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June 24, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Who’s Doing Molokai? Check Out The Full Competitor List And Find Out…

Molokai SUP RaceWe’re only a month away from one of the most prestigious SUP races on the calendar; the 2013 Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships. We called it a couple of months back; this will be the most competitive SUP fields ever assembled for Molokai, with the likes of Danny Ching and Travis Grant signing on for the first time.

Well now you can see how the entire field of stacks up with the full competitor list. There’s going to be 156 Stand Up Paddlers competing this year…

The big four are there: Connor Baxter (winner of the past two titles), Danny Ching, Travis Grant, Kai Lenny.

Missing are a couple of big names: 2010 Champion Dave Kalama and 10x Paddleboard Champ Jamie Mitchell, however there’s a whole stack of dark horses that could challenge Connor, Danny, Kai and Travis.

One of those is Scott Gamble. Now Scott is hardly a dark horse, at least not among the Hawaiian paddling fraternity, but he doesn’t have the same reputation as the big guns and could fly under the radar. The Oahu paddler was apparently in the lead last year, before unfortunately pulling out with injury, so look for him to be right near the front again this year.

There’s plenty of other well known names on the start list; Brazilian-come-Maui-boy Livio Menelau is always up there. Young guns Kody Kerbox and Mo Freitas have the speed to win, but their endurance is perhaps a little untested. France’s Eric Terrien knows the Ka’iwi Channel well and has been testing out his Molokai board in Europe the past couple of weeks. America’s Cup winning skipper Jimmy Spithill will probably surprise a few people. While in the Stock class we’ve got the likes of Andrew Logreco (multiple winner of this division) and Florida’s big guy, Chase Kosterlitz.

The women’s field is looking super competitive as well. Defending Champ Talia Gangini (now Talia Gangini-Decoite after her recent marriage) will be back in the Solo race, though Downwind Queen and previous winner Andrea Moller will be looking to make up for a surprise defeat in 2012.

But the real question mark in the women’s race will be how well Annabel Anderson performs. The New Zealander has been on a tear the past twelve months, winning every race in sight (sometimes defeating not only all the women but all of the men as well), however her Molokai skills are a bit of an unknown. The Kiwi loves downwinding though, so if we get half decent conditions this year I think Annabel will be right up there (and if we get bad conditions, it might actually work in her favour, as the downwinding skills of Andrea and co will be nullified…).

So check out the complete competitor list for all three SUP categories below, then keep your eye on SUPracer.com over the next five weeks for complete coverage of Molokai 2013.

Molokai 2013 In Numbers…

– 72 competitors have signed on for the Solo SUP category – 13 women and 59 men
– 18 solo paddlers are competing in the “stock” board class (14′ & under) – two women and 16 men
– 54 solo paddlers have signed on for the “unlimited” board class – 11 women and 43 men
– 14x three-person teams (total 42 competitors)
– 21x two-person teams (total 42 competitors)
– All up there’s going to be 156 competitors across all of the SUP divisions
– Oldest competitor in the Solo category: 65-year-old Bob Arnot (USA)
– Youngest competitor in the Solo category: 15 year old Kimon Dos Santos (South Africa)

SoloMBob ArnotUnlimited - Male 50+65US
SoloMChikara TsumuraUnlimited - Male 50+60JP
SoloMBrad FeldmanUnlimited - Male 50+56US
SoloMScott TrudonUnlimited - Male 50+54US
SoloMScott McPhailUnlimited - Male 50+51US
SoloMMichael NunneryUnlimited - Male 50+50US
SoloMStuart MurrayUnlimited - Male 50+50AU
SoloMJoel ComerUnlimited - Male 50+50US
SoloMBilly RobelloUnlimited - Male 40-4949US
SoloMPietro MuscasStock - Male 40-4948ZA
SoloMPeter PetersenStock - Male 40-4948ZA
SoloMKevin HorganUnlimited - Male 40-4948US
SoloMTerry StevensStock - Male 40-4947VI
SoloMChristian CookUnlimited - Male 40-4946US
SoloMNevvar HickmetUnlimited - Male 40-4946GB
SoloFTomoe YasuUnlimited - Female (All Ages)46JP
SoloFDevin BlishUnlimited - Female (All Ages)46US
SoloMJerry BessUnlimited - Male 40-4946US
SoloMPatrick BroemmelUnlimited - Male 40-4945US
SoloMJ StephensUnlimited - Male 40-4945US
SoloMMichael RichardsStock - Male 40-4944US
SoloMNorman HannUnlimited - Male 40-4943CA
SoloMStéphane BodetUnlimited - Male 40-4942GP
SoloMWill AnidoUnlimited - Male 40-4942AU
SoloMIngo RademacherUnlimited - Male 40-4942US
SoloMVince LongoUnlimited - Male 40-4942US
SoloMJeremy RiggsUnlimited - Male 40-4941US
SoloMTakuji ArakiStock - Male 30-3939JP
SoloFBrigette Van AswegenStock - Female (All Ages)38ZA
SoloMScott GambleUnlimited - Male 30-3937US
SoloMChase KosterlitzStock - Male 29 & U37US
SoloMYoshiaki NagamatsuStock - Male 30-3937JP
SoloMRoberto AraujoUnlimited - Male 30-3937BR
SoloMJimmy FittUnlimited - Male 30-3936US
SoloMTomoyasu MurabayashiUnlimited - Male 30-3935JP
SoloMMarcus TardrewUnlimited - Male 30-3935AU
SoloMLivio MenelauUnlimited - Male 30-3935US
SoloMCraig LongobardiStock - Male 30-3935US
SoloMJames SpithillUnlimited - Male 30 - 3934AU
SoloFAndrea MollerUnlimited - Female (All Ages)33US
SoloMMatthew SchollardStock - Male 30-3932US
SoloFAnnabel AndersonUnlimited - Female (All Ages)32NZ
SoloFLina AugaitisUnlimited - Female (All Ages)32CA
SoloFSonja HönscheidUnlimited - Female (All Ages)32DE
SoloFJennifer LeeUnlimited - Female (All Ages)32US
SoloMEric TerrienStock - Male 30-3931ES
SoloMGustavo OliveiraStock - Male 30-3931BR
SoloFJennifer KalmbachUnlimited - Female (All Ages)30US
SoloMTravis GrantUnlimited - Male 30-3930AU
SoloMDanny ChingUnlimited - Male 30-3930US
SoloFTerrene BlackUnlimited - Female (All Ages)30AU
SoloMLuiz Carlos GuidaUnlimited - Male 30-3930BR
SoloFRachel BruntschStock - Female (All Ages)29US
SoloMAndrew ChingUnlimited - Male 29 & U29US
SoloMAndrew LogrecoStock - Male 29 & U28US
SoloFMariko StricklandUnlimited - Female (All Ages)26US
SoloMKaeo AbbeyUnlimited - Male 29 & U26US
SoloMTamarua CowanUnlimited - Male 29 & U25PF
SoloMChuck GlynnStock - Male 29 & U24US
SoloMChristian BradleyStock - Male 29 & U23US
SoloMKai LennyUnlimited - Male 29 & U20US
SoloFTalia Gangini DecoiteUnlimited - Female (All Ages)20US
SoloMKody KerboxStock - Male 29 & U19US
SoloMZane SchweitzerUnlimited - Male 29 & U19US
SoloMNoa GinellaUnlimited - Male 29 & U19US
SoloMConnor BaxterUnlimited - Male 29 & U18US
SoloMMatt BeckerUnlimited - Male 29 & U18US
SoloMVinnicius MartinsUnlimited - Male 29 & U17BR
SoloMTravis BaptisteUnlimited - Male 29 & U16US
SoloMRiggs NapoleanStock - Male 29 & U16US
SoloMMo FreitasUnlimited - Male 29 & U16US
SoloMKimon Dos SantosUnlimited - Male 29 & U15ZA
CategoryTeam CaptainPartnerDivision
Two-personFigueroa, KarenDominique MillerStock 14' - Female (All Ages)
Two-personFourcade, TevaAustin YonehiroStock 14' - Male 79 & Under
Two-personGrimaud, LaurentSteven FrogierStock 14' - Male 80+
Two-personHart, DanaShane WhiteStock 14' - Male 80+
Two-personIngalls, TuckerPoenaiki RiaohaStock 14' - Male 79 & Under
Two-personKalepa, ArchieDave ParmenterStock 14' - Male 80+
Two-personKlemawesch, PatrickStephen KlemaweschStock 14' - Male 100+
Two-personMoore, PatrickBlake FrancisStock 14' - Male 79 & Under
Two-personOuellet, KerstinKeith MeterStock 14' - Mixed
Two-personPatterson, ChuckRidge LennyStock 14' - Male 79 & Under
Two-personPestana, EdmundYannick LIIStock 14' - Male 100+
Two-personRoberts, KevinRyan HelmStock 14' - Male 80+
Two-personSchweiger, MichiManca NotarStock 14' - Mixed
Two-personSmith, BillMike EvattStock 14' - Male 100+
Two-personSmith, VanessaStu SohierStock 14' - Mixed
Two-personStehlik, RobertGreg PavaoStock 14' - Male 80+
Two-personSterling, JamieTeammate Needs to RegisterStock 14' - Male 79 & Under
Two-personSzymanski, BrianMatt FriedmanStock 14' - Male 80+
Two-personWalker, EricGail VentoStock 14' - Mixed
Two-personWheeler, EdHalie HarrisonStock 14' - Mixed
Two-personWillis, AlikaLeleo KinimakaStock 14' - Male 100+
CategoryTeam CaptainPaddler #2Paddler #3Division
Three-personCachuela, AlexWalter MachadoAlika Tom3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personChang, JeffNicole MadisokStephen Pugh3-Man: SUP - Open Mixed (No Elites)
Three-personFarrer, CameronBrett ThomasTeam Member Needs to Register3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personFong, ScottyKekoa UemuraTeam Member Needs to Register3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personFrey, RochGreg WelchDavid Darbs3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personFroiseth, TeeneSandy DeeleyScott Adams3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personGomes, LaniKanakolu NoaSharon Look3-Man: SUP - Open Female (No Elites)
Three-personHoesterey, MorganKate DowlingFran Kasssberg3-Man: SUP - Open Female (No Elites)
Three-personHope, DaleVictor LopezDale Hope3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personJeppesen, HeatherBeau OliveiraJH Tillman3-Man: SUP - Open Mixed (No Elites)
Three-personLui-kwan, DonJon Lui-kwanAaron Lui-Kwan3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personNagasawa, ScottLyman AshikawaMarj Takabayashi3-Man: SUP - Open Mixed (No Elites)
Three-personSmith, CurtisBobby BalouskasRandy Viveiros3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)
Three-personTitcomb, HerbieGeorge KamKent Kam3-Man: SUP - Open Male (No Elites)

(click here to see the official list, including prone paddleboard divisions)