December 6, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Matt Nottage, Angie Jackson Win the ‘King of the Cut’ Downwind Showdown in West Oz

Downwind stand up paddle race

Downwind stand up paddle race

Matt Nottage has proven he’s one of the best ocean paddlers in the world for the second week in a row, taking out today’s King of the Cut downwind race, presented by Stand Up Surf Shop, in triumphant fashion.

The emerging star defeated world number two Travis Grant, Jake Jensen, defending champ Beau O’Brian and a who’s who of the Aussie paddling scene. To cap it off, Nottage also narrowly beat home the top unlimited guys, giving him the 14′ and line honours double.

Today’s victory comes just a week after the 18-year-old claimed his first big win at The Doctor, where he defeated a similar lineup of talent. It proves that Nottage is going will be a force to be reckoned with next year, while it’ll also boost him even further up the SUP Racer World Rankings.

Travis Grant, long considered Australia’s best ocean paddler, settles for the runner-up position for the second week in a row. The margin was a little wider this week though, with Trav over 2 minutes behind Nottage at the end of the 24km downwind course.

Andrew Shield

Surf photog extraordinaire Andrew Shield hiding behind the bumps (photo: Terry Trathen)

The unlimited boys, Dave Kissane and Marcus Tardrew, were near the front the whole way and almost scored their line honours goal, but young Nottage was just too good for everyone today.

Michael Booth also had a good day out on the water, coming home 5th in the main 14′ division just one second behind Beau.

King of the Cut

There was no shortage of bumps for this year’s King of the Cut (photo: Terry Trathen)

In the women’s it was Angie Jackson going back-to-back, coming home nearly five minutes clear of runner-up Terrene Black. Angie almost didn’t race, overcoming a virus to take her spot on the line.

Sounds like conditions were firing and everyone had a great run, which bodes well for the future of this event. The King of the Cut has arguably become Australia’s premiere SUP race, and hopefully it only continues to grow in stature.

There’s a bunch more photos over on Facebook

2015 King of the Cut Results

Course: 24km (15 miles)
Conditions: Cracking downwinder
Men’s Race Index: 21.0%
Matt Nottage: Star
(World Rankings leaderboard will be updated Monday morning)

#NameTimeDivision#PaceWorld Rankings
1Matt Nottage1:48:21Men's 1414:30 min/km21.00
2David Kissane1:48:25Men's Unlimited14:31 min/km-
3Marcus Tardrew1:49:53Men's Unlimited24:34 min/km-
4Travis Grant1:50:43Men's 1424:36 min/km15.75
5Jake Jensen1:51:44Men's 1434:39 min/km12.60
6Beau O'Brian1:54:31Men's 1444:46 min/km10.50
7Michael Booth1:54:32Men's 1454:46 min/km8.93
8Toby Crackwell1:55:03Men's 1464:47 min/km7.35
9James Casey1:55:39Men's 1474:49 min/km6.30
10Ben Tardrew1:57:29Men's 1484:53 min/km5.25
11William Lee1:57:46Men's 1494:54 min/km4.73
12Leonard Nika1:58:48Men's 14104:57 min/km4.20
13Tomoyasu Murabayashi1:59:04Men's 14114:57 min/km3.78
14Daniel Hasulyo2:00:01Men's 14125:00 min/km3.36
15Bruno Hasulyo2:00:20Men's 14135:00 min/km3.15
16Wesley Fry2:02:12Men's 14145:05 min/km2.94
17Michael Hastie2:04:17Men's 14155:10 min/km2.73
18Andy Davies2:04:38Men's 14165:11 min/km2.52
19Paul Jackson2:05:17Men's 14175:13 min/km2.31
20James Knowles2:06:55Men's 14185:17 min/km2.10
21Ben Mardon2:10:00Men's 14' (40+)15:25 min/km1.89
22Angela Jackson2:11:18Women's 14'15:28 min/km-
23Dale Chapman2:11:30Men's Unlimited35:28 min/km-
24Ryan Kech2:11:53Men's Unlimited45:29 min/km-
25Travis Murphy2:13:33Men's 14'195:33 min/km1.68
26Steve Walker2:13:36Men's 14' (40+)25:34 min/km1.58
27Terrene Black2:15:50Women's 14'25:39 min/km-
28Jack Bleach2:16:40Men's 14'205:41 min/km1.47
29Andrew Shield2:17:53Men's Unlimited55:44 min/km-
30Roger Goodwin2:18:00Men's 14' (40+)35:44 min/km1.37
31Phil Gregory2:19:39Men's Unlimited65:49 min/km-
32Jackson Shaw2:20:20Men's 14'15:50 min/km1.26
33Cameron Mckay2:20:27Men's 14'25:51 min/km1.16
34Gordon Stimson2:21:00Men's 14' (40+)45:52 min/km1.09
35Scott Mccluskey2:22:55Men's 14' (40+)55:57 min/km1.03
36Alain Teurquetil2:23:28Men's Unlimited75:58 min/km-
37Matt Stringer2:24:32Men's 14'216:01 min/km0.97
38Luke Jenkins2:25:13Men's 14' (40+)66:03 min/km0.90
39Craig Winnett2:25:20Men's 14' (50+)16:03 min/km0.84
40Gordon Salvage2:26:45Men's 14' (40+)76:06 min/km0.80
41Belinda Stowell Brett2:27:12Women's 14'36:07 min/km-
42Sean Bicknell2:27:38Men's 14' (40+)86:09 min/km0.76
43Leo Beyers2:29:26Men's 14'36:13 min/km0.71
44Ben De Chaneet2:30:12Men's 14' (40+)96:15 min/km0.67
45Greg Kerr2:31:42Men's Unlimited86:19 min/km-
46Kieran O' Riordan2:32:18Men's Unlimited96:20 min/km-
47Ben Herangi2:32:46Men's 14'46:21 min/km0.63
48Joe Fry2:33:42Men's 14' (40+)106:24 min/km0.59
49Cristiana Chessa2:35:04Women's 14' (40+)16:27 min/km-
50John Engel2:35:46Men's 14' (40+)26:29 min/km0.55
51Peter Hayes2:36:04Men's 14' (40+)116:30 min/km0.50
52Lach Simpson2:37:36Men's 14' (50+)36:33 min/km0.46
53Evan Green2:38:22Men's 14'56:35 min/km0.42
54Peter Brereton2:39:43Men's Unlimited106:39 min/km-
55Paul Matthews2:39:43Men's Unlimited116:39 min/km-
56Steve Mccullough2:40:04Men's 14' (50+)46:40 min/km0.40
57Michael Abdilla2:42:25Men's 14' (40+)126:46 min/km0.38
58Shane Lynch2:47:26Men's 14' (50+)56:58 min/km0.36
59Crawford Olney2:49:14Men's 14' (40+)137:03 min/km0.34
60Adam Fahey2:50:30Men's 14' (40+)147:06 min/km0.32
61Piran Holloway2:51:33Men's 14' (40+)157:08 min/km0.29
62Chris Ting2:52:24Men's Unlimited127:11 min/km-
63Kent Wright2:53:03Men's 14' (50+)67:12 min/km0.27
64Phil Pretty2:56:07Men's 14' (50+)77:20 min/km0.25
65Charlotte Spicer3:00:01Women's 14' (40+)27:30 min/km-
66Rick Maxwell3:02:30Men's 14' (50+)87:36 min/km0.23
67Grant Hymus3:07:32Men's Unlimited137:48 min/km-
68Kenzie Carlstrom3:09:49Women's 14'47:54 min/km-
69Luke Hallam3:14:49Men's 14'68:07 min/km0.21
70Chris Le Messurier3:29:25Men's 14' (40+)98:43 min/km-