March 18, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Bridge To Beach: Jake Jensen Wins In Sydney

RESULTS from the 2012 “Bridge To Beach” Stand Up Paddle race in Sydney.

The race was held Sunday 18th March and was taken out by Gold Coast young gun and Naish Team Rider, Jake Jensen.

Jensen was paddling the stealthy new Naish Javelin MC14, the first time the new hollow-core board has been seen in the wild.

2012 Bridge to Beach Stand Up Paddle Race RESULTS

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#NameTimeDivisionDivision #
1Jake Jensen00:59:26Male1
2Sam Parker01:00:01Male2
3Steve Morrison01:00:16Male3
4Charles Domin01:03:06Male4
5Tony Ruavlt01:05:25Male5
6Brad Gaul01:05:28Male6
7Rob Gittoes01:06:06Male7
8Steven Floyd01:06:21Male8
9Peter Margan01:07:56Male9
10Peter Meyer01:08:09Male10
11Ben Chin01:08:30Male11
12Robert Meredith01:08:31Male12
13Terrene Black01:08:56Female1
14Neil English01:12:59Male13
15Tim Wyers01:13:30Male14
16Greg Mitchell01:14:59Male15
17Mark Mitchell01:15:31Male16
18Melissa Mcmanus01:15:39Female2
19Peter Shepherd01:16:29Male17
20Andrew Lai01:17:50Male18
21Elyse Comerford01:18:12Female3
22Andrew Titterton01:19:03Male19
23Jason Christopher01:20:59Male20
24Luice Ratcliff01:21:00Male21
25Kevin Claret01:22:47Male22
26Evan Green01:23:06Male23
27Jeremy Corne01:25:04Male24
28Martin Davies01:29:49Male25
29Scott Piper01:31:11Male26
30Nicole Allen01:33:09Female4
31John Reeves01:34:40Male27
32Kelliegh Jackson01:35:24Female5
33Fionna Green01:39:42Female6
34Philip Damp01:45:06Male28
35Anouk Lee01:47:13Female7
36Mark Kelly01:47:15Male29
37Penny Higgins01:48:01Female8
38Tracey Stancliffe01:56:46Female9
39Daniel Oates01:56:46Male30


Race pics and video coming soon…

Australia's Jake Jensen