April 5, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

2014 Stand Up World Series Kicks Off In Brazil; Clean Sweeps For Connor Baxter, Angie Jackson

Stand Up World Series BrazilA small but elite field of young talent has launched the 2014 Stand Up World Series in Brazil this weekend, with Connor Baxter drawing first blood by making it a clean sweep of both the Sprint and Long Distance races. Meanwhile on the women’s side it was Angie Jackson all the way, with the reinvigorated Aussie proving too strong for a select group of local and international paddlers.

The Connor/Kai rivalry, the recurring theme of the 2013 Series, returned on Day One of the Alagoas Pro, with the two superstars battling all the way to the finish line in the sprints. Connor got the win by half a second, while one wave further back was Aussie Jake Jensen, a paddler that I (and many others in Australia) have tipped to be one of the World Series title contenders this year. Coming home 4th was Zane Schweitzer, while rounding out the top 5 in the sprints was the Danish Viking, Casper Steinfath.

Day two (Sunday) saw the Distance Race and while many would have predicted a Kai/Connor battle, it was clear that Connor’s pre-season training has been better, with Kai fading badly over the distance to limp home in 10th. That result, combined with Kody Kerbox’s stellar runner-up finish and Jake Jensen with another third place, saw Kai knocked out of the top three overall and needing to improve fast ahead of next week’s Abu Dhabi All Stars.

Zane Schweitzer picked up 4th place in the Long Distance race to match his result from the Sprints on day one, however a slight anomaly in the new World Series rankings meant that his 4th + 4th (11,500 points) wasn’t as good as Kai’s 2nd + 10th (11,750 points) in the combined result. So that puts the final event standings (and early season title rankings) at: Connor, Jake, Kody, Kai, Zane.

Full results below…

#NameSprintDistanceEvent rankSeason points
1Connor Baxter10000100002000010000
2Jake Jenson65006500130008000
3Kody Kerbox47508000127506500
4Kai Lenny80003750117505750
5Zane Schweitzer57505750115005000
6Vinicius Martins4500500095004750
7Casper Steinfath5000425092504500
8Eric Terrien4000450085004250
9Leonard Nika3000475077504000
10Mo Freitas4250325075003750
11Paulo dos Reis3750350072503500
12Maria Cavaco Neto2875400068753250
13Paul Jackson3500300065003000
14Luis Carlos Guida3250287561252875
15James Casey2750250052502750
16Victor Blanes Eckert2500262551252625
17Marcelo de Oliveira Lins2500225047502500
18Gabriel Vilarinho Corezzi2500212546252375
19Alexcsander Araujo Ferreira2500200045002250
20Gustavo Moura Costa e Costa2625180044252125
21Manuel Simoncelli2500190044002000
22Pepe Oltra Sana2500170042001900
23Americo Pinheiro Junior2500160041001800
24Tavares Mateus2500150040001700
25Michel Jonas Dias Bastos2500130038001600
26Bruno Pitanga2500120037001500
27Arthur Carvalho Mas Santacreu800275035501400
28Candido Chutorianscy2500100035001300
29Luis Marques de Santana250080033001200
30Carlos Bahia250055030501100
31Keylor Pimentel Silva250048529851000
32Justin Holland25004302930900
33Guilherme Batista de Souza25002500800
35Itamar Silveira do Carmo80014002200600
36Antonio Gonzaga8005301330550
37Ariel Alves de Souza8005201320540
38Luiz Antonio Nabazo Barros8005001300530
39Aloysio Alves Vasconcellos8004601260520
40Claudio Carneiro8003401140510
41Andrei Oliveira11001100500
42Jose Victor900900485
43Carlos Jose Oliveira de Jesus800800460
43Antonio Fernando800800445
46Jefferson Comaru600600415
47Jean Paulo FN540540400
48Pedro Valadares510510375
49Gabriel Pereira445445350
50Otavio Luis Martins415415340
51Lucas Menegazzo400400330
52Carlos Chain375375320
53Antonio Carvalho350350310
54Jorge Mario Villas Boras330330300

Women’s combined results (Sprint + Distance)
1st:: Angela Jackson (1st + 1st)
2nd: Barbara Brasil (2nd + 2nd)
3rd: Laura Quetglas (3rd + 3rd)
4th: Kelsa Gabehart (4th + 5th)
5th: Lena Ribeiro (5th + 4th)
6th: Edimar Luque (6th + 6th)
7th: Carolina Angibaud (7th + 7th)
8th: Ariani Theophili (8th + 8th)
9th: Andrea Mendonca (9th + 9th)
10th: Marly Pires (9th + DNS)