July 24, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Breaking News: SUPracer Signs Lucrative Deal With Lego

SUPracer.com Signs Lucrative Licensing Deal With Lego®, Plush Toys & Animated Films To Follow


This just in from the newswire: SUPracer.com has signed a lucrative, multi-year licensing agreement with the Lego Group, makers of popular LEGO® children’s toys.

In a sign of just how popular Stand Up Paddling has become, children the world over will be playing with these awesome new Lego SUP toys this Christmas.

The multi-million dollar proceeds SUPracer expects to generate from this agreement will help fund an ambitious new international SUP racing circuit, to be known as the “International Lego SUP World Series Grand Slam of Paddling & Awesomeness”.

This is only the beginning for SUPracer’s merchandising efforts, with rumours suggesting a line of plush toys and animated films will follow shortly.

…this kickass little guy was created by Gold Coast artist Dion Parker.