver: Team New Zealand
Bronze: Team Australia
Copper: Team France
5th: Team USA
6th: Team Spain

Click here for the full results and times



Men’s Prone Surf Race

GOLD: Matt Poole (Australia
Silver: Lachie Lansdown (Australia)
Bronze: Scott Cowdrey (New Zealand)
Copper: Jack Bark (USA)

Click here for the full results and times



Women’s Prone Surf Race

GOLD: Harriet Brown (Australia)
Silver: Dannielle McKenzie (New Zealand)
3rd: Flora Manciet (France)
4th: Itzial Abascal (Spain)

Click here for the full results and times



Men’s Prone Marathon

GOLD: Sam Shergold (New Zealand)
Silver: Matt Poole (Australia)
Bronze: Lachie Lansdown (Australia)
Copper: Jack Bark (USA)

Click here for the full results and times



Women’s Prone Marathon

GOLD: Harriet Brown (Australia)
Silver: Dannielle McKenzie (New Zealand)
Bronze: Flora Manciet (France)
Copper: Anna Notten (South Africa)

Click here for the full results and times



Men’s 200m Sprints

GOLD: Casper Steinfath (Denmark)
Silver: Slater Trout (USA)
Bronze: Kenny Kaneko (Japan)
Copper: Arthur Arutkin (France)

This was an exhibition race that counted for medals but not points



Women’s 200m Sprints

GOLD: Lina Augaitis (Canada)
Silver: Candice Appleby (USA)
Bronze: Manca Notar (Slovenia)
Copper Tarryn King (South Africa)

This was an exhibition race that counted for medals but not points