June 9, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

RESULTS: Mo Freitas, Shae Foudy Win The Santa Monica Pier Paddle

Santa Monica Pier Paddle

(photo: OnIt Pro)

Mo Freitas and Shae Foudy have taken out the 2015 Santa Monica Pier Paddle, after a strong lineup of elite and amateur paddlers lit up the iconic paddleboarding venue on Saturday.

Mo triumphed in both the 5 mile distance race and the shorter SUP Cross to make it a clean sweep of the event, while Shae and Annabel Anderson split the wins in the women’s event.

Early on in the men’s distance race a group of five contenders broke away: Mo, paddling for the Focus team, Riviera’s Ryan Helm, new JP Australia team rider Vinnicius Martins from Brazil, and Laird SUP duo Chuck Glynn and Noa Hopper, while Starboard’s Giorgio Gomez was never too far behind the pack.

The standings stayed much the same until the end, with Mo pipping Ryan by the narrowest of margins, while the highly under rated Vinni came through for a well deserved top three finish after narrowly losing a sprint up the beach with Ryan.

After the draft trains produced a tight finish in the distance event, the much shorter SUP Cross race actually saw a wider margin, thanks entirely to the waves.

After five minutes of frantic paddling, Mo crossed the line 14 seconds ahead of Vinni, who swapped places with Ryan on the podium. Amazingly, apart from Ryan and Vinni swapping it up, the top eight positions were identical between the men’s distance and SUP cross events.

Annabel Anderson

Annabel Anderson runs over the line to claim the 5 mile race, with Candice about to hit the beach in the background (photo: OnIt Pro)

In the women’s five miler it was a BOP rematch, with Candice Appleby, on her signature Bark board, and Lahui Kai star Annabel Anderson going head to head for the first time since Salt Creek. And just as they did eight months ago, the two highest ranked women in the world went head-to-head almost all the way to the line.

With calm conditions out the back, the draft trains formed just as quick in the women’s race as in the men’s. However the top few women eventually upped the pace and broke away, with Annabel finding an extra gear in the final stretch to surf her way to the beach a few waves ahead of Candice. Young Shae not too far behind, with SUP stalwart Morgan Hoesterey making a welcome return to elite racing by claiming 4th. A definite name to watch in the future, 14-year-old Erika Benitez, rounded out the top five.

Santa Monica Pier Paddle

Candice Appleby leads the early draft train ahead of Annabel Anderson, followed by young guns Shae Foudy and Erika Benitez (photo: OnIt Pro)

Annabel and Candice are ranked #1 and #2 in the world respectively, so you’d expect these two strong ladies to break just about any field. However they didn’t exactly have things all their own way in the SUP Cross race that followed…

In the short, sharp SUP Cross (basically a mini version of the Battle of the Paddle Elite Race), Shae caused one of the upsets of the season to defeat both of the world’s top two ranked paddlers. After having to settle for third in the five miler, the Riviera team rider made the most of her chances in the waves to claim the win and the overall Pier Paddle title, announcing herself as a legitimate contender in the process.

Shae now has back-to-back Pier Paddle titles, though it’s safe to say this one will rank a little higher on her resume. I asked the 16-year-old to sum up her feeling after the event:

“This past weekend was absolutely crazy. I was going into each race thinking to myself anything can happen and today is the day I can rise up athletically and mentally. Candice and Annabel have both shown such inspiring performances and to race against them is such an honor. Earlier, in the five mile race, I placed third behind the two ladies, leaving me to simply want to prove to myself that I can do better and succeed in the SUP Cross event. So when the race came around I just put my head down and paddled faster then I knew I could…”

Shae Foudy

The moment Shae Foudy realised she’d won. The look on her face says it all… (photo: Mike Muir/Riviera Paddlesurf)

Steeped in history, the Santa Monica Pier Paddle looks like a pretty fun event. It’s also a lot more significant now that the Battle of the Paddle has left a big hole in the SoCal racing scene. Looks like it was a pretty fun day at the beach despite the grey skies.

Anyway you can see the full results below. Both of the women’s races had an impact on the SUP Racer World Rankings, with Shae Foudy jumping two spots to world #8. Unfortunately the men’s races didn’t attract quite enough elite talent to qualify on the Race Index.

Wanna see more photos? The ever reliable OnIt Pro was at the event, which means there’s a good 1,000+ photos up on Facebook already. Not kidding… Here’s the Pier Paddle gallery #1, gallery #2, gallery #3 and gallery #4. Mike Muir from Riviera also has a solid album up on FB .

Men’s 5 Miler

1Mo Freitas0:57:5812'6 Elite17
2Ryan Helm0:58:0012'6 Elite41
3Vinni Martins0:58:0512'6 Elite19
4Chuck Glynn0:58:2112'6 Elite26
5Giorgio Gomez0:58:4012'6 Elite19
6Noa Hopper0:58:4212'6 Elite16
7Kieran Grant1:00:4512'6 Elite22
8Greg Closier1:01:0012'6 Elite39
9Byron Kurt1:01:0914' 50+51
10Fisher Grant1:01:1114' 16-3918
11Brent Campbell1:01:2014' 16-3933
12Eric Starnes1:01:4412'6 Elite57
13Seth Springer1:01:5514' 16-3938
14Nick Scheel1:02:0212'6 Elite16
15Stephen Sinkus1:02:1114' 16-3939
16Tyler Bashor1:02:1212'6 Elite15
17Merten Stroetzel1:02:4914' 40-4943
18Jared Vargoz1:04:2812'6 Elite61
19Michael Kelley1:04:5514' 40-4949
20Robert Howson1:05:1112'6 50+52
21James Vitale1:05:3514' 50+57
22Pete Lakos1:06:0114' 40-4947
23Francois Clausse1:06:4414' 40-4945
24Michael Sammis1:06:4514' 50+56
25Dan Davis1:06:4614' 40-4946
26Derek Turner1:06:5814' 50+52
27Brandon Sauls1:07:0114' 16-3931
28Justin Van Dyck1:07:5712'6 40-4946
29Karl Treiberg1:08:1012'6 50+54
30Taizan Pied1:08:1714' 16-3929
31Trevor Bashor1:08:1812'6 Elite16
32Patrick Cleveland1:08:3212'6 16-3915
33Rob Rojas1:08:4812'6 Elite41
34Mace Camhe1:09:1714' 40-4948
35John Andel1:09:4312'6 16-3932
36Tony Stearns1:09:5814' 50+52
37Allan Horn1:10:1014' 50+56
38Jeremy Godo Kiss1:10:2212'6 40-4941
39John Gabriel1:10:4414' 16-3925
40Cole Vander Broek1:11:4112'6 16-3914
41Bill McGrath1:11:4312'6 50+51
42Scott Rose1:12:3912'6 40-4949
43Michael Valenzuela1:13:0314' 40-4940
44Barklie Griggs1:13:0912'6 50+52
45Gerry Wallfesh1:13:3114' 40-4948
46Matt Chebatoris1:14:4714' 40-4942
47Shawn Tierney1:15:4414' 40-4945
48Armando Berriz1:16:0914' 40-4947
49Dwayne Bora1:16:2512'6 50+53
50Jason Meffe1:16:5214' 40-4940
51Craig Stiff1:17:1012'6 40-4941
52John Nordin1:18:3212'6 40-4947
53Mark Williams1:18:4714' 50+56
54Chris Sinatra1:19:5014' 40-4947
55Mike Miller1:21:5314' 40-4941
56Greg Starczak1:23:1414' 50+59
57Gary Cziko1:23:4712'6 50+63
58Kurt Bormann1:23:5614' 50+60
59Mike Guerrero1:25:0412'6 50+53
60Harry Petersen1:29:1914' 50+60
61Layton Petersen1:30:4614' 16-3930
62Deryk Schless1:33:21Surfboard29
63Mike Risbord1:33:3712'6 40-4946
64Mark Rago1:37:1014' 40-4943
65Even Stone1:38:1514' 40-4948
66Glenn Zeleznick1:40:0612'6 50+55
67Robert Wasserman1:43:2212'6 40-4947
68Andrew Louie1:44:1714' 40-4940
69Michael Orwitz1:45:5512'6 40-4947

Women’s 5 Miler

Race Index: 27.0%
Points: Ranking points for the SUP Racer World Rankings
View the updated World Rankings

1Annabel Anderson1:03:0627.0012'6 Elite33
2Candice Appleby1:03:2820.2512'6 Elite29
3Shae Foudy1:04:1016.2012'6 Elite16
4Morgan Hoesterey1:06:3813.5012'6 Elite34
5Erika Benitez1:07:4211.4812'6 Elite14
6Jade Howson1:09:209.4512'6 Elite12
7Halie Harrison1:09:448.1012'6 Elite20
8Lexi Alston1:10:316.7512'6 Elite13
9Francesca Morrow1:15:086.0812'6 Elite39
10Alley Miesch-nie1:17:445.4012'6 40-4942
11Kristin Kaczmarek1:17:464.8612'6 16-3933
12Kylie Lakos1:23:344.3212'6 16-3916
13Genna Flinkman1:23:374.0512'6 16-3928
14Lindsey Hendricks1:26:593.7812'6 16-3925
15Patricia Volger1:31:263.5112'6 40-4945
16Corina Potter1:38:573.2412'6 Elite52
17Jane Culp1:39:532.97Unlimited55

Men’s SUP Cross

1Mo Freitas0:05:1017
2Vinni Martins0:05:2419
3Ryan Helm0:05:2641
4Chuck Glynn0:05:3026
5Giorgio Gomez0:05:3519
6Noa Hopper0:05:5716
7Kieran Grant0:06:0922
8Greg Closier0:06:1939
9Fisher Grant0:06:2518
10Rob Rojas0:06:4241
11Tyler Bashor0:06:5715
12Rodney Ellis0:07:3241

Women’s SUP Cross

Race Index: 24.0%
Points: Ranking points for the SUP Racer World Rankings
View the updated World Rankings

1Shae Foudy0:05:3024.0016
2Candice Appleby0:06:1518.0029
3Annabel Anderson0:06:2814.4033
4Morgan Hoesterey0:07:0812.0034
5Lexi Alston0:07:3210.2013
6Erika Benitez0:07:528.4014

Santa Monica Pier Paddle race

Solid turnout for the 2015 Santa Monica Pier Paddle (photo: Mike Muir/Riviera Paddlesurf)