March 23, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Malibu To Marina

Paddle Me Marina To Malibu RaceResults are in from today’s Paddle Me Malibu To Marina SUP Race in California, where over 50 Stand Up Paddlers took to the 5.2 mile short course in and around the Marina Del Ray harbour.

Thomas Maximus steam-rolled his way to victory in the Unlimited class, finishing three minutes ahead of his nearest rival, while Brian Murphy snatched the 14′ win, EJ Johnson took out 12’6 and Antoinette Cocco was the fastest of the ladies.

Take a look at the full results below then check back later for pics of the action…

2013 Malibu to Marina SUP Race Results

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClass#Division#
1M1Thomas Maximus0:46:19Unlimited1Masters 40+1
2M2Dialy Ndiaye0:49:10Unlimited2Masters 40+2
3M3Rob Graham0:49:41Unlimited3Masters 40+3
4M4Brian Murphy0:50:0414'1Open 20-391
5M5Belar Diaz0:50:1214'2Open 20-392
6M6Brendan Light0:50:2614'3Open 20-393
7M7Sean Pangelinan0:51:0514'4Open 20-394
8M8Dane Deboer0:51:3014'5Masters 40+1
9M9Rami Zur0:52:1114'6Open 20-395
10M10Ingo Rademacher0:52:2014'7Masters 40+2
11M11Mark Christman0:52:24Unlimited4Masters 40+4
12M12EJ Johnson0:53:1412'61Masters 40+1
13M13Noa Hopper0:54:0112'62U161
14M14Patrick Ohea0:54:1514'8Open 20-396
15M15John Schalka0:54:2314'9Sr. Masters 50+1
16M16Dale Marnati0:55:1714'10Sr. Masters 50+2
17M17Eric Diggins0:55:3712'63Masters 40+2
18M18Mace Camhe0:55:4714'11Masters 40+3
19M19Gene Tarsan Smith0:56:0812'64Sr. Masters 50+1
20M20Rick Ranjo0:56:4414'12Masters 40+4
21M21Reese Schwab0:56:5214'13U191
22M22Jay Butki0:57:0014'14Sr. Masters 50+3
23M23Kyle Kushner0:57:5012'65Open 20-391
24M24Nicholas Scheel0:57:5412'66U162
25M25Mark Pighini0:58:4314'15Sr. Masters 50+4
26F1Antoinette Cocco0:58:55F12'61Open 20-391
27F2Aimee Spector0:59:06F14'1Open 20-391
28M26Richard Davidson0:59:1514'16Sr. Masters 50+5
29M27Tim Sanford0:59:3212'67Masters 40+3
30M28Ian Light1:00:0512'68U163
31M29Daniel Russell1:00:2112'69U164
32F3Jill Vickery1:00:24F12'62Masters 40+1
33M30Mark Williams1:00:2614'17Sr. Masters 50+6
34M31Jeff Sweet1:01:0814'18Masters 40+5
35M32Luke Vickery1:01:1314'19Open 20-397
36M33Pat Ryan1:01:3214'20Sr. Masters 50+7
37M34Brandon Sauls1:03:0312'610Open 20-392
38F4Dani Schmidt1:03:27F14'2Open 20-392
39M35Norm Scheel1:03:4814'21Masters 40+6
40F5Sarah Messina1:03:58F12'63Open 20-392
41F6Shae Foudy1:05:26F12'64U161
42F7Tyler Jones1:05:31F12'65U162
43F8Elizabeth Schalka1:05:51F12'66Open 20-393
44F9Emily Dolber1:06:17F14'3Open 20-393
45M36Mike Guerrero1:07:1312'611Sr. Masters 50+2
46M37Nick Dangelo1:07:4712'612Open 20-393
47F10Jill Johnson1:08:59F12'67Masters 40+2
48F11Ehiku Rademacher1:09:36F14'4Open 20-394
49M38Chris Cheek1:10:0212'613Masters 40+4
50M39Max Fleming1:10:0812'614U165
51M40Mark Meierhoefer1:15:0512'615Masters 40+5
52F12Alexandria Higginson1:20:35F12'68U163