October 21, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

RESULTS: Titouan Puyo Wins The Presqu’île Paddle Race, Shows Once Again He’s A Machine In The Bumps

Presqu'ile Paddle Race

Lined up for the start of the Presqu’ile Paddle Race downwinder (photo: Soph Mével)

Titouan Puyo has made a clean sweep of the Presqu’île Paddle Race in France, taking out both the downwind and beach race ahead of a strong field on the weekend.

Titou, the reigning ISA Distance Race World Champ, showed once again that he’s an absolute machine in the bumps, finishing the 16km run three minutes clear of his rivals. Those rivals included many of France’s finest, such as rising star (and Battle of the Paddle ‘Most Inspirational’ award winner) Martin Letourneur, Vincent Verhoeven, Gaetan Sene and Greg Closier (who was runner-up in the 12’6 class).

Presqu ile Paddle Race France 2014

Titouan Puyo finishes the 16km Presqu’ile Paddle Race downwinder with a solid lead (photo: Richard Curet)

Titou backed up his downwind victory by crossing the line first in Sunday’s Swell Beach Race, with Martin Letourneur (who’s still classified as a ‘junior’) once again taking second place.

On the women’s side, Valerie Vitry comfortably took out the downwind race, with Cecile Gondre runner-up. Vitry sat out the beach race on Sunday though, which opened the door for Gondre to take the win.

The Presqu’ile Paddle Race is a long-running, annual event held in the city of Brest on the country’s west coast.

The event is one of the biggest races in France and this year attracted 130 paddlers (100 of which were SUPs). There’s no prize money but it usually scores great conditions for the downwinder on Saturday and some fun little waves for the beach race on Sunday. This year saw competitors traveling from the French outposts of Guadeloupe and New Caledonia, as well as the British Isle of Jersey.

Saturday’s race was held on the ‘Radliko’ downwind run – France’s answer to Maui’s Maliko run – with moderate 15 knot winds providing some decent bumps along the entire course.

The event was also a good warm-up for the 2014 French National Titles, which are coming up next month. That’s the event where, twelve months ago, Titou famously came out of nowhere and announced himself as a contender by defeating Eric Terrien and earning a spot on Team France. The New Caledonian would go on to win Gold in the ISA World Championship Distance Race in Nicaragua six months later.

With contenders including Eric, Titou, Arthur Daniel, Arthur Arutkin, Martin Letourneur, Greg Closier, Gaetan Sene and Yoann Cornelis all fighting for a spot next month, the French will no doubt send a very strong squad to the 2015 Worlds next March.







Presq’uile Paddle Race: Downwind Race Results

1Titouan PUYO1:18:4312'61
2Martin LETOURNEUR1:21:4814'1
3Vincent VERHOEVEN1:21:5814'2
4Gaetan SENE1:22:2514'3
5Gregory CLOSIER1:23:2412'62
6Romuald MAMADOU1:25:0314'4
7Stéphane BODET1:25:0614'5
8Florent DODE1:25:1414'6
9Yoann CORNELIS1:26:2712'63
10Dimitri GEORGES1:26:3012'64
11Bruno MASSON1:26:4914'7
12Amaury DORMET1:27:1912'65
13jérémy BRANCHU1:28:2012'66
14Franck LE VEN1:28:3514'8
15Yves GONDRE1:29:2012'67
16Simon MICHELIN1:29:3012'68
17Renaud NOYELLE1:30:2612'69
18Jean LETOURNEUR1:30:3712'6 junior1
19Christophe GUERIN1:31:1612'610
20Pascal POUGET1:31:5214'9
21Paul-Conrad Delaëre1:31:5912'611
22Marcelin SAUTOUR1:32:1312'612
23Gregoire VITRY1:32:1512'613
24Pierre de La Monneraye1:32:3414'10
25Boris JINVRESSE1:32:4112'614
26Gary Stephen SMITH1:32:5314'11
27Lucas LE BAYON1:33:1214'12
28Joseph GUEGUEN1:33:3312'615
29Thomas KIMPFLIN1:33:4012'616
30Thomas LETOURNEUR1:34:0712'617
31Benoit RAPHALEN1:35:1512'618
32Thomas HEBERT1:35:5412'6 junior2
33Mathieu RAIMON1:36:0412'619
34Fred ISTIN1:36:1112'620
35Martin VITRY1:36:2712'6 junior3
36Sylvain PLADYS1:36:4012'621
37Tom AUBER1:37:2712'6 junior4
38Yoann LE VEN1:37:4412'622
39Adrien HEURTAUX1:38:0012'623
40stephane CORABOEUF1:38:1412'624
41Yves-Marie MATTHEYSES1:39:1914'13
42Ildut MARZIN1:39:2412'625
43Vincent GUILLAUME1:39:4112'626
44Denis HENRIQUES1:39:5214'14
45Tanguy RICHARD1:40:5112'6 junior5
46David AMEMOUTOU1:41:2112'627
47Benjamin VAURS1:41:5712'628
48Eric DOLLE1:42:4612'629
49Stéphane BOTREL1:43:4914'15
50Sebastien SQUIBAN1:43:5612'630
51Valerie VITRY1:44:00Women's 12'61
52Jean-Pierre LETOURNEUR1:44:0914'16
53Frédéric LE COZ1:44:2612'631
54Olivier GOASGUEN1:44:4612'632
55Jerome BOITEAU1:45:0814'17
56Stéphane PRIGENT1:45:4012'633
57Stéphane GUINOT1:45:5312'634
58Bertrand PINON1:46:4112'635
59Sébastien BILLOIS1:46:5214'18
60Benjamin PERROT1:47:0012'6 junior6
61Fabrice D'ORNANO1:48:5414'19
62Guillaume FALLOURD1:49:2012'636
63Pascal BACHELET1:49:3512'637
64Stéphane GERARD1:49:3912'638
65Stive LENER1:49:4712'639
66Mickael GUILBERT1:50:0012'640
67Gael BRY1:50:0912'641
68John Harvey1:50:2912'642
69Frédéric COSTALOUGA1:51:0012'643
70Cécile GONDRE1:51:33Women's 12'62
71Mickael GILLES1:52:3814'20
72William VERNACK1:53:0212'644
73Fanny TESSIER1:53:04Women's 12'63
74Hervé MOLINERO1:53:1214'21
75Matthieu DESBOIS1:54:2112'645
76Emmanuel FARDEIL1:54:2712'646
77Jérôme VICI1:54:2912'647
78Tristan EVIN1:54:5612'648
79Karine DORMET1:56:00Women's 12'64
80Ronan KERDREUX1:57:0712'649
81anne CROZET1:58:22Women's 12'65
82David LAUGIER1:58:3012'650
83Alain GEFFRAULT2:00:2712'651
84Olivier CABELGUEN2:01:1812'652
85Cedric MALENGREAU2:02:0814'22
86Lois CHARDEBAS2:02:5212'6 junior7
87Béatrice GASTINEAU2:02:54Women's 12'66
88Karel DAVALLE-CORRE2:04:3412'6 junior8
89Stéphanie JEAUNEAUX2:05:55Women's 12'67
90Pierre-Yves MOUY2:06:4412'653
91John GODEL2:07:0012'654
92James GREENFIELD2:08:5712'655
93Alain CORRE2:10:1112'656
94Patrice REMOIVILLE2:16:3714'23
95Yannick CHARDEBAS2:26:4312'657
96Aurélia QUEAU2:28:00Women's 12'68

Presq’uile Paddle Race: Swell Beach Race Results

1Titouan PUYO0:45:18Open1
2Martin LETOURNEUR0:45:41Junior1
3GREG CLOSIER0:45:58Open2
4Yoann CORNELIS0:46:21Open3
5Dimitri GEORGES0:46:24Open4
6Vincent VERHOVEN0:46:53Open5
7Paul-Conrad DELAERE0:47:56Open6
8Florent DODE0:48:46Open7
9Jérémy BRANCHU0:49:02Open8
10Amaury DORMET0:49:26Open9
11Christophe GUERIN0:50:22Open10
12Tom AUBERT0:50:32Junior2
13Martin VITRY0:51:02Junior3
14Thomas LETOURNEUR0:51:22Open11
15Mamadou ROMUALD0:51:23Open12
16Boris JINVRESSE0:51:37Open13
17Rico LEROY0:51:55Open14
18Franck LE VEN0:52:12Open15
19Thomas HEBERT0:52:18Junior4
20Renaud NOYELLE0:52:58Open16
21Jean LETOURNEUR0:53:11Junior5
22Thomas KIMPFLIN0:53:27Open17
23Grégoire VITRY0:53:32Open18
24Matthieu RAIMON0:53:56Open19
25Guillaume FALLOURD0:54:34Open20
26Yves GONDRE0:54:36Open21
27Stéphane BODET0:54:53Open22
28Joseph GUEGUEN0:55:16Open23
29David AMEMOUTOU0:55:29Open24
30Adrien HEURTEUX0:55:40Open25
31Ildut MARZIN0:55:55Open26
32Frédéric ISTIN0:56:06Open27
33Gary SMITH0:56:17Open28
34Benoît RAPHALEN0:57:00Open29
35Denis HENRIQUE0:58:37Open30
36Tanguy RICHARD0:59:15Junior6
37John HAVEY0:59:30Open31
38David DOMALAIN0:59:55Open32
39Stive LEMER1:00:08Open33
40Lucas LE BAYON1:00:20Open34
41Stéphane PRIGENT1:00:25Open35
42Benjamin PERROT1:00:29Junior7
43Benjamin VAURS1:01:55Open36
44Eric CROS1:02:33Open37
45Ronan BOTREL1:02:35Open38
46Bertrand PINON1:03:28Open39
47Jean-Pierre LETOURNEUR1:03:41Open40
48William VERNACK1:05:00Open41
49Loïs CHARDEBAT1:05:28Junior8
50Bruno MASSON1:05:33Open42
51Mathieu DESBOIS1:07:28Open43
52Mickaël GUILBERT1:07:29Open44
53Frédéric MICHELOT1:07:48Open45
54Cécile GONDRE1:11:22Women's1
55Anne CROZET1:14:31Women's2
56Alain JEFFRAULT1:15:39Open46
57Cédric MALENGREAU1:16:18Open47
58Yannick CHARDEBAS1:18:50Open48
59Hervé MOLINERO1:20:21Open49
60Stéphanie JEAUNEAUX1:29:57Women's3