November 9, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Australian SUP Titles: Lincoln Dews, Jake Jensen And Karla Gilbert Put Their Hands Up For Nicaragua

2013 Australian Stand Up Paddle Titles
SATURDAY UPDATE: Lincoln Dews and Karla Gilbert have one foot in the door of the plane to Nicaragua, after claiming respective victories in the men’s and women’s technical course race on Day One of the Australian SUP Titles. Conditions were rather dismal at Currumbin, which lies on Queensland’s paddling mecca of the Gold Coast, with strong onshore winds making the 5km course tricky for the country’s best paddlers.

Lincoln battled the whole way with his Lahui Kai teammate Kelly Margetts before snagging a wave and pulling away in the dying stages. Kelly came home second while Beau O’Brian was just 12 seconds further back. Our official BOP Dark Horse pick Toby Cracknell took a very respectable 4th, while another New South Welshman, Andy Davies, rounded out the top five.

As you can see from the photos below, today was hard work… Tomorrow (Sunday) sees the distance race, which was planned as a downwinder but the wind gods had other ideas and so now the race looks like it might be a long, hard grind out in the ocean. One thing’s for sure though: Whoever gets a ticket to Nicaragua for the mighty Team Australia will have clearly earned it.

This weekend’s national championship features almost all of the country’s finest paddlers, who had to qualify through the various State Titles that were held earlier in the year. The winners will help selectors decide who gets to fly the Aussie flag at the 2014 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Jake Jensen has just taken out the Distance Race on Day Two of the Australian SUP Titles, narrowly defeating fellow Currumbin local Beau O’Brian to give the Team Australia selectors the luxury problem of which international elite paddlers to pick for Nicaragua 2014. There won’t be much trouble on the women’s side though, with Karla Gilbert winning today’s race ahead of Angie Jackson, making it a clean sweep for the former Ironwoman Queen.

Today’s win was a sweet ending to the weekend for Jake, who was one of the hot favourites in yesterday’s Course Race, only to get caught up in the chaos and carnage and finish well down the order. It wasn’t an easy victory though; after a back-and-forth duel the entire race, Beau took a 50 meter lead into the final turning buoy at the end of the ocean leg. However coming into the final 1km flat-water stretch of the race along Currumbin Creek, Jake caught a little bump and milked it all the way past Beau, before holding him off to the line.

That means Lincoln Dews, Jake Jensen and Karla Gilbert have put their hands up for selection for a spot on Team Australia at next year’s ISA World Champs. However there were also strong performances from Beau O’Brian and Kelly Margetts, while world beaters Travis Grant and Jamie Mitchell were absent. That should give selectors plenty to think about, with the lineup for Team Oz expected to come in the next month or so. No matter what happens though, Australia clearly has plenty of talent and will almost certainly start as hot favourites in Nicaragua next May.

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Australian SUP Tiles Course Race

Chaos in the Battle of the Paddle-style “Technical Course Race” (seriously… we need cooler names for these races)

Australian SUP Titles Technical Course Race

Start of the Course Race

Kelly Margetts

Kelly Margetts in the Course Race

Lincoln Dews

The Course Race champ: Lincoln Dews

Jake Jensen Australian SUP Titles

Jake Jensen wins the Distance Race ahead of Beau O’Brian


2013 Australian SUP Titles – RESULTS

(Click “Division” to switch between men’s and women’s results)

Overall #NameTimeDivisionDiv #State
1Lincoln Dews21.05Men Open1QLD
2Kelly Margetts21.32Men Open2QLD
3Beau O'Brian21.44Men Open3QLD
4Toby Cracknell22.38Men Open4NSW
5Andy Davies23.53Men Open5NSW
6Peter Dorries24.05Men 40+1QLD
7Jayden Jensen24.44Men Open6QLD
8Troy Pease25.17Men 40+2QLD
9Jon Locke25.3Men Open7QLD
10Karla Gilbert25.4Women Open1QLD
11Paul Jones25.55Men 40+3QLD
12Kai Bates27.25Men Open8NSW
13Steve Walker28.14Men Open9QLD
14Zeb Walsh28.28Men Open10VIC
15Terrene Black28.58Women Open2NSW
16Peter Myer29.22Men Open11NSW
17Matt Nottage29.59Men Open12VIC
18Heath Meldrum30.13Men Open13VIC
19Ryan Keck30.23Men Open14QLD
20Jake Jensen30.39Men Open15QLD
21Dale Chapman30.47Men 40+4QLD
22Shakira Westdorp31.54Women Open3QLD
23Jackson Shaw32.04Men Open16WA
24Angela Jackson32.24Women Open4QLD
25Tim Cyprien33.02Men Open17QLD
26Sondra Purser33.28Women Open5QLD
27Alan Teurquetil34.06Men 50+1NSW
28Chris Clarke34.32Men Open18VIC
29Harry Muskall35.44Men Open19NSW
30Macro Bertossa36.41Men Open20QLD
31Chris Carter37.27Men 40+5NSW
32Ben Tardrew37.55Men Open21WA
33Andrew Edhouse38.03Men 40+6QLD
34Rob Walton38.11Men 40+7QLD
35Michael Jenkins38.44Men 50+2VIC
36Andrew Cassidy39.07Men 40+8NSW
37Alison Fullagar42.45Women Open6QLD
38Nicole Klink42.48Women Open7QLD
39Joe Fry43.58Men 40+9WA
40Sean Bicknell44.49Men 40+10QLD
41Gordon Stimson44.57Men 40+11WA
42Cameron McKay46.05Men Open22WA

(we’re waiting on actual finishing times but here are the placings for each division)

Men – Open
1st: Jake Jensen
2nd: Beau O’Brian
3rd: Lincoln Dews
4th: Kelly Margetts
5th: Marcus Tardew
6th: Toby Cracknell
7th: Heath Meldrum
8th: Ben Tardrew
9th: Matt Nottage
10th: Andy Davies
11th: Zeb Walsh
12th: Cameron McKay
13th: Chris Clarke
14th: Jack Bleach
15th: Jackson Shaw

Women – Open
1st: Karla Gilbert
2nd: Angela Jackson
3rd: Terrene Black
4th: Alison Fullagar
5th: Sondra Purser
6th: Nicole Klink
7th: Sue Dorries
8th: Jean Ringrose
9th: Sasha Lahey
10th: Liz Guilhaus

Men – 40+
1st: Troy Pease (3rd overall)
2nd: Paul Jones
3rd: Roger Goodwin
4th: Dale Chapman
5th: Mark Huxley
6th: Scott McCluskey
7th: Sean Bicknell
8th: Chris Carter
9th: Greg Kerr
10th: Jamie Gilmour
11th: Mark Woelders
12th: Andrew Worling
13th: Paul Harrington

Men – 50+
1st: Alan Teurquetil
2nd: Warrick Lee
3rd: John Engel
4th: Shayne Lynch
5th: Michael Jenkins
6th: Peter Turner
7th: Kent Wright
8th: Phil Pretty
9th: Gordon McKearcher
10th: Steve Bown
11th: Geoff Waterhouse

Men – 14′
1st: Jon Locke
2nd: Peter Meyer
3rd: Steve Walker
4th: Matt Stringer
5th: Stephen Roberts
6th: Ryan Keck
7th: Marco Bertossa
8th: Evan Green
9th: Travis Murphy
10th: Gordon Stimson
11th: Steve Furguson
12th: David Sprague
13th: Luke Jenkins
14th: Joe Fry