October 26, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Japan’s Tomo Murabayashi Wins A Cracking Downwind Race In New Caledonia

SUP downwind paddling

Japan’s Tomoyasu Murabayashi (or just “Tomo”) has won today’s LMA Magic Race in New Caledonia, with the wind turning on to produce a cracking downwind run in paradise.

Tomo, part of the Starboard International Dream Team, held out the experienced locals for just over two hours to cross the line in a time of 2:01:14, which was a minute quicker than Franck Muller. There was also a great effort from Clement Colmas, who at just 13 years of age (and paddling a 12’6) came home for third place a mere two minutes off the lead.

Miranda Barretteau was the fastest woman across the line on a 12’6 in 2:26:42, followed by Marie-Benedicte Roger and Christine Besson on their 14 footers.

The LMA Magic Race is a 24km downwind run from the capital of Nouméa, heading north through the lagoon and along the beautiful coast of New Caledonia. The wind was firing at 25-30 knots, creating some epic conditions as you can see from the photos.

I did this downwinder myself when I was in New Caledonia back in March, so I can say from first hand experience it’s an amazing run. New Caledonia may just be the best kept secret in the world of paddling: Beautiful, warm, blue waters and a trade wind that seemingly blows like clockwork.

The island is also home to a very strong local paddling group (including a certain Titouan Puyo).

It’s a beautiful place and an awesome spot for some downwinding, so definitely add New Caledonia to your stand up paddling bucket list…

Scroll down below the pics for FULL RESULTS

Tomoyasu Murabayashi stand up paddling

Stand Up Paddle downwind

SUP downwinder in New Caledonia

Stand Up Paddling in New Caledonia

RESULTS: 2014 LMA Magic Race, New Caledonia

1Tomoyasu Murabayashi2:01:14Men's 14'119-391
2Franck Muller2:02:28Men's 14'240+1
3Clement Colmas2:03:28Men's 12'6114 & under1
4Bruno Masson2:06:00Men's 14'340+2
5Jean-Louis Colmas2:09:03Men's 14'440+3
6Liam Golis Tuyen2:11:01Men's 14'515-181
7David Anewy2:13:54Men's 12'6219-391
8Erwan Bouvier2:14:52Men's 14'640+4
9Mario Tranier2:15:32Men's 14'740+5
10Francois Levasseur2:15:47Men's 14'840+6
11Jeramie Mandin2:16:21Unlimited119-391
12Michel-Pierre Sempere2:21:57Men's 14'940+7
13Olivier Garioud2:23:25Men's 14'1040+8
14Benjamin Claveau2:23:54Men's 12'6319-392
15Olivier Chartier2:26:25Men's 12'6419-393
16Miranda Barretteau2:26:42Women's 12'6119-391
17Axel Lux2:29:41Men's 14'1140+9
18Theau Gontard2:30:07Men's 12'6519-394
19Marie-Benedicte Roger2:31:03Women's 14'140+1
20Christine Besson2:31:59Women's 14'240+2
21Pehi Aniamioi2:33:07Men's 14'1219-392
22Johnny Lasiman2:39:54Men's 14'1340+10
23Michel Hauata2:40:41Men's 12'6619-395
24Lionel Radigue2:41:23Men's 14'1440+11
25Nancy Muller2:43:19Women's 14'340+3
26Fabrice Chaminade2:47:38Men's 14'1540+12
27Damien Marmey2:48:23Men's 12'6714 & under2
28Christophe Nguyen2:50:56Men's 12'6840+1
29Nancy Tuyen2:51:21Women's 14'440+4
30Laurent Waheo2:53:40Men's 14'1640+13
31Emilie Simonet2:54:15Women's 12'6240+1
32Stephane Amatredjo2:54:49Men's 12'6919-396
33Hugues Thiss2:55:04Men's 12'61040+2
34Remi Guieba2:55:07Men's 12'61119-397
35Isabelle Faget3:01:52Women's 12'6340+2
36Vanessa Costagliola3:02:15Women's 12'6419-392
37Nathalie Gringore3:06:32Women's 14'540+5
38Chloe Tiennot3:09:20Women's 12'6519-393
39Sonia Dumas3:24:39Women's 14'640+6
40Francoise Marmey3:33:28Women's 12'6640+3
41Jean-Philippe Chabal3:36:03Men's 12'61240+3