December 17, 2011
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman) The new place to get all your SUP race info, news and results

Hey, welcome to SUPracer! The goal of this place is to promote the sport of Stand Up Paddle racing by giving you the very latest SUP race info, news and live results.

Plus it’ll also be the home of all race results. Ever. Every race from every year, right back to the beginning of the sport.

So over the next couple of weeks we’ll be adding a tonne of race results from the past few years. If you ever want to check up who was the best paddler or where was the biggest race… you’ll find it all right here. Sweet huh?

You can check out the Stand Up Paddle race results we’ve already got on the site, or Like SUPracer on Facebook and you’ll be the first to get the newest race info & results. Stoked!