July 3, 2012
by Peter Petersen

[RESULTS] Zinkwazi Paddle Battle (South Africa)

Pinkwazi Paddle Battle – Brad Adams and Scott Rutherford

Check out the action from South Africa, where the Zinkwazi Paddle Battle took place on the weekend. This was the 2nd stop in the 2012 SUP South Africa Race Series, which will decide who makes the national team for ISA 2013.

Young gun Brad Adams (20 years old) took the win in the men’s race while Brigette van Aswegen dominated the women’s.

Florida’s Packet Casey was also in town and almost stole victory from the locals, despite only being on a 12’6. Almost all guys in South Africa race 14′ boards, but Casey put in a big effort to finish only 30 seconds off the pace.

Check out the full race results below…

Big thanks to Peter Petersen from SUP Culture for the race details and Jon Ivins for the pics.

The ring-in that almost stole the victory, Florida’s Packet Casey // photo © Jon Ivins

Scott Rutherford and Colin Heckroodt // photo © Jon Ivins

The winner at Zinkwazi, Brad Adams // photo © Jon Ivins

Women’s winner, Brigette van Aswegen // photo © Jon Ivins


2012 Zinkwazi Paddle Battle RESULTS

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#NameTimeClassClass #
1Brad Adams0.58.55Men's 14'1
2Scotty Rutherfoord0.58.59Men's 14'2
3Colin Heckroodt0.59.04Men's 14'3
4Packet Casey0.59.24Men's 12'61
5Peter Peterson1.00.10Men's 14'4
6Kobus Filmater1.01.25Men's 14'5
7Anton Nel1.01.41Men's 14'6
8Justin Bing1.01.45Men's 14'7
9Brandon Reid1.02.40Men's 14'8
10Grantley Reid1.04.10Men's 14'9
11Tyran Cooper1.04.30Men's 12'62
12Darell Bartho1.05.30Men's 14'10
13Steve Honeysett1.05.40Men's 12'63
14Gunter Berger1.06.00Men's 14'11
15Brigette Van Aswegen1.06.05Women's 14'1
16Jason Bonthuys1.07.22Men's 14'12
17Jason Liversidge1.07.28Men's 14'13
18William1.08.45Men's 14'14
19Fred Le Roux1.09.05Men's 14'15
20Austin Steyn1.09.28Men's 14'16
21Philip Reynolds1.11.16Men's 14'17
22Nick Bradley1.13.16Men's 14'18
23Shelley Bradfield1.13.43Women's 14'2
24Bianca Drouin1.16.27Women's 12'61
25Claire Sladden1.17.50Women's 14'3
26Jo Blackmore1.18.05Women's 12'62
27Jeanine Roode1.18.57Women's 12'63
28Jack Koch - 12'61.20.29Junior 12'61
29Paul Van Jaarsveld1.22.47Men's 14'19
30Oliver Koch - 14'1.26.06Junior 14'1
31Judy Dearling1.29.28Women's 14'4
32Mark Roe1.38.55Men's 14'20
33Lionel Yendall1.41.32Men's 14'21