April 13, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

UK Race Scene Update: 150 Paddlers Hit The Water For The “Head Of The Dart”

Head of the Dart

The 2014 Head of the Dart SUP Race (photo credit: Starboard UK)

The UK’s paddling community came out in large numbers yesterday for one of the first big races of the year. The Head of the Dart race was held in Dartmouth, Devon and drew almost 150 paddlers, despite the fact that it’s still pretty darn cold in England this time of year (at least Aussie standards đŸ˜‰

Taking the overall victory by a comfortable margin was the UK’s winningest SUP racer, Ryan James, while Team GB representative Ollie Shilston won the battle of the 12’6 class and finished second overall. Ollie’s finishing time over the approximately 9 mile (14km) course was quite impressive when you consider he was only a minute behind Ryan and had no benefit of drafting the longer boards (the 14′ and 12’6 classes started three minutes apart, to avoid drafting).

Coming home third was a rising youngster of the British scene, Pete Kosinski, a guy who trains on his own up in the middle of nowhere (Ireland) and who very graciously dragged this tired old racer home at the 2013 Battle of the Thames race (I still owe you a drink Pete). While in a good sign for the future of paddling in the British Isles, another young gun, Aaron Rowe from the island of Jersey, came home just behind Pete to claim fourth.

Over on the women’s side of the draw it was no surprise to see Marie Buchanan’s name at the top of the results, though Joanne Hamilton (who has clearly recovered from her 13-hour epic in the Scottish Highlands) turned in an impressive time on her 14 footer.

Scroll down past the pics for full results.

You can also see some more great shots of the race on Facebook thanks to Starboard SUP UK.

Head of the Dart SUP Race UK

Not a bad little spot for a SUP race… (photo credit: Starboard UK)

Ryan James

Ryan James out on his own (photo credit: Starboard UK)

Marie Buchanan

Marie Buchanan made it a double win for Starboard (photo credit: Starboard UK)

2014 Head of the Dart SUP Race Results

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(Note: This race had a staggered start: Unlimited and 14′ paddlers started 3 minutes before 12’6 and rec racers. Times below have already been adjusted.)

#NameAdjusted TimeClassClass #Division
1Ryan James01:24:30Men's 14'118-40
2Oliver Shilston01:25:22Men's 12'6118-40
3Peter Kosinski01:26:03Men's 12'62Junior
4Aaron Rowe01:26:13Men's 12'63Junior
5Ben Payne01:26:40Men's 14'218-40
6Peter Holliday01:28:57Men's 14'318-40
7Rob Stewart01:29:20Men's Unlim118-40
8Crispin Jones01:29:27Men's 14'418-40
9Giles Kent01:30:11Men's 12'6418-40
10Mark Slater01:30:19Men's 14'541-51
11Andrew Joyce01:30:22Men's 12'6541-51
12Philip Plume01:30:40Men's 14'618-40
13Charlie Jones01:30:49Men's 14'718-40
14Ben Fisher01:31:16Men's 12'6618-40
15Nick Watt01:31:20Men's 14'818-40
16Will Vincent01:31:31Men's 14'918-40
17Tim Harley01:31:52Men's 14'1018-40
18Damian Warner01:32:31Men's 14'1118-40
19Richard Swann01:32:54Men's 12'6741-51
20Carl Thomas01:33:08Men's 14'1241-51
21Alan Fernandes01:33:11Men's 12'6818-40
22Simon Frost01:33:27Men's 12'6941-51
23Ollie O'Reilly01:33:45Men's 12'61018-40
24Matthew Wall01:34:03Men's 14'1341-51
25Adam Chubbock01:34:22Men's 14'1418-40
26Andrew Pieterse01:34:40Men's 14'1518-40
27Charlie Gridley01:35:01Men's 12'611Junior
28Marie Buchanan01:35:29Women's 12'6141-51
29Dan Ashford01:35:31Men's 14'1618-40
30Joanne Hamilton01:35:38Women's 14'141-51
31Colin Elston01:36:26Men's 12'61241-51
32Adam Stilling01:37:08Men's 14'1741-51
33Alex Tobutt01:37:26Men's 12'61318-40
34Dave Grover01:37:50Men's 14'1818-40
35Paul Machon01:38:04Men's 12'61418-40
36Ken Harmer01:38:09Men's 14'1952+
37Tim Rowe01:38:24Men's 14'2052+
38Andrew Thompson01:38:39Men's 14'2141-51
39Jamie Harmen01:38:53Men's 12'61518-40
40James McGing01:39:00Men's 12'61618-40
41Tom Trout01:39:03Men's 12'61718-40
42Steve Carter01:39:09Men's 14'2241-51
43Tim Tredant01:39:44Men's 12'61818-40
44Zachary Wharton01:39:54Men's 12'61941-51
45Scott Warren01:39:55Men's 14'2318-40
46Kevin Nind01:40:04Men's Unlim241-51
47Lindsay Frost01:40:11Women's 12'6218-40
48Jason Manning01:40:37Men's 14'2418-40
49Chris Bates01:41:17Men's 14'2541-51
50Terry Smith01:41:23Men's 14'2618-40
51Nick Wall01:41:37Men's 14'2741-51
52Keith Gorman01:41:54Men's 12'62041-51
53Simon Dunton01:42:05Men's 12'62118-40
54Chris Kenyon01:42:20Men's 12'62218-40
55Philip May01:42:49Men's 14'2818-40
56Fran Blake01:42:55Women's 12'6341-51
57Sienna Chapman01:43:23Women's 12'6418-40
58Pete Vale01:44:06Men's 12'62341-51
59Barry Short01:44:34Men's 12'62441-51
60Andy Crocker01:44:40Men's 14'2941-51
61Rene Raimondo01:45:15Men's Unlim341-51
62Neil Myers01:45:18Men's 12'62541-51
63Richard Sayers01:45:24Men's 14'3041-51
64Sam Woods01:45:34Men's 12'62618-40
65Sean Gridley01:45:40Men's 12'62718-40
66Christine Anderson01:47:12Women's 14'241-51
67Tom Hicks01:47:47Men's 14'3118-40
68Stuart Appleby01:48:07Men's 12'62818-40
69Ian Tyers01:48:16Men's 12'62918-40
70Miles Jones01:48:53Men's 12'63052+
71Hal Mellen (TBC)01:51:12Men's Unlim418-40
72Graeme Williams01:52:10Men's 14'3218-40
73Harvey Dawkins01:52:41Men's 14'3341-51
74Steve Trott01:52:47Men's 12'63118-40
75Jeremy Tate01:52:51Men's 12'63241-51
76Martin Barlow01:54:47Men's 12'63352+
77Emily King01:54:53Women's 12'6518-40
78Simon Hemsley01:55:11Men's 14'3441-51
79Jocelyn Jones01:55:25Women's Unlim152+
80Louise Broda01:55:27Women's 12'6618-40
81Mark May01:55:49Men's 14'3552+
82William Littleboy01:56:30Men's 12'63441-51
83Cassian Humphreys01:57:02Men's 12'63518-40
84Paul Riste01:57:09Men's 12'63641-51
85Adam Dawson01:57:46Men's 12'63718-40
86Russell Williams01:58:34Men's 12'63841-51
87Andrew Reynolds01:58:36Men's 12'63941-51
88Karl Hobbs01:59:28Men's rec152+
89Venicia Mankarious02:01:35Women's 12'6718-40
90Lucy Pearce02:01:52Women's 12'6818-40
91Daniel Fishlock02:02:38Men's 12'64018-40
92John McCabe02:03:29Men's 12'64141-51
93Alex Milden02:04:02Men's 12'64218-40
94Conrad Humphreys02:04:14Men's 12'64318-40
95Richard Garratt02:05:21Men's 14'3641-51
96Susan Jones02:06:02Women's 12'6952+
97Candice Betts02:06:54Women's 12'61041-51
98James Mitchell02:07:13Men's 12'64441-51
99Gordon Ribbons02:07:45Men's rec241-51
100Mark Woodall02:07:55Men's 12'64518-40
101Steve Wynn02:08:18Men's 12'64618-40
102Chris Dixon02:08:21Men's rec352+
103Julia Haggis02:08:48Women's 14'318-40
104Mark Glendining02:10:22Men's 12'64718-40
105Paul Doran02:10:27Men's 12'64818-40
106Paul Hook02:10:38Men's 12'64918-40
107Nic Delfillion02:10:51Men's 12'65018-40
108Susan Davies02:10:57Women's 12'61141-51
109Nicholas Murray02:11:05Men's rec418-40
110Kristian Butler02:12:04Men's 12'65118-40
111Steve Aiken02:13:24Men's 12'65241-51
112Graham Kerslake02:14:15Men's rec552+
113Julia Crocker02:15:25Women's 12'61241-51
114Samantha Copperthwaite02:18:27Women's 12'61341-51
115Keith Hopkins02:24:15Men's rec641-51
116Kathy Bradford02:24:52Women's 12'61441-51
117Kate McNichol02:25:48Women's 12'61552+
118Eric Bridge02:28:03Men's 12'65341-51
119Guy Bridge02:28:25Men's 12'654Junior
120Sandra Elson02:29:56Women's 12'61641-51
121Danny Geeson02:32:20Men's 12'65518-40
122Chris McKee02:32:49Men's 12'65618-40
123Luke Stevens02:38:08Men's rec718-40
124Lisa Walden02:41:07Women's 12'61718-40
125Paul Amey02:41:14Men's rec852+
126Max Salsbury02:43:42Men's rec952+
127Katie Marquardt02:44:33Women's rec118-40
128Kristy Wallace02:46:21Women's rec218-40
129Lucy Ellis02:50:24Women's rec318-40
130Katie Sabien02:50:43Women's rec418-40
131Laura Febery02:55:23Women's rec518-40
132Paul Burrowson02:58:57Men's rec1018-40
133Jo Koopmans03:14:53Women's rec641-51
134Elsa Mellen03:17:58Women's rec7Junior
135Joe Mellen03:18:05Men's rec1141-51
136Maz Williams03:20:24Women's rec841-51