April 9, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Thomas Maximus Wins The 2013 Silver Blade Regatta (On A 14!)

Silver Blade Regatta - Thomas Maximus

Thomas Maximus took out the 200m and 2,000m on his new Riviera Stealth 14 footer

Thomas Maximus and Krisztina Zur dominated Saturday’s Silver Blade Regatta, winning both of the men’s and women’s races respectively. The event, now including SUP races for the third year in a row, is held at the US Olympic Canoe & Kayak Training Centre in San Diego and features both 200m and 2,000m SUP races.

Krisztina, the London Olympic Gold Medallist, won both distances comfortably, while Maximus proved he’s not a one trick pony, trading his well-known unlimited board for a 14 footer and still taking the win in both the 200m and 2k events.

Former Olympic sprint kayaker Rami Zur paddled well, taking the runner-up spot in the 2k and making the podium in the sprint, while Sean Pangelinan and EJ Johnson filled the other top spots. Over in the women’s, Kristin Thomas picked up a couple of seconds, while up and coming young gun Sofia DeWolfe made the podium in each event.

The Silver Blade is an interesting event, as it uses the standard Olympic 200m sprint distance, and because paddlers compete in set lanes rather than all in a bunch (which largely removes the drafting aspect). We’ve already seen the event copied in a few other places (such as in Australia with the Black Blade Regatta) so it’ll be interesting to see if the appeal keeps growing. Having a set, standard course with no drafting makes it easy to compare times between events. You could host a local 200m SUP sprint race and still be “competing” against paddlers from all over the world, at least as far as the timing is concerned.

But anyway, take a look at the full results from the 2013 Silver Blade Regatta below, then check back later for more pics of the action.

Men’s 200m
1st: Thomas Maximus (1:00.49)
2nd: Sean Pangelinan (1:02.52)
3rd: Rami Zur (1:04.65)
4th: EJ Johnson (1:08.65)
5th: Noa Hopper (1:15.63) [Junior]
6th: Les Hopper (1:17.18)
7th: Ron Mays (1:20.07)
8th: Daniel Chevallier (1:22.07) [Junior]
9th: Nick Scheel (1:23.57) [Junior]
10th: Ryan Malony (1:28.91) [Junior]
11th: Patrick Higginson (1:35.28)

Women’s 200m
1st: Krisztina Zur (1:10.75)
2nd: Kristin Thomas (1:16.67)
3rd: Sofia DeWolfe (1:17.81) [Junior]
4th: Ruthy Vesler (1:18.20)
5th: Manya Clark (1:21.53)
6th: Susie Hopper (1:21.94)
7th: Alleanna Clark (1:21.99) [Junior]
8th: Sarah Messina (1:22.24)
9th: Pamela Strom (1:23.27)
10th: Shae Foudy (1:25.37) [Junior]
11th: Dorothy Horn (1:26.21)
12th: Andrea Johnson (1:27.93)
13th: Rose Sartuche-Hinchcliff (1:29.08)

Men’s 2,000m
1st: Thomas Maximus (12:30.81)
2nd: Rami Zur (12:46.71)
3rd: EJ Johnson (12:50.46)
4th: Sean Pangelinan (12:57.43)
5th: Rick Ranjo (14:03.24)
6th: Noa Hopper (14:05.87) [Junior]
7th: Les Hopper (14:20.11)
8th: Nick Scheel (14:51.49) [Junior]
9th: Ron Mays (16:41.21)
10th: Ryan Maloney (16:48.68) [Junior]
11th: Patrick Higginson (17:30.37)
12th: Daniel Chevallier (17:48.18) [Junior]

Women’s 2,000m
1st: Krisztina Zur (13:44.27)
2nd: Kristin Thomas (14:53.49)
3rd: Sofia DeWolfe (15:04.52) [Junior]
4th: Ruthy Vessler (15:12.18)
5th: Sarah Messina (15:29.11)
6th: Manya Clark (15:37.65)
7th: Alleanna Clark (15:39.99) [Junior]
8th: Pamela Strom (15:52.43)
9th: Shae Foudy (16:00.11) [Junior]
10th: Dorothy Horn (16:05.11)
11th: Susie Hopper (16:20.11)
12th: Rose Sartuche-Hinchcliff (16:42.81)
13th: Andrea Johnson (17:08.62)

Boys 14 & Under 200m
1st: Parker Roberts (1:40.64)
2nd: Rohan Marsters (1:44.31)
3rd: Nicholas Peterson (1:53.51)

Girls 14 & Under 200m
1st: Juliette Clark (1:24.07)
2nd: Alexandria Higginson (1:35.27)
3rd: Tori Higginson (1:36.11)
4th: Devin Bartlet (1:52.64)

Girls 14 & Under 1,000m
1st: Juliette Clark (8:44.62)
2nd: Alexandria Higginson (9:02.62)
3rd: Tori Higginson (9:54.99)

Boys 14 & Under 1,000m
1st: Parker Roberts (10:13.96)
2nd: Rohan Marsters (10:47.02)
3rd: Nicolas Peterson (10:58.55)

1st: Rami Zur, Krisztina Zur, Ryan Maloney (4:38.65)
2nd: Thomas Maximus, Sarah Messina, Ruthy Vesler (4:45.18)
3rd: Hopper Family (4:54.30)
4th: Kristin Thomas, Bill Maloney, Scheel (5:08.21
5th: Nick Scheel, Alleana Clark, Shea Foudy (5:15.46)
6th: Clark Family (5:21.46)