June 24, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

WATCH: Return to ‘Le Mascaret’ (55 Surfers on the Same Wave… In a River… In France)

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Remember that crazy/epic tidal bore in France that a bunch of the EuroTour guys and girls got to surf last month?

Known locally as “Le Mascaret” (literally “the tidal bore” in French), this awesome phenomenon happens just a couple of days each month when king tides funnel a tsnunami-like surge of water along the river near Bordeaux, which results in a wave that can be ridden for 4-6kms and 10-15 minutes.

(And apparently this is just one spot where the wave breaks: it continues to reform over and over again for another 50 odd kilometres inland.)

Well yesterday I lucky enough to return to the Mascaret with Europe’s first ever stand up paddler and Mascaret expert Rico Leroy, along with the crew from the French adventure race L’odyssée Du Flocon à la Vague, to ride this magic wave again.

Once again, 50-60 of us we paddled out into the middle of a big, quiet, muddy brown river in the French countryside, and once we sat there for five minutes in the flat water waiting for this freak of nature to come charging around the corner.

And once again we had a drone maestro recording the whole show for us.