August 21, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Gorge Paddle Challenge: Annabel Anderson, Danny Ching and Kelly Margetts Triumph in Hood River

Gorge Paddle Challenge

Kelly, Danny and Travis leading the field in the distance race (photo: Andrew Welker for SUP Racer)

Wow… What a weekend of racing we’ve just witnessed. We’ll have a full recap from the 2015 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge up shortly, but in the meantime here are the results from the Elite Races and changes to the world rankings.

The Gorge had a massive impact on the World Rankings – check out the updated Men’s Top 100 Leaderboard to find out who the new world number one is.

Annabel Anderson (clean sweep), Danny Ching (course) and Kelly Margetts (distance) were the champions, with amazingly consistent performances from Travis Grant (two runner-up finishes to claim the overall “Waterman” award) and Titouan Puyo, who scored third in both races to make a big jump on the rankings.

Scroll down below the results to re-live our play-by-play live blog from Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for tuning in.

Elite Men – Course Race

Conditions: Flat (and smokey)
Course: five laps of approximately one mile technical course
Boards: 14′
Race Index: 52%
View the updated World Rankings

1Danny Ching0:56:5852.00
2Travis Grant0:56:5939.00
3Titouan Puyo0:57:0431.20
4Connor Baxter0:57:0826.00
5Georges Cronsteadt0:57:0922.10
6Kai Lenny0:57:1018.20
7Kelly Margetts0:58:3115.60
8Slater Trout0:59:2513.00
9Mo Freitas0:59:2511.70
10Beau O'Brian0:59:3010.40
11Vinnicius Martins0:59:329.36
12Kody Kerbox0:59:358.32
13Kenny Kaneko0:59:367.80
14Paul Jackson0:59:377.28
15Martin Letourneur0:59:386.76
16Giorgio Gomez0:59:406.24
17Niuhiti Buillard0:59:435.72
18Cyril Burguiere0:59:455.20
19Bernd Roediger0:59:454.68
20James Casey1:00:234.16
21Hapowa Mai1:00:293.90
22Josh Riccio1:00:303.64
23Oliver Shilston1:00:353.38
24Connor Bonham1:00:423.12
25Anthony Vela1:01:222.86
26Garrett Fletcher1:01:312.70
27Jeramie Vaine1:01:322.55
28Noa Hopper1:01:322.39
29Riggs Napoleon1:01:322.24
30Tucker Ingalls1:01:402.08
31Belar Diaz1:02:091.98
32Chance Fielder1:02:111.87
33Michael Tavares1:02:181.77
34Noa Ginella1:02:271.66
35Derek Fromm1:02:361.56
36Christopher Norman1:02:401.46
37Jarkko Simonen1:02:471.35
38Matthew Abbott1:03:021.25
39Brian Meyer1:03:141.14
40Thomas Maximus1:03:231.04
41Byron Kurt1:03:330.99
42Jason Bennett1:03:360.94
43Thomas King1:03:430.88
44Jack Bark1:04:100.83
45Kaihe Chong1:04:520.78
46Jedd Hasay1:05:510.73
47Scott Vande Vusse1:06:120.68
48Ridge Lenny1:06:480.62
49Erik Sieber1:12:460.57

Elite Men – Distance Race

Conditions: Dead flat (and against the current)
Course: eight miles (Viento State Park to Hood River)
Boards: 14′
Race Index: 56%
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1Kelly Margetts1:19:2856.00
2Travis Grant1:19:3042.00
3Titouan Puyo1:19:3233.60
4Beau O'Brian1:19:3328.00
5Connor Baxter1:19:3623.80
6Kenny Kaneko1:19:3719.60
7Niuhiti Buillard1:19:4016.80
8Danny Ching1:19:4314.00
9Giorgio Gomez1:19:5012.60
10Slater Trout1:19:5411.20
11Noa Hopper1:19:5610.08
12Martin Letourneur1:19:568.96
13Georges Cronsteadt1:20:598.40
14Paul Jackson1:21:117.84
15Vinnicius Martins1:21:197.28
16Belar Diaz1:21:276.72
17Kody Kerbox1:22:116.16
18James Casey1:22:165.60
19Chance Fielder1:22:265.04
20Garrett Fletcher1:22:334.48
21Mo Freitas1:22:424.20
22Hapowa Mai1:22:493.92
23Jake Jensen1:23:073.64
24Thomas Maximus1:23:103.36
25Kai Lenny1:23:183.08
26Jeramie Vaine1:23:232.91
27Bernd Roediger1:23:252.74
28Derek Fromm1:23:252.58
29Anthony Vela1:23:272.41
30Josh Riccio1:23:302.24
31Oliver Shilston1:23:402.13
32Connor Bonham1:23:422.02
33Brian Meyer1:23:451.90
34Noa Ginella1:24:531.79
35Stuart Robinson1:24:591.68
36Christopher Norman1:25:221.57
37Kelvin Humenny1:25:321.46
38Matthew Abbott1:25:331.34
39Kaihe Chong1:25:421.23
40Riggs Napoleon1:26:361.12
41Chuck Patterson1:27:261.06
42Tucker Ingalls1:27:351.01
43Jedd Hasay1:27:390.95
44Ridge Lenny1:27:590.90
45Scott Vande Vusse1:28:210.84
46Thomas King1:29:170.78
47Adam Cole1:29:220.73
48Jan Boersma1:29:330.67
49Corey Curtis1:31:420.62
50Jacy Shimahara1:34:390.52
51Gregg Leion1:35:260
52Tre Hendricks1:35:280
53Livio Menelau1:38:170
54Simon Noling1:43:540
55Isaac Levinson1:45:200
56Chip Jameson1:49:350

Elite Women – Course Race

Conditions: Flat (and smokey)
Course: five laps of approximately one mile technical course
Boards: 12’6
Race Index: 42.5%
View the updated World Rankings

1Annabel Anderson1:03:3542.50
2Angela Jackson1:04:0731.88
3Fiona Wylde1:04:0825.50
4Shannon Bell1:06:2421.25
5Terrene Black1:06:5018.06
6Lexi Alston1:07:0014.88
7Alyson Fromm1:07:2112.75
8Kimberly Barnes1:07:2710.63
9April Zilg1:08:449.56
10Marie Buchanan1:09:148.50
11Mariko Strickland Lum1:10:327.65
12Hannah Hill1:10:386.80
13Jennifer Lee1:10:436.38
14Sarah Sandstrom1:10:525.95
15Tarryn King1:11:245.53
16Morgan Hoesterey1:14:155.10
17Evan Trosin1:20:134.68

Elite Women – Distance Race

Conditions: Dead flat (and against the current)
Course: eight miles (Viento State Park to Hood River)
Boards: 12’6
Race Index: 43%
View the updated World Rankings

1Annabel Anderson1:32:5743.00
2Fiona Wylde1:33:3932.25
3Terrene Black1:33:3925.80
4Angela Jackson1:34:2921.50
5Shae Foudy1:34:3018.28
6Shannon Bell1:34:3815.05
7Kimberly Barnes1:35:2312.90
8April Zilg1:35:2510.75
9Alyson Fromm1:35:299.68
10Marie Buchanan1:35:338.60
11Lexi Alston1:36:537.74
12Sarah Sandstrom1:39:216.88
13Jennifer Lee1:40:326.45
14Tarryn King1:43:446.02
15Hannah Hill1:45:505.59
16Andrea Moller1:50:335.16

(results from opens and juniors on Paddle Guru)