September 18, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

WATCH: First Look At The Showdown’s CBS Broadcast

Here’s the first look at the Ultimate SUP Showdown’s TV broadcast, which has been doing the rounds on Facebook the past 48 hours. This is the actual opener for the hour-long program that’ll be on CBS Sports Network this Sunday. As we revealed last week, the Showdown will be airing the 21st on the CBS Sports Network channel, at 9am Hawaii / 12 noon Cali / 3pm East Coast. The clip above doesn’t show too much, however I’ve seen a little more than this and can tell you the production is first class. Some very slick aerial, water and on-board camera angles in there. Showdown organisers invested a lot of their own funds into this TV production and so far it’s looking like a smart move. It’ll come down to the ratings on Sunday though. If the hour-long broadcast piques the interest of sports fans outside the small SUP community, CBS executives will be a lot more willing to give the Showdown a multi-stop tour next year. Either way it should be an entertaining show for us hardcore devotees of the sport, so if you’re in the States/have cable then check it out on Sunday.