August 17, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Rojas, Anderson Win The 2012 SEA Paddle NYC

Annabel Anderson (New Zealand) and Rob Rojas (California) have just won the 2012 SEA Paddle NYC Elite Race. That’s two wins in two years for both Rob and Annabel.

The race is a 26.5 mile SUP marathon around the island of Manhattan, New York. Paddlers raise money through donations to pay for their entry, with the proceeds going to the Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (SEA).

The SEA Paddle NYC, now in it’s 5th year, has attracted just about every top name in SUP racing at one point or another. For the past two years though, it’s been Rojas and Anderson who’ve dominated.

Scroll past the pics for the complete 2012 SEA Paddle NYC SUP Race Results.

More pics on the official Facebook site.


Results update: Seems a handful of paddlers were missing from the official results that we received. We’ve asked the organisers for an updated list of finishers, but in the meantime if you want to send us your name/time/division, then we’ll add you manually.

2012 SEA Paddle NYC SUP Race RESULTS

Elite SUP Race (26.5 miles)

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Overall #M/FM/F #Name                                                           Time
1M1Rob Rojas4:17:57
2F1Annabel Anderson4:22:02
3M2Billy Mehl4:27:15
4M3Mark Temme4:29:08
5M4Thomas Gallagher4:34:54
6M5Kevin Rhodes4:38:00
7M6James Rothwell4:40:42
8M7Shane Boyle4:49:34
9M8Ross Stevens4:49:41
10M9Eric Stiller4:49:41
11M10Bryan Gleason4:51:49
12M11Steve Dullack4:52:38
13M12Mark Colino4:52:44
14M13Ryan Oliver4:53:15
15M14Terry Kent4:58:31
16M15Carl Tripician4:59:37
17M16Neil Schumejda5:00:33
18M17Justin Dirico5:02:30
19M18Joe De Stefano5:03:31
20M19Matthew White5:03:48
21M20Phillip McDonald5:10:46
22M21Sean Duffey5:16:11
23M22Taylor Jones5:18:36
24F2Stephanie Shideler5:19:54
25M23Sean Gleason5:25:28
26M24Basil Tydings5:26:02
27M25Paul Giunta5:28:00
28M26J.M. Kostallas5:31:06
29M27Terry Deakyne5:31:59
30M28Matt Caines5:35:00
31M29Taylor Resnick5:35:06
32M30Name unknown (#199)5:36:49
33M31Thomas Gallagher5:36:52
34M3Dhani Jones5:37:21
35F3Patricia Miller5:42:27
36M33Brian Talma5:53:33
37M34Bobby Alverio6:25:38
38F4Josette Lata6:34:50
39M35Scott Lewis6:43:35
40M36Thomas Blackwell6:48:45
41M37Connor Beaumont6:49:57
42M38Peter Barlin7:06:03
43M39Robert Cancro7:14:30
44F5Terri Plunkett7:22:23
45M40Victor Myers7:25:30

Open Paddle Race (26.5 miles)

(SUP and prone results got mixed in together…)
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Overall #M/FM/F #Name                                                           Time
1M1Christopher Atlee5:00:16
2M2John Mahoney5:00:22
3M3David Cooker5:08:11
4M4Sven Peltonen5:08:24
5M5Adam Glasgow5:18:00
6M6Andrew Van Essendelft5:20:33
7M7Aaron Bickford5:25:35
8M8Raymond Dente5:33:45
9M9Grant Morrow5:33:56
10M10Marty Marcinczyk5:34:43
11M11Fred Neinast5:37:04
12M12Michael Williams5:42:09
13M13Andrew Youmans5:43:22
14M14Jack Rajca5:45:55
15M15Nick Strong5:47:09
16M16Christopher Mosier5:47:37
17M17Jeffrey Deron5:49:06
18M18Darryl Heale5:50:22
19M19J.p. Foschi5:55:28
20M20Gavin Davis5:55:38
21M21Andrew Siben5:56:44
22M22Kevin Del Mauro5:58:04
23M23Cromwell Coulson5:59:28
24M24Steven Sikorski6:05:20
25M25Chris Cole6:10:44
26M26Andrew Harnett6:11:31
27F1Jennifer Fratzke6:11:44
28M27Harris Davis6:15:29
29M28Carl Groth6:16:03
30M29Vincent Gubin6:16:08
31M30Mark Cregle6:18:11
32M31Peter Kusion6:21:38
33M32Christian Thorn6:21:55
34M33W. Spencer Dinnean6:23:45
35M34Joseph Laundrie6:26:18
36M35Chris Stellatella6:27:10
37F2Courtney Urciuoli6:27:22
38M36Patrick Elliott6:27:28
39M37Kevin McCarty6:28:00
40M38James Gregorio6:28:13
41M39George Stemetzki6:30:24
42M40Mike Grande6:32:40
43M41Todd Kramer6:33:14
44M42Jonathan Shlafer6:33:27
45M43Frank Desilva6:33:30
46M44Jeffrey Mangold6:34:06
47M45Glenn Schneider6:34:54
48M46Guilherme Valle6:36:10
49M47Jesse Itzler6:36:41
50M48Demetrios Hadgis6:37:24
51M49Michael Kirsh6:38:00
52M50Max Nuti6:42:36
53M51Frank Forbes6:50:44
54M52Sean Sullivan6:50:45
55M53Austin Grippo6:55:10
56F3Samantha Carey6:55:35
57M54Timothy Kelly6:56:53
58M55Nicolas Oudin6:57:06
59M56Stephen Taylor6:57:10
60M57Tye Conklin6:57:32
61M58Chris MacIoch6:58:18
62F4Audrey Meyer6:59:57
63M59Brian Bigos7:01:25
64M60Michael Feeks7:12:38
65M61Larry McCann7:15:47
66M62Edgar Lituma7:15:50
67M63Joseph Pellegrini7:16:39
68M64Rob Breault7:24:49
69M65Trent Johnson7:27:19
70M66Richard Nussey7:33:11
71F5Heidi Henry7:36:45
72M67Leo Imperial7:36:50
73M68Marcus Cree7:40:14
74M69Reid Zachofsky7:40:56
75M70Scott Watson-Brown7:41:31
76M71Mike Piluso7:41:40
77M72Matthew Bourgeois7:42:02
78M73Gary Clayton7:43:12
79M74Glenn Pashley7:43:46
80M75Justin Brown7:45:23
81M76David McInnis7:47:44
82M77Steven Kassin7:49:35
83F6Karen Jarvis7:50:00
84M78Douglas Rittermann7:53:54
85M79Richard Bubnowski7:53:58
86M80Ken Liss7:54:11