June 2, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Watermans Paddle For Humanity, Deerfield Beach

The second stop of the Watermans Paddle For Humanity race series has just wrapped up at Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Over 120 paddlers enjoyed some great SUP race action all while supporting a good cause, though it was Kelly Margetts who was the clear stand out. The Aussie charger took out both the Elite 10K Race as well as the Chuck Patterson Rally.

Watermans Paddle For Humanity @ Deerfield Beach, Florida // photo Copyright © Jim Diehl

Want more photos of the action? Jim Diehl took 590 shots of the action (woah…) and they’re all up on Facebook: Album #1, Album #2, Album #3.

Want the results? We’ve listed the top SUP finishers from each race below and then after that are the full race results.

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Top Finishers…

Men’s 5K SUP Race
1st: Joe SERRATO
2nd: Andrew WHITE

Women’s 5k SUP Race
1st: Jenny ALDERMAN
2nd: Irma PRICE
3rd: Sandy RODRIGUEZ

Men’s 10K SUP Race
1st: Kelly MARGETTS
2nd: Matthew MCDONALD
3rd: Packet CASEY

Women’s 10K SUP Race 
(Cynthia AGUILAR was 1st over the line on a prone board)
2nd: Lacie FLYNN
3rd: Sue COOPER

Men’s Chuck Patterson SUP Rally
1st: Kelly MARGETTS
2nd: Matthew MCDONALD
3rd: Packet CASEY

Women’s Chuck Patterson SUP Rally
(Cynthia AGUILAR was 1st over the line on a prone board)
1st: Lacie FLYNN
2nd: Mini CUNHA
3rd: Sandy RODRIGUEZ


Men’s & Women’s 5K Race

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeDivisionDiv #Age
1M1Joe SERRATO0:35:3814'125
2M2Andrew WHITE0:36:5912'6"129
3M3Don EISENMEM0:37:4712'6"243
4M4Rob BITZKOWSKI0:39:5712'6"332
5M5Alan MONTGOMERY0:40:20Legends 50+157
6M6Earl EHRET0:42:04Surfboard126
7M7Dave ANDERSON0:42:25Legends 50+252
8M8Joseph SETARO0:42:3912'6"444
9F1Jenny ALDERMAN0:42:5612'6"140
10M9Hal ATZINGEN0:43:01Legends 50+353
11F2Irma PRICE0:43:10Legends 50+154
12F3Sandy RODRIGUEZ0:43:3412'6"240
13F4Daniela HORGAN0:43:4312'6"339
14F5Gina SIEGARS0:44:1512'6"433
15M10Rafael KOLIC0:44:2414'236
16M11Allen WHITE0:44:2714'325
17M12Joe SALOM0:44:2912'6"532
18F6Annette GARCIA0:44:3512'6"514
19M13Michael FAULKNER0:44:3612'6"643
20F7Deirdre ROBBINS0:44:50Legends 50+252
21F8Holly AMODIO0:45:21Surfboard136
22M14Cameron URANICK0:45:3212'6"720
23F9Heather GAINES0:46:09Legends 50+351
24F10Heather WHITEHEAD0:46:16Surfboard235
25F11Jen HAYES0:46:17Surfboard335
26F12Aranza RODRIGUEZ0:46:31Surfboard435
27M15Craig POLLOCK0:46:3612'6"843
28F13Katrina LUCCHESI0:47:2712'6"644
29M16Eli GESKE0:47:52Surfboard231
30M17Chris WUELFING0:48:1212'6"933
31F14Barbara SAGE0:48:2112'6"739
32M18Conrad Jr GARCIA0:48:5712'6"1013
33M19Paris TUCKER0:49:43Open Craft111
34M20Scott SCHANKE0:49:53Prone124
35M21Jonathan CORDEIRO0:50:0112'6"1141
36F15Liana PYNE0:51:0012'6"829
37M22Don PRATT0:52:1012'6"1239
38F16Madison MASSEY0:54:30Surfboard513
39M23Kern MATTEI0:54:34Surfboard345
40F17Catherine UDEN0:55:05Surfboard636
41F18Nell HANDLEY0:56:23Surfboard736
42M24Justin GROSZ0:56:3312'6"1343
43M25Pete ZITTERE0:58:2812'6"1440
44F19Trisha ATCHISON0:58:3712'6"942
45F20Milla NAVARRO0:58:3912'6"1013
46M26Demetrios KEKEMPANOS0:58:5412'6"1546
47F21Alexa DEAN1:03:43Surfboard818
48F22Becky PARIS1:04:44Surfboard949
49F23Tracy ADAMS1:06:40Surfboard1040
50F24Sonja RODRIGUEZ1:11:08Surfboard1135
51F25Allison COHEN1:12:53Surfboard1235
52F26Marissa KELLEY1:17:39Surfboard1344
53F27Andrea FISCHLOWITZ1:21:15Surfboard1424
54F28Francesca PAGE1:22:49Surfboard1523
55F29Stephanie MASSEY1:23:37Surfboard1632


Men’s & Women’s 10K Race

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeDivisionDiv #Age
2M2Kelly MARGETTS0:57:3914'139
3M3Matthew MCDONALD0:58:0714'232
4M4Mick DI BETTA0:59:10Prone Unlim149
5M5Packet CASEY0:59:2112'6"139
6M6Justin COOK0:59:3314'325
7M7Iain MCFARLAND0:59:4114'425
8M8Mark ATHANACIO1:00:4912'6"247
10M9Chris STEPHAN1:01:3514'539
11M10Charlie HOWDEN1:01:5114'633
12M11Jesse KAUTZ1:01:5714'731
13M12Jeff BERRY1:02:1914'843
14M13Brad WARD1:02:3814'921
15M14Ethan LUPPERT1:03:0412'6"323
16M15Matt WISE1:03:1512'6"416
17M16Jason MEEHAN1:03:2514'1030
18M17Jake PORTWOOD1:04:2414'1125
19M18Darian HILDRETH1:04:4914'1239
20M19Rob MIRLENBRINK1:05:0714'1335
21M20Trapper CHECHAK1:05:3212'6"517
22M21Jeramie VAINE1:05:3612'6"632
23M22Chip BOCK1:06:2014'1445
24M23Robert MARTINI1:07:10Prone Unlim227
25M24Jim HIGGINS1:07:20Legends 50+162
26M25Eric SHAMAS1:08:22Prone Stock133
27F2Cynthia AGUILAR1:09:10Prone Stock128
28M26Don ALDERMAN1:09:26Prone Stock242
29M27David DEAN1:09:28Legends 50+254
30M28Brent BROWN1:10:2714'1544
31M29Jorge NAVARRO1:11:0612'6"736
32M30Scott DUNCOMBE1:11:2114'1645
33F3Karen MIRLENBRINK1:11:3112'6"133
34F4Lacie FLYNN1:11:3912'6"228
35M31Charlie HERT1:12:1414'1740
36F5Sue COOPER1:12:2012'6"345
37M32Joey KOLISCH1:12:23Legends 50+356
38M33Russell FIELDS1:12:3012'6"840
39F6Magda COOPER1:12:4912'6"430
40F7Amanda WILSON1:13:2712'6"525
41F8Mini CUNHA1:14:1012'6"639
42M34Mark CANNON1:15:47Legends 50+452
43M35David MEADORS1:16:4812'6"946
44M36David JALVING1:17:4714'1841
45M37Gareth SHEPPARD1:18:3312'6"1035
46F9Patricia MILLER1:19:1412'6"729
47M38Nelson CARDENAS1:22:07Prone 14'126
48M39Conrad E GARCIA1:22:31Unlimited150
49F10Jessica CICHRA1:22:3312'6"829
50M40Jeff KAUTTU1:22:52Legends 50+557
51M41Jeff ISRAEL1:24:3412'6"1139
52M42Tony BAKER1:24:35Prone 14'241
53M43Kent HAMILTON1:26:08Prone Legends157
54M44Willy MENDEZ1:26:2012'6"1248
55M45Paul FISHER1:28:0012'6"1340
56M46Alan S PARIS1:28:34Surfboard147
57M47Yader RODRIGUEZ1:34:00Surfboard225
58F11Berthy REYES1:34:5512'6"943
59M48Todd KURLAND1:34:5612'6"1430
60F12Ashley ELLIOTT1:41:48Unlimited129
61F13Anita ALLEN1:42:04Legends 50+158
62M49Norm ADAMS1:43:4812'6"1550


Chuck Patterson Rally Race – MEN

OverallNameTimeDivisionDiv #Age
1Kelly MARGETTS0:40:27SUP 14'139
2Matthew MCDONALD0:42:04SUP 14'232
3Packet CASEY0:43:05SUP Stock (12'6 & U)139
4Mark ATHANACIO0:44:56SUP Stock (12'6 & U)247
5Iain MCFARLAND0:46:09SUP 14'325
6Justin COOK0:46:45SUP 14'425
7Jeramie VAINE0:46:56SUP Stock (12'6 & U)332
8Brad WARD0:47:18SUP 14'521
9Trapper CHECHAK0:47:42SUP Stock (12'6 & U)417
10Matt WISE0:48:15SUP Stock (12'6 & U)516
11Robert MARTINI0:49:36Prone PB Unlimited127
12Chip BOCK0:50:35SUP 14'645
13Mark CANNON0:50:44SUP Legends 50+ (Open)152
14Andrew WHITE0:51:42SUP Stock (12'6 & U)629
15Brent BROWN0:51:57SUP 14'744
16David DEAN0:53:40SUP Legends 50+ (Open)254
17Rafael KOLIC0:56:27SUP 14'836
18Yader RODRIGUEZ1:01:23SUP Surfboard125

Chuck Patterson Rally Race – WOMEN

OverallNameTimeDivisionDiv #Age
1Cynthia AGUILAR0:33:33Prone PB Stock (12' & U)128
2Lacie FLYNN0:34:33SUP Stock (12'6 & U)128
3Mini CUNHA0:37:37SUP Stock (12'6 & U)239
4Sandy RODRIGUEZ0:39:41SUP Stock (12'6 & U)340
5Holly HAMILTON0:39:44Prone PB Stock (12' & U)225
6Katrina LUCCHESI0:44:16SUP Stock (12'6 & U)444
7Berthy REYES0:44:17SUP Stock (12'6 & U)543
8Liana PYNE0:48:54SUP Surfboard129
9Madison MASSEY1:03:30SUP Surfboard213


PHOTOS: Paddle For Humanity, Deerfield Beach

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