April 25, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Carolina Cup: Travis Grant, Annabel Anderson Win In Style As The SUP World Celebrates The First Major Race Of The Season

2015 Carolina Cup SUP results

Done. What an epic race that was. Congratulations to Travis Grant and Annabel Anderson – 2015 Carolina Cup CHAMPIONS. Absolutely amazing performances from these two. Trav and Annabel have triumphed over one of the most competitive fields ever assembled, and in convincing fashion.

Annabel had company from Fiona Wylde for the first few miles but pulled away in the flats to eventually win by a commanding five minutes. The Kiwi now has three Carolina titles in a row. Some would say the Lahui Kai team rider’s win was predictable, however that would undermine both Annabel’s intense work ethic and competitive drive, as well as the extremely high level of talent the next half a dozen girls possess. This was a big win.

Travis led almost from start to finish, matching Connor Baxter in the opening three mile downwind leg before settling into the lead pack along with Danny Ching through the flat water stretch. With one mile to go these three were still right next to each other, however the Aussie pulled away on the final stretch of open ocean to claim an amazing win. This will be one of the sweetest victories of Travis’ career, alongside his Molokai title and victories in the BOP Elite and Distance races.

Massive efforts also from Danny Ching and Sonni Honscheid to claim the runner-up positions, then Georges Cronsteadt (the raging bull!) and Lina Augaitis for 3rd place. Though really any paddler in the Top 10/Top 20 deserves a medal. That was hectic out there.

This race was huge. Don’t even know where to start. Second most competitive race of all time? Check. One of the largest races ever by participation (*the* largest perhaps)? Check. One of the most demanding race courses in the world? Check. Excitement, intrigue, heroics, drama, heartbreak, dark horses rising, big names falling, pure athleticism. The Carolina Cup had it all this year.

Many of the big names got the job done and lived up to their status, however several of the the dark horses really stood up today – Vinni, Boothy, Niuhiti, Bicho.

Huge performance from Titou to claim 4th in the men’s and likewise Terrene in the women’s. Connor Baxter (5th) and Fiona Wylde (6th) leading early but having to fight and hang on til the finish. Angie Jackson battling to the line as five women fought for the runner-up spot. Angie had worked tirelessly with Sonni, Lina and Terrene to reel in Fiona through the flats and setup the tight finish.

Massive efforts all round. I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting stories to come out in the wash. But now: Time for a drink at the after party.

Special thanks to the event organisers for growing such a great race. This is the kind of event the sport needs to look to for the future. It’s massive. Everyone was here. And I couldn’t have been happier with my seat in the front row on the media boat. That was an awesome race to watch up close. Hope the live blog gave you a small taste of the action.

We’ll have a full recap (and tonnes of cool photos) tomorrow, but in the meantime here are the essentials. Scroll down below the full results for our Live Webcast replay. Scroll down even further to relive our play-by-play live blog.

>> UPDATE: We’ve just refreshed the SUP Racer World Rankings Top 100 Men and Top 50 Women leaderboards with results from Carolina.

2015 Carolina Cup – Elite Graveyard Race Results

Below are results from the main event – the 13.2 mile Elite Graveyard Race. But there were also hundreds of amateurs and weekend warriors in the 3 and 6 mile races. For full results from all the races (including Graveyard prone) click here.

Men’s Elite Graveyard Race

Course: 13.2 miles
Conditions: Good downwind start, flat middle stretch, mild downwind finish
Grueling factor: 8/10
SUP Racer World Rankings “Race Index” score: 63.5%

1Travis Grant2:04:4214'118-4913263.50
2Danny Ching2:05:3714'218-4923147.63
3Georges Cronsteadt2:06:3114'318-4933438.10
4Titouan Puyo2:06:5314'418-4942331.75
5Connor Baxter2:07:1014'518-4952026.99
6Jake Jensen2:07:4314'618-4962022.23
7Bicho Jimenez2:08:0414'718-4972019.05
8Michael Booth2:08:5614'818-4982415.88
9Niuhiti Buillard2:09:0014'918-4992314.29
10Eric Terrien2:09:1214'1018-49103312.70
11Beau O'Brian2:09:3614'1118-49113111.43
12Ryan Helm2:10:2114'1218-49124110.16
13Chase Kosterlitz2:10:2314'1318-4913289.53
14Vinnicius Martins2:10:2414'1418-4914198.89
15Chuck Glynn2:10:2614'1518-4915268.26
16Zane Schweitzer2:10:3414'1618-4916217.62
17Paul Jackson2:10:4114'1718-4917386.99
18Kelly Margetts2:11:0314'1818-4918426.35
19Noa Hopper2:11:2314'1917U1165.72
20Toby Cracknell2:12:5914'2018-4919205.08
21Josh Riccio2:13:0314'2118-4920254.76
22Branislav Sramek2:13:3114'2218-4921394.45
23Casper Steinfath2:13:5114'2318-4922214.13
24Kenny Kaneko2:14:2014'2418-4923273.81
25Giorgio Gomez2:14:3014'2518-4924193.49
26Kieran Grant2:14:5214'2618-4925223.30
27Jeramie Vaine2:15:1114'2718-4926353.11
28Larry Cain2:15:2914'2850+1522.92
29Tommy Buday2:16:3814'2918-4927392.73
30Belar Diaz2:19:2314'3018-4928372.54
31Billy Jr2:19:2714'3118-4929262.41
32Chance Fielder2:19:3614'3218-4930422.29
33Michael Tavares2:19:5414'3318-4931322.16
34Cyril Burguiere2:20:0414'3418-4932352.03
35Greg Jaudon2:20:13Unlim150+1540
36Billy Miller2:20:2314'3518-4933301.91
37Daniel Russell2:20:3814'3618-4934181.78
38Garrett Fletcher2:20:5214'3718-4935231.65
39Brad Ward2:21:1014'3818-4936241.52
40Bill Kraft2:21:2214'3918-4937461.40
41Corey Taylor2:21:4114'4018-4938291.27
42Brian Meyer2:23:1514'4118-4939271.21
43Jim Terrell2:23:2514'4250+2501.14
44Quintin Chiapperino2:25:1312'6118-491181.08
45Jesse Kautz2:25:1514'4318-4940341.02
46Christian Goerloff2:25:3014'4418-4941450.95
47Tucker Ingalls2:26:0714'4518-4942180.89
48Jeremy Whitted2:26:3114'4618-4943400.83
49Christopher Norman2:26:3914'4718-4944260.76
50Jason Chew2:26:4514'4818-4945400.70
51Spencer Lacy2:27:2214'4918-4946230.64
52Steve Dullack2:27:3414'5018-4947400
53Andrew Skeoch2:27:4414'5118-4948420
54Adam Cole2:27:4914'5218-4949330
55Joe Laundrie2:28:0614'5318-4950290
56Tom Pace2:28:2014'5450+3540
57Macrae Wylde2:28:5614'5550+4510
58Tony Shafer2:29:1614'5618-4951360
59Barry Blackburn2:29:2714'5718-4952420
60Robin Delgado2:29:4414'5818-4953300
61Zach Rounsaville2:29:4514'5918-4954250
62Matthew Campbell2:29:4614'6018-4955410
63Joseph Cerdas2:30:2014'6118-4956270
64Reid Harrell2:30:3714'6218-4957400
65Michael Richards2:30:4112'6218-492450
66Eric Carter2:30:4614'6318-4958430
67Connor Bonham2:31:0312'6318-493190
68Josh Smart2:31:0314'6418-4959320
69Tony Paul2:31:2214'6518-4960440
70Andrew White2:31:2914'6618-4961320
71Mike Evatt2:31:4814'6750+5540
72Anthony Abraham2:31:5114'6850+6550
73Kevin Rhodes2:32:5714'6918-4962490
74Andrew Glidden2:33:0914'7018-4963200
75Trip Saunders2:33:3514'7118-4964330
76Christian Prado2:33:4014'7218-4965350
77Troy Gossard2:33:5914'7318-4966400
78Keith Merker2:34:0314'7418-4967420
79Brian Szymanski2:34:2112'6418-494470
80Trevor Motz2:34:2114'7518-4968360
81Wesley Stolp2:34:5714'7618-4969370
82Joey Huempfner2:34:5912'6517U1170
83Damon Licari2:35:0014'7718-4970420
84Kevin Baum2:35:0514'7818-4971390
85Greg Lew2:35:2614'7918-4972450
86Matthew Vance2:35:3712'6618-495440
87Russ Scully2:35:3814'8018-4973450
88Chad Gallagher2:35:4914'8118-4974410
89John Sekas2:36:0114'8250+7530
90Edoardo Naggiar2:36:0214'8318-4975460
91Brian Schmid2:36:1014'8418-4976260
92Jake Clement2:38:0514'8518-4977200
93Stephen Chase2:38:3014'8618-4978370
94Ed Pierce2:38:3314'8750+8610
95Chip Boggs2:38:4514'8818-4979420
96David Dean2:38:5114'8950+9570
97Joey Kolisch2:39:1314'9050+10590
98Jim Misiewicz2:39:1614'9118-4980470
99Erik Bigsby2:40:1614'9218-4981230
100Jeff Cook2:40:2014'9318-4982380
101Austin Grippo2:40:3214'9418-4983260
102Kenny Balcerski2:40:3514'9550+11510
103Mark Colino2:40:5214'9650+12510
104Steven Bernstein2:41:0212'6718-496430
106Daniel Willis2:41:4014'9818-4985420
107Dylan Alderman2:43:1812'6817U2130
108Chris Lightbound2:43:2514'9950+13590
109Don Alderman2:43:2712'6918-497450
110Will Lathan2:43:3112'61018-498380
111Mac Barnhardt2:44:0614'10018-4986460
112Brad Hardee2:45:0514'10118-4987370
113Matt Cesmat2:45:1614'10218-4988490
114Otto Liipfert2:45:2414'10318-4989370
115JM Kostallas2:45:3212'61118-499290
116Mike Kirk2:45:3914'10418-4990430
117Burr Tupper2:46:1614'10518-4991470
118Scott Baste2:46:5614'10650+14540
119Bob Arnot2:47:03Unlim250+2670
120Andrew Dima2:47:2414'10718-4992270
121Henry Willett2:47:3314'10818-4993420
122Camilo Marmol2:47:3812'61218-4910440
123Adam Clark2:48:3812'61318-4911440
124Jack Egan2:48:4912'61450+1500
125Brent Brown2:48:4914'10918-4994470
126Chip Bock2:49:3414'11018-4995470
127William Sodano2:50:0014'11118-4996470
128Kevin Cullen2:50:1014'11218-4997290
129Kenny Lambrecht2:50:2714'11350+15600
130Robbie Drink2:50:5814'11418-4998270
131Chris Cannavaro2:51:4114'11518-4999440
132Alex Hedman2:53:3814'11618-49100360
133Lars Siegfried2:54:1314'11718-49101360
134Bobby Nelson2:54:5414'11850+16580
135Will Pollard2:55:1914'11918-49102320
136Mark Sumner2:56:2314'12018-49103300
137James Gregorio2:56:3114'12118-49104430
138Rob Kernahan2:58:5414'12218-49105410
139Jeff Henderson2:59:0814'12318-49106490
140Jasper Jarden3:00:1412'61518-4912250
141David Widmer3:01:1714'12418-49107470
142Jason Howell3:01:3114'12518-49108350
143Danny Stacey3:02:0014'12650+17580
144Al Simmons3:02:1812'61650+2670
145Ethan Luppert3:02:5512'61718-4913260
146Erik Kauffman3:03:3214'12718-49109430
147David Bartynski3:05:5814'12818-49110320
148Ray Dente3:19:1314'12950+18540
149David Kralik3:21:5114'13018-49111450
150Robert Love3:54:3112'61818-4914470
151Andr van Essendelft9:23:0014'13118-49112290

Women’s Elite Graveyard Race

Course: 13.2 miles
Conditions: Good downwind start, flat middle stretch, mild downwind finish
Grueling factor: 8/10
SUP Racer World Rankings “Race Index” score: 48.0%

1Annabel Anderson2:21:4918-4913348.00
2Sonni Honscheid2:26:4818-4923336.00
3Lina Augaitis2:27:0318-4933428.80
4Terrene Black2:27:2018-4943224.00
5Angela Jackson2:27:3018-4953820.40
6Fiona Wylde2:27:5618-4961816.80
7Rachel Bruntsch2:32:0218-4973114.40
8April Zilg2:32:3218-4982812.00
9Kelsa Gabehart2:32:4318-4993410.80
10Shannon Bell2:33:0818-4910409.60
11Shae Foudy2:34:4817U1168.64
12Shelby Taylor2:35:0318-4911227.68
13Seychelle Hattingh2:35:0618-4912287.20
14Kimberly Barnes2:35:2818-4913386.72
15Jennifer Fuller2:41:1650+1516.24
16Joann Hamilton-Vale2:41:4118-4914485.76
17Mini Crash2:48:0618-49 (14')1425.28
18Jenny Alderman2:48:4418-4915434.80
19Milla Navarro2:48:5317U2164.32
20Corrine Banks2:49:0418-4916353.84
21Evelyn O'Doherty2:49:1318-4917463.60
22Mary Scheerer2:50:0750+2563.36
23Mary Anne Boyer2:50:2918-4918493.12
24Karen Wilson2:54:4350+3582.88
25Kim Hillhouse2:54:5718-4919452.64
26Trish Miller2:56:5218-4920322.50
27Kimberly James2:58:1618-4921392.35
28Wendy Anderson3:01:0650+4542.21
29Danielle Goldston3:04:3618-4922362.06
30Anna Yurchenko3:08:2218-4923341.92
31Claire Condie3:08:3818-49 (14')2411.82
32Fennel Blythe3:09:1618-4924461.73
33Christine Sanchez3:11:4018-4925371.63
34Margo Pellegrino3:21:0418-4926471.54

Relive the race with full replays of the 3x live streaming sessions we did earlier today. At the last minute I figured out I could stream live direct to YouTube from my phone, so we banged together a last minute live webcast. Thanks to Mitch and our boat crew for helping me get it done! Keep in mind I was streaming all this live through my phone, so apologies if it’s not broadcast quality. Hopefully it gave you an insight into how awesome/epic/crazy this race is! It was definitely a lot of fun watching from the lead boat…


# PART 1: The Hectic Start (yeah it was windy on the boat…)


# PART 2: The Grueling Flats


# PART 3: The Epic Finish