February 28, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

RESULTS: Arthur Arutkin, Krisztina Zur Win The Lanakila Classic In Redondo Beach

One of Europe’s leading paddlers, Arthur Arutkin, has taken out the annual Lanakila Classic in Redondo Beach today.

Arthur – currently ranked #29 in the world but with the real potential to go top 10 in the near future – is in California this month to train and prepare for the international race season, which kicks off in April. The Fanatic team rider is staying with fellow Frenchman Greg Closier, who finished runner-up to his apprentice today.

The SUP race was only 3 miles (5kms), however that didn’t stop Arthur opening up a solid gap, finishing a minute and a half ahead of Greg and four minutes clear of third-place Daniel Russell. On the women’s side it was new-mom and Olympic gold medalist Krisztina Zur, just under a minute ahead of rising star Shae Foudy.

That was on the “outside” course at least; on the “inside course” (which I assume means they didn’t leave safe confines of Redondo Harbor), Tyler Bashor took the win on his 12’6 while Antoinette Cocco was the leading lady.

One of those most recognisable names in the sport, Danny Ching, was also on show at the Lanakila Classic. However instead of stand up, Danny opted for the OC-1 race (which he won rather comfortably, to the surprise of no one). Also good to see that over one-fifth of the SUP field were under 16s.

Full results below (courtesy of Paddle Guru). The OnIt Pro crew were at the event, which means their signature batch of 10 million race photos are already up on Facebook.

2015 Lanakila Classic SUP Race – “Outside” Short Course

1Arthur Arutkin0:30:30Men's 14'120-391
2Greg Closier0:32:06Men's 14'220-392
3Daniel Russell0:34:44Men's 14'320-393
4Mark Miyamoto0:34:48Men's 14'420-394
5Krisztina Zur0:34:52Women's 12'6120-391
6Shae Foudy0:35:42Women's 12'6220-392
7Mike Vaughan0:35:59Men's 12'6140-491
8Bailey Rosen0:36:09Women's 12'63U191
9Shawn Tierney0:37:39Men's 14'540-491
10Daniel Richmond0:41:44Men's 14'620-395
11Brandon Sauls0:43:59Men's 12'6220-391
12Jay Butki0:45:56Men's 14'750+1
13Jeremy Godokiss0:46:04Men's 12'6340-492
14Redy Baisa0:48:08Men's 12'6450+1
15Justin Van Dyck0:48:14Men's 12'6540-493
16Andrea Conrad0:49:00Women's 12'6440-491
17Ryan Knysh0:49:02Men's 14'820-396
18Peter Lakos0:49:10Men's 14'940-492
19Kerry Mcmanemy0:50:34Women's 12'6540-492
20Jodie Greger0:50:46Women's unlim150+1
21Kristin Thomas0:50:59Women's 12'6650+1

2015 Lanakila Classic SUP Race – “Inside” Short Course

14Vincent Dumoulin0:40:34Men's 12'6720-391
4Patrick O'hea0:37:56Men's 14'320-391
18Brian Jacobson0:43:26Men's 14'720-392
13Antoinette Cocco0:40:32Women's 12'6220-391
19Chelsea Wilder0:43:26Women's 12'6420-392
22John Nordin0:44:44Men's 12'6940-491
23Craig Stiff0:45:20Men's 12'61040-492
39Nigel Kershaw0:58:26Men's 12'61540-493
2Zibi Wadzynski0:36:43Men's 14'140-491
3Michael Kelley0:36:46Men's 14'240-492
6Mace Camhe0:38:42Men's 14'440-493
7Matt Chebatoris0:38:55Men's 14'540-494
21Andy Hope0:44:20Men's 14'840-495
26Scotte Gadsby0:46:30Men's 14'940-496
20Rosemary Vasquez0:43:26Women's 12'6540-491
25Claudette Baker0:46:12Women's 12'6640-492
35Jennifer Lakos0:51:52Women's 12'61040-493
40Michele Kershaw0:59:08Women's 12'61340-494
33Glenn Zeleznick0:51:16Men's 12'61350-591
36Russ Reisner0:53:02Men's 12'61450-592
30Patrick Higginson0:48:58Men's 14'1150-591
37Rose Calski0:54:36Women's 12'61150-591
38Audrey Stempel0:57:31Women's 12'61250-592
32Jane Culp0:50:02Women's 14'150-591
16Pat Ryan0:42:44Men's 14'660+1
27Gene Kusion0:46:54Men's 14'1060+2
1Tyler Bashor0:36:41Men's 12'61U161
5Myles Blazer0:38:01Men's 12'62U162
8Trevor Bashor0:38:58Men's 12'63U163
10Stephen Baker0:39:34Men's 12'64U164
11Patrick Cleveland0:39:49Men's 12'65U165
12Cole Vander Broek0:39:50Men's 12'66U166
15Elijah Schoenig0:42:03Men's 12'68U167
24Keagan Lamar0:46:09Men's 12'611U168
29Noam Elroi0:48:55Men's 12'612U169
9Erika Benitez0:39:07Women's 12'61U161
17Alexandra Higginson0:43:02Women's 12'63U162
31Belah Ellis0:49:55Women's 12'68U163
34Abby Baker0:51:43Women's 12'69U164
41Reagan Willey0:59:32Women's 12'614U165
28Kylie Lakos0:47:42Women's 12'67U191