March 14, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

I Wanna Go Race In Tahiti…

SUP Racing in TahitiThere’s something about Tahiti… the beautiful blue waters, the dramatic mountain backdrops and the super rich paddling culture. It seems like the perfect place for a SUP race.

French Polynesia has a well-known history with outrigger canoeing, and that legacy is now starting to translate into a strong Stand Up Paddling community. Tahiti is already home to some of the strongest (and most underrated) SUP racers in the world and now the local race scene is taking off as well.

Last Tuesday it was the Taaroa Race, which saw 54 paddlers out on the Punaauia lagoon in the blazing hot sun. Tahiti’s best known SUP racer, Georges Cronsteadt, took out the win, while the minor placings were filled with paddlers that would probably be unbeatable in most other countries…

(it was two wins in three days for Cronsteadt, with the champ also taking out the International Ari’i Hoe No Papeete SUP race)

The pictures tell the story though, so check out the action below then scroll down for the results. You can also check out our Calendar to find more SUP races in Tahiti.

Original story via the French-language (translation).

SUP Racing in Tahiti - Taaroa Race (3)

SUP Racing in Tahiti - Taaroa Race (4)

SUP Racing in Tahiti - Taaroa Race (2)

SUP Racing in Tahiti - Taaroa Race

Taaroa SUP Race Results
Taaroa SUP Race Results