June 8, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

To Celebrate World Oceans Day, Here’s a Board Made Entirely from Trash…

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Today is World Ocean’s Day, and to help celebrate we’d like to share this little clip about a very interesting new project out of Germany: making a stand up paddle board entirely out of garbage and then paddling down one of the longest rivers in the world.

The project is called “Source 2 Sea” and is the brainchild of Merijn Tinga, aka the Plastic Soup Surfer.

Merijn created this board from 630 plastic bottles, which by itself would be a fairly amazing feat. But he wasn’t content with simply building a board out of trash, Merijn wanted to put it to the ultimate test by paddling all the way down the River Rhine: 1200 kilometres from its source in Switzerland to the north coast of Germany.

The adventure began last week and is already up to day 7 of what is expected to be a 28 day journey (currently tracking at 450/1200km).

Watch the clip up top to find out what this is all about, then follow Merijn’s adventure over at PlasticSoupSurfer.org

Thanks to Starboard for sharing the clip.