March 14, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

World’s #1 Dark Horse Extends Winning Streak At Home In New Caledonia (NRJ Pro Cup)

New Caledonia Stand Up Paddle
The world’s number one dark horse, Titouan Puyo, has extended his winning streak, taking out day one of the NRJ Pro Cup at home in New Caledonia.

The wind was relatively light and the sun was blazing hot, however there were still plenty of fun bumps to be had. The 10km course ran from Anse Vata to Plage de Kuendu, covering a beautiful stretch of water inside the giant lagoon that surrounds this island.

New Caledonia really is a paddling paradise… With such consistent winds and a strong paddling community, I can see it becoming a popular downwind destination in the near future.

In fact I’m calling it now: New Caledonia is the next Tahiti. The island is full of world class outrigger paddlers who are now beginning to stand up. The guy who got third today, Moana Tihopu, is a young outrigger champ who had done just two SUP downwinders before today’s race..!

Plus as Titou’s star inevitably continues to rise on the international scene, I’m sure he will inspire plenty more “Caldoches” to make the transition into SUP racing. And when that happens, the rest of the paddling world better get ready.

But anyway, back to the event: The NRJ Pro Cup will continue tomorrow with a beach race. Today’s downwinder has literally just finished, so check out the early results below then come back in an hour or two for full results and pics of the action.

On a side note: Big thanks to the local Starboard guys for lending me a board for the race. I paddled the 12’6 x 25′ Ace, which definitely helped me finish a few places higher!

2014 NRJ Pro Cup New Caledonia – Downwind Results

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1MTitouan PUYO1:00:0912'61Open1
2MFranck MULLER1:01:5414'140+1
3MMoana TIHOPU1:02:1214'2Open1
4MJean-Louis COLMAS1:03:0314'340+2
5MBruno MASSON1:03:3214'440+3
6MVincent VERHOEVEN1:04:1012'62Open2
7MChristopher PARKER1:05:0712'63Open3
8MPhilippe BUI1:05:1812'6440+1
9MMario TRANIER1:05:5614'540+4
10MDavid ANEWY1:06:1812'65Open4
11MAxel LUX1:06:3614'640+5
12MAlexandre ROUYS1:06:3712'66Open5
13MAlain TEURQUETIL1:07:4414'740+6
14MKaheva MAIHOTA1:08:2614'8Open2
15MMichel-Pierre SEMPERE1:08:3914'940+7
16MPehi ANIAMIOI1:09:0014'10Open3
17MMarius TAHARIA1:09:1014'1140+8
18MBruno LUSSIEZ1:10:0714'1240+9
19MJohnny LASIMAN1:10:1914'1340+10
20MOlivier CHARTIER1:10:3312'67Open6
21MLiam GOLIS TUYEN1:11:4214'14Junior1
22FMarie-Bénédicte ROGER1:12:09F14'140+1
23MRenato MERCURI1:12:4314'1540+11
24MMaxime PASCAUD1:12:4812'68Junior1
25MJean-Philippe CHABAL1:12:5614'1640+12
26MThéau GONTARD1:13:0314'17Open4
27FMiranda BARRETTEAU1:13:10F12'61Open1
28MChristophe NGUYEN1:14:3412'6940+2
29MGwenaël SWARTVAGHER1:15:4612'610Open7
30MBenoit MARITAN1:17:1614'18Open4
31MYohan PAIMBOUC1:20:0014'19Open5
32MPaul BERRY1:21:2912'611Open8
33FNancy MULLER1:21:59F14'240+2
34MJulien LOBRY1:22:2214'20Open6
35FEmilie SIMONET1:22:57F12'62Open2
36FCaroline SANCHEZ1:24:17F12'63Open3
37FNancy TUYEN1:26:04F14'340+3
38MFabien GUIGNARD1:26:3214'21Open7
39FNathalie GRINGORE1:28:49F14'440+4
40FMathilda LELONG1:29:06F12'64Junior1
41FIsabelle FAGET1:32:31F12'6540+1
42FEdwige RIARIA1:32:54F14'5Open1
43FChristine MITRIDE1:33:13F12'6640+2
44FFlorence MAZZI1:33:31F12'6740+3


SUNDAY UPDATE: Here are the results from the Beach Race…

Beach Race #1: 14 footers
1st: Franck Muller (0:39:17)
2nd: Jean-Louis Colmas (0:39:54)
3rd: Moana Tihopu (0:40:35)
4th: Bruno Masson (0:41:45)
5th: Axel Lux (0:42:40)
6th: Mario Tranier (0:43:40)
7th: Alain Teuquetil (0:43:41)
8th: Pehi Aniamioi (0:43:50)
9th: Kaheva Maihota (0:44:15)
10th: Michel-Pierre Sempere (0:45:56)
11th: Johnny Lasiman (0:46:07)
12th: Jean-Philippe Chabal (0:46:32)
13th: Theau Gontard (0:47:58)
14th: Marius Taharia (0:48:11)
15th: Marie-Benedicte Roger (0:48:13) [1st female]
16th: Benoit Maritan (0:48:40)
17th: Liam Golis Tuyen (0:49:41)
18th: Yohan Paimbouc (0:49:54)
19th: Jean-Bernard Fayard (0:50:49)
20th: Pierre Radotin (0:52:41)
21st: Julien Lobry (0:54:53)
22nd: Edwige Riaria (1:03:14) [2nd female]

Beach Race #2: 12’6″
1st: Titouan Puyo (0:39:31)
2nd: Vincent Verhoeven (0:40:55)
3rd: Christopher Parker (0:41:05)
4th: Jeremie Mandin (0:41:23)
5th: Alexandre Rouys (0:41:45)
6th: David Anewy (0:43:09)
7th: Philippe Bui (0:43:33)
8th: Olivier Chartier (0:45:33)
9th: Gwenael Swartvagher (0:46:22)
10th: Miranda Barretteau (0:49:21) [1st female]
11th: Christophe Ngyuen (0:50:09)
12th: Eric Lepagney (0:52:12)
13th: Emilie Simonet (0:55:50) [2nd female]
14th: Sonia Dumas (0:56:07) [3rd female]
15th: Niclas Adi (0:57:18)
16th: Caroline Sanchez (0:58:58) [4th female]
17th: Philippe Marmey (1:04:06)
18th: Chloe Tiennot (1:04:24) [5th female]
19th: Mathilda Lelong (1:07:32) [6th female]
20th: Francoise Marmey (1:08:37) [7th female]
21st: Vaia Douarch (1:13:19) [8th female]
22nd: Christine Mitride (1:17:10) [9th female]


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