January 26, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Slater Trout Joins Team Boardworks, Overflows Board with Sponsor Stickers

Way to go Slater Trout: The kid guy with the coolest name in Stand Up Paddling has officially joined Team Boardworks.

Slater was already riding Infinity boards, which are now a part of the Boardworks group, so it was a pretty easy fit.

Though he might be struggling to find room on his boards for all those sponsor logos… in addition to Boardworks/Infinity, Slater is also decked out by Maui Jim, Camelbak, FCS, H2OAudio, OAM and Hi Tech Maui.

Not bad for a guy who only just turned 17.

Trouty, as he would no doubt be known if he was Australian, also snagged the #8 spot in the Top 11 of 2011 (though I’m still waiting for him to add a SUPracer sticker to his board…).

Slater will be pimping the new 2012 Infinity/Boardworks race boards (and breaking more young girls’ hearts) this Friday at the Infinity Surfboards store in Dana Point, California.

Thanks to SUPGladiator for the heads up (and here’s the Boardworks announcement).