March 31, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Wild And Woolly Conditions At The Raid Paddle Race in France

Stand Up Paddle race France

Gaetan Sene and Greg Closier neck-and-neck in the closing stages of the downwind race (photo credit: Paddle Experience)

Greg Closier has taken out the Raid Paddle Race in France on the weekend, as six dozen paddlers enjoyed a wild and woolly 10km downwinder across the Gulf of Morbihan.

With a stiff breeze providing plenty of bumps and an overcast sky forcing paddlers to wear plenty of neoprene, the race for the prize was super tight. Greg and his fellow French paddling stalwart, Gaetan Sene, sprinted up the beach to the line after catching bumps side by side over the final kilometre.

Third was another old schooler in Yoann Cornelis, while Joseph Gueguen and Martin Vitry had just one second separating them in the fight for fourth. Joseph backed it up by claiming victory in the smaller, BOP-style “Beach Race” event ahead of Gaetan.

France’s five top ranked paddlers were missing on the weekend (Eric, Titou, Martin and the Arthurs), however the performances at Morbihan highlight just how deep the talent runs in the land of cheese and baguettes. Good to see so many paddlers out on the water despite what was clearly some very cold water.

In the women’s downwinder, Amandine Chazot crossed the line first in 1 hour 6 minutes, a couple of minutes in front of Solange Pruvost.

Here’s a short highlights reel that shows off the conditions pretty well, then we’ve got full results down below that.

More photos and plenty of French-language coverage on Get Up SUP Mag,, Surfing France.

Posted by Lamouette Paddle on Sunday, March 29, 2015


Raid Paddle Race Golfe du Morbihan

1Greg Closier0:55:21Men1
2Gaetan Sene0:55:37Men2
3Yoann Cornelis0:56:14Men3
4Joseph Gueguen0:56:50Men4
5Martin Vitry0:56:51Junior1
6Amaury Dormet0:57:23Men5
7Vincent Verhoeven0:58:15Men6
8Olivier Garet0:58:21Men7
9Lucas Le Bayon0:58:21Men8
10Simon Michelin0:58:30Men9
11Benoit Raphalen0:58:39Men10
12Yves Gondre0:59:05Men11
13Hugo Donse0:59:48Men12
14Franck Le Ven1:00:09Men13
15Renaud Noyelle1:00:12Men14
16Tom Auber1:00:19Junior2
17Gregoire Vitry1:00:33Men15
18Thomas Hebert1:00:48Men16
19Jeremy Branchu1:00:55Men17
20Mathieu Raimon1:01:04Men18
21Boris Jinvresse1:01:19Men19
22Jean Letourneur1:01:26Junior3
23Pascal Pouget1:01:51Men20
24Frederic Istin1:01:58Men21
25Eric Sery1:02:33Men22
26Guillaume Lenclen1:03:32Men23
27David Amemoutou1:04:44Men24
28Stive Lener1:05:42Men25
29Amandine Chazot1:06:41Women1
30Pierre Lavenant1:07:17Men26
31Stephane Prigent1:07:25Men27
32Frederic Le Coz1:07:45Men28
33Solange Pruvost1:08:38Women2
34Franck Lefevre1:09:03Men29
35William Vernack1:09:20Men30
36Olivier Cabelguen1:10:01Men31
37Tanguy Richard1:11:37Junior4
38Vianney Bergot1:12:46Men32
39Philippe Trebaul1:13:44Men33
40Mickael Guilbert1:13:53Men34
41Sylvie Marin1:13:57Women3
42Cecile Gondre1:14:48Women4
43Valerie Vitry1:15:35Women5
44Anne Crozet1:16:16Women6
45Mickael Gilles1:16:43Men35
46David Esnault1:16:51Men36
47Jean-Baptiste Mezelle1:17:40Men37
48Francois Prevost1:18:26Men38
49Joelle Terrien1:18:30Women7
50Gilles Degraef1:19:05Men39
51Alain Geffrault1:19:49Men40
52Matthieu Desbois1:20:22Men41
53Erwan Le Leannec1:21:58Men42
54Nicolas Le Gal1:22:16Men43
55Eric Chevallier1:22:24Men44
56Bertrand Dreano1:22:42Men45
57Beatrice Gastineau1:23:27Women8
58Ghislain Rome1:23:43Men46
59Florian Schmitt1:24:17Men47
60Elene Moriggia1:25:01Women9
61Karine DOrmet1:25:25Women10
62Cedric Malengreau1:26:28Men48
63Karel Davalle-Corre1:28:43Junior5
64Alain Corre1:31:14Men49
65Marie-Elphege Julienne1:34:11Women11
66Eric Pudal1:36:04Men50