Welcome to the first edition of the SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS – a new way to follow, analyse and cheer on this great sport of ours. After two years and thousands of man-hours working behind-the-scenes on endless results, lists, algorithms and formulas, we hope these new rankings will provide a useful and accurate rating of the world’s best paddlers.

We hope this will provide both entertainment and uniformity to the fans of this amazing but often disorganised sport. The SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS will be updated directly following every major race, starting this Saturday with the Battle of the Paddle Elite Race. Read our original announcement for more of the backstory.

  • POINTS are the total combined ranking points from paddlers’ top 5 results over the previous 12 months.
  • RACES indicates how many eligible races a paddler has competed in over the previous 12 months, however only the BEST 5 results will count. Eg. 5/10 means a paddler is being ranked on their best five results from the 10 eligible races they have competed in.
  • Less than 5 (eg. 4/4, 3/3, etc) means a paddler hasn’t competed in the minimum number of five eligible races and is therefore carrying a zero in their total POINTS.
  • Only races with a minimum level-of-competition qualify for the SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS system.
  • Currently there are 24 races contributing points to the WORLD RANKINGS – see full list down below.


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The SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS system uses a complex algorithm to provide a fair and accurate ranking of the world’s best paddlers:

  • Every race offers a unique amount of points: The higher the level-of-competition at a race (and therefore the harder it is to win) the more points that are on offer.
  • Every race in the world receives a unique ‘Race Index’ percentage score from 0-100%, based on how many of the current-ranked Top 50 are competing. The more competitive a race, the closer to 100% its Race Index will be.
  • This Race Index is multiplied with a base points table to produce the WORLD RANKING POINTS for each paddler at each major event.
  • The top 50 finishers at every major race receive POINTS for the SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS.
  • Showing only the top 100 ranked athletes – currently there are 417 paddlers in the full database.
  • When an event is more than 12 months old it will be dropped from the system.


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