November 21, 2012
by Peter Petersen

[RESULTS] Solid Swell And Plenty Of Wind In South Africa

Awesome conditions for race #6 of the PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series in South Africa today.

Winds gusting to 35 knots and solid 6-8ft (2-3meter) waves made for another epic Cape Town downwinder. Due to the high swells, the surfski field was whittled down to 12 boats – while 31 SUP’s lined up for the challenge.

The first group of starters got off without a hitch – a lull in the sets allowed everyone safe passage and off they went. However the second start coincided with a solid 6 wave set, which had everyone pausing mid-break. Francois Frick stormed out and brilliantly succeeded in duck-diving through one of the set waves to get a clear head start. The Bertish Brothers, Chris and Greg, snuck upwind seconds before the start and found a gap, while others were not so lucky (or smart) and took 5 to 10 wave drubbings…

Downwind Dash Series Race #6 // © Jane Amory

Downwind Dash Series Race #6 // © Jane Amory

Downwind Dash Series Race #6 // © Bruce Johnston

Eventually everyone got through and the ocean was offering some of the best runs of the season. Chris and Greg took control of the lead with Dylan Frick, Colin Heckroodt and Francois Frick trying to hang on. Chris managed to drop Greg coming through Small Bay to take another great win and cement his lead in the series. Small Bay did not live up to it’s name today – virtually everyone that chose this route got cleaned up, though Colin Heckroodt somehow managed to sneak past Greg to snatch a fine 2nd place. Dylan followed suit to take 4th and Ivan van Vuuren, who was one of the victims of the carnage at the start, worked his way up to take a fine 5th place.

Chris Bertish crosses the line first // © Bruce Johnston

Young Mishka Steyn was giving Brigette van Aswegen a good run for her money this week, but eventually Brigette pulled out another win with Monika Wohlgemuth coming in third just behind Mishka. Only 2 juniors with Ethan Koopmans again taking a few minutes out of Joshua Robertson.

Cape Town once again delivered the goods, meaning 6 out of 7 Wednesday night SUP races have now been completed. Despite Chris Bertish pulling away at the front of the Leaderboard, the rest of the field is getting increasingly closer and we look forward to the last 3 races of this season!

– Peter

Cape Town downwinders… // © Bruce Johnston

PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series – LEADERBOARD



PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series – Race #6 RESULTS

Date: 21st November, 2012
Wind: SE 23-35 knots
Swell: Big
Course: 10.1km
Sponsors: PRIMI, Naish, SUPHQ, Vitaminwater, Coreban/Xpression, SWOX, BulkSMS, Buchulife, Watersports Warehouse

#NameTimeClassDivision% of 1stGradekm/hmin/kmBoard
1Chris Bertish0:48:5414'Open100.00Elite12.390:04:50Naish 14 Glide
2Colin Heckroodt0:49:2414'Open98.99Elite12.270:04:53Starboard 14' OO
3Greg Bertish0:49:4714'Open98.23Elite12.170:04:56Coreban 14' Dart
4Dylan Frick0:51:2014'Open95.26Elite11.810:05:05Starboard 14' Ace Pro
5Ivan van Vuuren0:51:2414'Masters95.14Elite11.790:05:05Coreban 14' Dart
6Andrew Cillie0:51:2714'Masters95.04Elite11.780:05:06Starboard 14 'OO
7Peter Petersen0:51:4414'Masters94.52A11.710:05:07Naish 14 Glide
8Francois Frick0:52:0414'Open93.92A11.640:05:09Starboard 14' Ace Pro
9Matthew van der Linden0:52:2714'Open93.23A11.550:05:12Naish 14 Glide AST
10Nicky Carstens0:53:5014'Masters90.84A11.260:05:20Carstens Custom 14'
11Ethan Koopman0:54:4114'Junior89.42B11.080:05:25Naish 14 Glide
12Nicky Venter0:55:1714'Open88.45B10.960:05:28Starboard 14' OO
13Joshua Robertson0:56:1814'Junior86.86B10.760:05:34Fanatic 14 Falcon
14James Taylor0:56:3314'Open86.47B10.720:05:36Naish 14 Glide AST
15Nick Muhl0:57:1914'Open85.32B10.570:05:40Naish 14 Glide AST
16Glen Thompson0:57:5514'Open84.43C10.460:05:44Naish 14 Glide AST
17Brigette van Aswegen0:58:2514'Lady83.71C10.370:05:47Starboard 14' Ace Pro
18Michael Fiet0:58:4614'Open83.21C10.310:05:49Coreban 14' Dart
19Dave Maxwell0:59:3814'Masters82.00C10.160:05:54Naish 14 Glide AST
20Tyran Cooper0:59:5114'Open81.70C10.130:05:56Coreban 14 Dart
21Craig Ginsberg1:01:1814'Masters79.77C9.890:06:04Naish 14 Glide
22Trevor Minny1:02:2414'Lady78.37D9.710:06:11Coreban 14 Dart
23Rob Munro1:02:5314'Masters77.76D9.640:06:14Fanatic 14 OO
24Mishka Steyn1:03:2414'Lady junior77.13D9.560:06:17Starboard 14' OO
25Steve Tripney1:05:2714'Masters74.71D9.260:06:29Coreban 14 Dart
26Monika Wohlgemuth1:05:5414'Lady74.20D9.200:06:31Naish 14 Glide
27Neal Esterhuyse1:06:0814'Open73.94D9.160:06:33Halo Custom 14'
28Wayne Robertson1:06:1214'Open73.87D9.150:06:33Coreban 14 Dart
29Patricia Kohrs1:09:4614'Lady70.09D8.690:06:54Naish 14 Glide AST
30Justin Trent1:19:4314'Open61.34D7.600:07:54Naish 14 Glide AST
31Oliver Potgieter1:26:3414'Open56.49D7.000:08:34Naish 14 Glide AST

Ivan van Vuuren // © Bruce Johnston

Downwind Dash Series in South Africa // © Jane Amory

Dave Maxwell // © Bruce Johnston

Colin Heckroodt crosses the line ahead of Greg Bertish // © Bruce Johnston