“Conversation with an old friend” began during an introspective moment in my life when I investigated teh concept of “life & death” and the reality which surrounds us. Painting turned out to be therapeutic for me, and it is from this general sentiment that *Conversation* developed.

This painting is the description of a moment, a moment of conversation between a woman (or the self) and death–an “old friend.” The old friend reminds me of a space without time where white is prominent and death is a passage, a passage which takes place in a single moment. This moment will be followed by another and another, and it is within this sequence that life keeps flowing in an infinite motion. And that is how the temporal illusion of this reality – made up of a sequence of moments – gains value, consecrating death as the final moment even though it is perhaps not the end.

The “conversation” seems almost mysterious, and I wanted to represent the woman in a moment of deep concentration. Upon first viewing, it is not clear what the conversation is about; the mysterious conversation is a reminder of the mysteries of death.

The skull and butterflies represent “memento mori” — a symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death (latin for “remember that you [need to] die”).

“Conversation with an old friend” is a special piece for me. I hope you enjoy this piece in your home and take some time to reflect on the many possible interpretations of the elements.

– Irene