September 8, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

FINAL RESULTS: Peter Bartl Wins The SUP 11 City Tour, The ‘Tour De France Of SUP’

2013 SUP 11 City Tour

The lead pack: Peter Bartl, Bart de Zwart, Martijn van Deth and Cyril Coste (© Mayola Dijksman for SUP 11 City Tour)

The world’s longest stand up paddle race, the SUP 11 City Tour, is happening all this week has just finished in the Netherlands. From the 4th to 8th of September competitors will paddle the 220km course in five separate stages, Tour de France-style, making it one of the hardest races in the world of SUP racing.

The first stages race has now been completed, so check out the full results from Holland below…

Stage One (Wednesday 4th September): 45kms. It was a solid performance today by Peter Bartl of Austria, the third place getter in the 2012 Tour and another of the pre-race favourites. Peter crossed the line in five hours flat, gaining almost two minutes on Bart and putting himself in a good position for the remainder of the week. Meanwhile Marie Buchanan from the UK was dominant in the women’s, finishing 8 minutes ahead of Melanie Brandstatter. One of the pre-race favourites, Ryan James from the UK (3rd in 2011) pulled out early in the race due to illness.

Stage Two (Thursday 5th September): 42kms. Again it was Peter Bartl who took the win to extend his lead over Bart de Zwart. Conditions were described as good but almost “too good” – it’s hot and there’s no wind, which makes 40-45kms of flat water paddling a long hard grind. Melanie Brandstatter made up some ground on Marie Buchanan on the women’s, though is still six minutes behind the Englishwoman.

Stage Three (Friday 6th September): 43kms. We had a new stage winner today, with defending champion Bart de Zwart looking in much better shape and controlling the race until the end. Bart took out the win seconds ahead of Martijn van Deth, with current Tour leader Peter Bartl in third. Meanwhile Marie Buchanan won again in the women’s race to extend her lead over Melanie Brandstatter. Video highlights of today’s stage below. Scroll down for full results…

Stage Four (Saturday 7th September): 45kms. Bart de Zwart took the stage win for the second day running, meaning he and Peter Bartl have two stage wins apiece. However Peter stuck with the defending champ all day, so the time difference was negligible. That still gives the Austrian a three minute lead over Bart heading into the final day. Melanie Brandstatter won the women’s stage but Marie Buchanan was right behind her, so the Englishwoman will take a big lead into the fifth and final stage. Full results below.

Stage Five (Sunday 8th September): 30kms. Peter Bartl began today’s fifth & final stage with a three minute lead, knowing that he only had to stick with Bart and he’d score the overall Tour victory. That’s exactly what happened; despite Bart taking out his third stage win in a row, Peter hung on all day to claim the 2013 SUP 11 City Tour. Meanwhile despite Melanie Brandstatter winning another stage today, Marie Buchanan took the overall title by over six minutes.

So that means top three from the 2013 SUP 11 City Tour are as follows:

1st: Peter Bartl (21:57:43)
2nd: Bart De Zwart (22:00:15)
3rd: Cyril Coste (22:01:12)

1st: Marie Buchanan (24:04:30)
2nd: Melanie Brandstätter (24:11:16)
3rd: Siri Shubert (25:47:53)


Also check out Bart de Zwart’s SUP 11 City Tour recap for some great insights into this unique race.


2013 SUP 11-City Tour RESULTS
There are five stages from 4th-8th September. All paddlers begin each stage at the same time. Overall combined time wins (Tour de France-style).

1Peter BartlMen's05:00:315:12:264:45:554:54:373:19:1421:57:43
2Bart De ZwartMen's05:02:275:13:374:45:504:54:363:18:4522:00:15
3Cyril CosteMen's05:02:305:13:404:46:264:54:503:18:4622:01:12
4Martijn Van DethMen's05:03:075:13:394:45:524:54:433:24:2222:06:43
5Ike FransMen's05:15:265:21:134:48:504:58:243:24:2022:33:13
6Ramon BlancoMen's05:21:425:34:085:03:585:08:223:34:0223:27:12
7Crispin JonesMen's05:27:445:33:105:04:005:07:383:34:0223:31:34
8Andreas SvenssonMen's05:35:475:33:085:00:055:07:303:33:2923:34:59
9Richard GratzeiMen's05:30:095:34:105:04:375:12:273:37:0023:43:23
10Team FanaticTeam Men05:15:015:42:524:54:335:34:213:31:3623:43:23
11Rombout Van KuijkMen's05:35:505:34:285:07:525:07:343:33:3323:44:17
12Romke LoopikMen's05:30:485:34:295:13:175:12:023:33:3123:49:07
13Ruben SalvadorMen's05:38:035:33:265:07:305:14:403:33:3623:52:15
14Miguel VallespirMen's05:22:525:40:095:21:055:13:493:33:3923:56:34
15Marie BuchananWomen's05:30:565:42:205:08:125:14:483:43:1424:04:30
16Sam RossMen's05:30:545:40:285:09:215:14:543:44:2724:05:04
17Melanie BrandstätterWomen's05:38:315:41:155:08:345:14:463:43:1024:11:16
18Ed ReichmanMen's05:40:115:43:385:11:435:15:123:42:2224:18:06
19Charlie JonesMen's05:46:275:47:045:11:085:13:043:35:3724:18:20
20Tolo Caellas AdroverMen's05:48:005:45:425:09:015:15:103:43:4524:26:38
21Mike KranenburgMen's05:50:515:45:375:08:575:16:293:43:0824:30:02
22Dirk-Jan ColjeeMen's05:50:535:57:335:22:075:21:393:15:0024:32:12
23Robert AdrichemTour Men05:49:035:45:395:17:475:15:493:43:2624:36:44
24Robbert NijkampMen's05:45:065:45:355:13:465:21:363:46:3124:37:34
25Jay HayseyMen's05:51:005:45:485:26:305:21:423:44:2624:54:26
26Roger Van TongerenMen's05:53:295:56:555:18:075:34:123:43:0425:10:47
27Team Kitemobile SkillsTeam Mixed05:36:485:41:156:22:225:07:483:37:4725:11:00
28Team Von Orange MTeam Men06:18:555:48:075:23:105:16:303:43:4225:15:24
29Arend VenemaMen's05:50:555:56:595:20:245:26:243:58:2825:18:10
30Ahmet SenogluMen's05:51:026:05:045:37:455:38:273:43:3325:40:51
31Siri SchubertWomen's06:02:515:58:465:36:195:34:123:50:4525:47:53
32Hugo DonseMen's06:21:496:05:075:18:405:41:423:35:4325:48:01
33Joanne Hamilton-ValeWomen's05:57:186:07:445:29:215:46:433:58:2726:04:33
34John SiggsTour Men06:05:526:07:475:29:215:46:443:58:2726:13:11
35Team SurfstadtlTeam Mixed06:08:226:06:005:50:145:38:314:10:3326:38:40
36Peter MulderTour Men06:11:586:27:345:39:395:48:443:59:1926:52:14
37Erik BruiningMen's06:19:236:32:395:52:265:44:363:57:3027:11:34
38Frank HettingaMen's06:19:256:32:475:50:515:48:393:59:1727:15:59
39Guillaume DelesalleMen's06:33:386:32:125:50:205:48:474:02:1027:32:07
40Simon DonatoMen's06:20:506:50:255:45:145:49:124:07:1827:37:59
41Team NaishTeam Women06:24:526:19:366:06:565:55:574:05:5427:38:15
42Ruurd Jouke Van WierenMen's06:24:246:38:005:52:495:58:384:04:1427:43:05
43Martijn De ManMen's06:24:527:15:506:06:565:25:363:45:3327:43:47
44Mia MessingerWomen's06:24:576:38:105:53:005:55:574:13:5127:50:55
45Albert GrossguthMen's07:00:446:34:105:51:065:59:274:13:5128:24:18
46Paul TrebilcockMen's06:29:577:02:055:54:025:59:444:16:3728:27:25
47Frank RosinMen's06:38:096:48:305:57:196:17:124:05:4528:31:55
48Petra OffermannsWomen's06:47:216:47:525:59:116:14:594:17:0128:51:24
49Matt AndrewsTour Men06:58:497:07:586:18:395:38:134:04:3128:53:10
50Jan VeldhuizenTour Men06:58:497:07:586:18:396:23:084:04:3129:38:05
51Maya PerssonTour Women07:28:267:24:445:54:006:23:084:16:3730:11:55
52Team MistralTeam Mixed07:00:498:07:456:22:256:22:204:30:0131:08:20
53Team Von Orange FTeam Women's Tour07:34:357:15:516:067:05:494:57:5931:46:10
54Bas BrouwerTour Men07:10:598:07:456:51:136:51:034:30:0132:16:01
55Marije ElgersmaTour Women07:40:398:02:057:21:327:15:144:48:2633:52:56
56Tineke MerkusTour Women07:40:398:02:057:21:327:15:144:48:2633:52:56
57Jose Van EgmondTour Women07:40:398:02:057:21:327:15:144:48:2633:52:56
58Team Provincie FrieslandTeam Women's Tour8:43:578:10:127:45:357:26:455:40:1836:31:47
59Emiel HalmaMen's5:20:175:22:524:59:475:05:23DNSn/a
60Daniel AshfordMen's05:42:397:45:50DNS5:12:123:40:15n/a
61Ed RootliebTour Men06:35:226:38:377:21:34DNS4:04:43n/a
62Saskia OffermanTour Women08:43:578:26:317:45:40DNS4:58:32n/a
63Jochem SteurWeekendn/an/an/a5:25:363:43:33n/a
64Wouter de BoerWeekendn/an/an/a5:38:133:46:08n/a
65Wietse de BoerWeekendn/an/an/a5:38:133:46:08n/a
66Peter Jaap de LintWeekendn/an/an/a7:08:293:59:36n/a
67Jeroen LabotsWeekendn/an/an/a6:49:084:31:35n/a
68Martin LuitwielerWeekendn/an/an/a6:49:104:31:35n/a
69Aukje PostmaWeekendn/an/an/a6:50:594:46:13n/a
70Michiel Jors van der PoelWeekendn/an/an/a7:05:354:45:43n/a
71Annelies LabotsWeekendn/an/an/a7:08:584:55:37n/a
72Jorissa NeutelingWeekendn/an/an/a7:08:295:07:54n/a
73Knut SorbyStage #107:33:25n/an/an/an/an/a
74Jeroen BoksStage #2n/a6:14:41n/an/an/an/a
75Maarten BloemStage #2n/a7:32:03n/an/an/an/a
76Ben VerlegStage #2n/a8:07:33n/an/an/an/a
77Vincent MelotteStage #3n/an/a5:47:13n/an/an/a
78Roland BlaschokStage #3n/an/a5:51:00n/an/an/a
79Dorine SijpkensStage #3n/an/a6:23:27n/an/an/a
80Anne-Marie ReichmanStage #4n/an/an/a6:21:24n/an/a
81Eric TotahStage #4n/an/an/a6:21:24n/an/a
82Pieter Jan PostmaStage #5n/an/an/an/a3:41:30n/a
83Jeroen van GesselStage #5n/an/an/an/a3:57:23n/a
84Morene DekkerStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:03:18n/a
85Richard ProostStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:14:15n/a
86Caroline AmerlaanStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:22:42n/a
87Jacob-Dirk BrandsmaStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:24:07n/a
88Mara van der SchaafStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:27:53n/a
89Frank ProostStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:32:10n/a
90Wijnand van ColleStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:44:51n/a
91Niels HagelsStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:49:50n/a
92Jordi VeenStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:52:52n/a
93Kim BosStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:54:59n/a
94Ben VerlegStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:56:15n/a
95Jeroen BoksStage #5n/an/an/an/a4:57:59n/a
96Elles LamsmaStage #5n/an/an/an/a5:15:09n/a
97Hester OzingaStage #5n/an/an/an/a5:17:52n/a
98Joyce BurgerStage #5n/an/an/an/a5:17:52n/a
99Sandra RuitenbeekStage #5n/an/an/an/a5:34:38n/a


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