August 11, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Ta-Hoe Nalu SUP Festival

2012 Ta-Hoe Nalu SUP Festival @ Lake Tahoe // pic © Steller Grips

UPDATE: Check out the Tahoe Nalu video from Team Quickblade

The Quiksilver Waterman Collection’s $10,000 Ta-Hoe Nalu SUP Festival, presented by Revo, has just wrapped up at Lake Tahoe. Saturday saw the 10 mile Long Distance Race while Sunday was the epic Survivor SUP Race.

On Day 1 it was Brian Stockdale who was the fastest over the distance, taking the overall line honours on his Unlimited board. In the battle for the Elite 14′ class Jamie Mitchell grabbed the win, though the 10x World Champ only just got home, having to run down Chase Kosterlitz in the final few metres to snatch victory (see the sequence below!). Local gun Jay Wild grabbed the final podium spot.

Meanwhile Candice Appleby was quickest in the Women’s Distance Race, finishing ahead of Brandi Baksic and Alison Riddle.

Mitchell made it two from two in Sunday’s Survivor SUP Race, with Jay Wild (2nd) and Chase Kosterlitz (3rd) switching their positions from Saturday. On the women’s side it was two from two for Candice Appleby as well, proving too strong again for Brandi (2nd) and Alison (3rd).

That means Jamie Mitchell and Candice Appleby both went through the weekend undefeated, claiming the titles of Ta-Hoe Nalu Elite Grand Champions (and some nice winners’ cheques).

Sounds like it was an awesome weekend, with a huge number of both local and international paddling talent enjoying the epic surrounds of Lake Tahoe. There were a total of 126 SUPs in the 10 miler, 165 in the 4 miler and an extremely impressive 41 youngsters in the Grom Races.

Scroll past the photos for the full Tahoe Nalu SUP race results

(…and a big thanks to Peter Spain, from Steller Grips, and Matt Ivey for the pics – check out their full photo galleries on Facebook here, here and here).

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Jamie Mitchell and Chase Kosterlitz battle for 1st in the Distance race // pic © Steller Grips

Sprint to the line… Jamie and Chase were neck and neck near the end // pic © Matt Ivey

…Chase had a slender lead right before the dreaded water-sprint // pic © Matt Ivey

…but Jamie Mitchell sprinted like an animal and flew right past // pic © Matt Ivey

…leaving Chase Kosterlitz in his wake // pic © Matt Ivey

…and that was that // pic © Matt Ivey

Candice Appleby on her way to victory in the 10 mile Distance Race // pic © Steller Grips

Steller Grips Team Rider Austin Young (notice the paddle handle?) // pic © Steller Grips

Men’s Distance Race Winners // pic © Matt Ivey

Biggest Grom Race ever? 41 kids between aged 4-12 tried their hand at racing… epic // pic © Matt Ivey

The start of Sunday’s “Survivor SUP Race” // pic © Steller Grips

Women’s Survivor race // pic © Steller Grips

Jamie Mitchell on his way to victory in the Survivor Sprint race // pic © Steller Grips

Local Julianne Brackett in the Survivor SUP Race // pic © Steller Grips

Matt Becker and Jay Wild // pic by @mbeckerrr on Instagram

Chase, JM and Jay Wild were all smiles on the podium // pic by @jamie_mitcho on Instagram

How many famous paddlers can you fit in the one photo?! Team Quickblade at the Ta-Hoe Nalu SUP Festival


2012 Ta-Hoe Nalu SUP Festival

Overall Elite Grand Championship RESULTS

(results from the Distance and Survivor races were combined)

1st: Jamie Mitchell
2nd: Chase Kosterlitz
3rd: Jay Wild
4th: Matt Becker
5th: Fernando Stalla
6th: Jim Terrell
7th: Colin McPhillips
8th: Brendan Light
9th: Tucker Ingalls
10th: Jared Vargas

1st: Candice Appleby
2nd: Brandi Baksic
3rd: Alison Riddle
4th: Lina Augaitis
5th: Talia Gangini
6th: Julianne Brackett


Survivor SUP Race RESULTS

1st: Jamie Mitchell
2nd: Jay Wild
3rd: Chase Kosterlitz
4th: Fernando Stalla
5th: Matt Becker
6th: Colin McPhillips
7th: Cyril Burgerre
8th: Jim Terrell
9th: Jared Vargas
10th: Seth Springer
11th: Tucker Ingalls
12th: Brendan Light

1st: Candice Appleby
2nd: Brandi Baksic
3rd: Alison Riddle
3rd: Gillian Gibree
4th: Julianne Brackett
5th: Talia Gangini


Long Distance SUP Race (10 miles) RESULTS

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OverallM/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #Age
1M1Brian Stockdale1:40:15Unlimited149
2M2Jamie Mitchell1:42:12Elite 14'135
3M3Chase Kosterlitz1:42:18Elite 14'226
4M4Jay Wild1:43:16Elite 14'332
5M5Matt Becker1:44:00Elite 14'417
6M6Fernando Stalla1:44:24Elite 14'525
7M7Jim Terrell1:45:06Elite 14'647
8M8Daniele Guidi1:47:55Elite 14'730
9M9Ingo Rademacher1:48:06Elite 14'841
10M10EJ Johnson1:48:10Elite 14'949
11M11Brendan Light1:48:14Elite 14'1017
12M12Paolo Marconi1:48:18Elite 14'1131
13M13Tucker Ingalls1:48:24Elite 14'1216
14M14Colin McPhillips1:48:42Elite 14'1337
15M15Jared Vargas1:48:51Elite 14'1428
16M16Seth Springer1:49:14Elite 14'1535
17M17Michael Tavares1:50:08Elite 14'1629
18M18John Becker1:50:3014'153
19M19Jeramie Vaine1:51:18Elite 14'1733
20M20Rand Carter1:51:44Elite 14'1848
21M21Jeff Erickson1:53:19Unlimited212
22F1Candice Appleby1:53:41F Elite 14'126
23M22Austin Young1:54:07Elite 14'1921
24M23Chris Brackett1:54:5714'243
25M24Wesley Stolp1:55:1914'334
26F2Brandi Baksic1:56:10F Elite 14'239
27M25Adam Freeman1:56:36Elite 14'2032
28M26Mike Irete1:57:0514'443
29M27Damioti Estrada1:57:2014'537
30M28Michael Day1:57:3514'660
31M29Darian Hildreth1:58:0114'739
32M30John Alexiou1:58:21Elite 14'2146
33M31Christoher Chandler1:58:2512'6"119
34M32Tom Gandt1:58:3312'6"252
35F3Alison Riddle1:58:39F Elite 14'326
36F4Lina Augaitis1:58:46F Elite 14'431
37M33Michael Bond1:59:0414'856
38M34Tim Boyer2:00:05Unlimited345
39M35David Meyler2:00:2412'6"340
40M36John Goodman2:00:2614'956
41M37Joel Comer2:01:0214'1049
42M38Marcus Tingle2:01:2114'1143
43F5Talia Gangini2:01:27F Elite 14'519
44M39Tarzan Smith2:01:34Elite 14'2251
45M40Mike Gabor2:01:37Elite 14'2343
46F6Julianne Brackett2:01:39F Elite 14'618
47M41Evan Derdodski2:01:5812'6"424
48M42Scott Cheney2:02:3212'6"550
49M43Kyle Wade2:02:5714'1247
50M44Phil Coffman2:03:1512'6"643
51M45Brandon Cheney2:03:1814'1335
52M46Scott Boyles2:03:3112'6"750
53M47Tai Boutell2:04:2914'1442
54F7Nina Oakley2:05:03F Elite 14'730
55M48Corry Fitzgibbons2:05:2714'1542
56M49Dino Wilson2:05:4012'6"850
57M50Jay Gomez2:05:4812'6"935
58M51Michael Smith2:05:5712'6"1045
59M52Scott Estrada2:06:0212'6"1144
60M53Larry Ferguson2:06:0214'1653
61M54Geoff James2:06:5312'6"1249
62M55Douglas Stoup2:07:0514'1748
63M56Bill Bloodgood2:07:09Unlimited442
64M57Eric Diggins2:07:2912'6"1342
65M58Gary Wimberl Wimberly2:07:3012'6"1448
66F8Kimberly Gomez2:07:50F14'133
67M59Fred Andersen2:08:0712'6"1560
68F9Jennifer Lee2:08:11F Elite 14'831
69M60Jimmy Granger2:08:1514'1859
70M61Ruben Sanchez2:08:2114'1942
71M62John Thomaselli2:08:2312'6"1659
72M63Mike Keck2:08:3214'2046
73M64John Fricke2:09:0612'6"1750
74M65Michael Witherite2:09:0614'2140
75F10Silvia Mecucci2:09:29F Elite 14'931
76M66Michael Dillon2:09:2914'2260
77M67Mark Maguire2:09:4612'6"1842
78M68Ken Altman2:10:1114'2369
79M69Stephen Pugh2:10:3314'2455
80M70Chris Gray2:11:0414'2543
81M71Michael Melville2:11:1312'6"1958
82M72Pablo Bori2:13:5512'6"2036
83M73Gary Mandy2:14:0812'6"2140
84M74Paul Zarubin2:15:3814'2658
85M75Christopher Brown2:16:0812'6"2237
86M76Kjell Van Sice2:16:4812'6"2316
87F11Kristine Hamrick2:16:58F14'247
88M77Sasha Unruh2:16:5812'6"2438
89M78Tim Anclerio2:17:1514'2761
90M79Jean-Marc Bouis2:17:2012'6"2548
91M80Trey Griffin2:17:3112'6"2636
92F12Nicole Hull2:17:45F Elite 14'1034
93M81Ciro Mancuso2:18:1012'6"2754
94M82Matt Brown2:19:3014'2840
95F13Wendy Ackermann2:20:02F12'6"146
96F14Kristen Winter2:21:37F12'6"241
97M83Joe Quinn2:21:5614'2947
98M84Carl Davis2:22:1712'6"2835
99F15Brie Moore2:22:27F12'6"336
100F16Valerie Khachadourian2:23:23F12'6"450
101F17Maria Bowman2:25:28F14'336
102M85David Swidan2:25:5614'3043
103M86Dave Cassaro2:27:3412'6"2942
104F18Teressmarie Tucker2:27:41F12'6"553
105M87Gary Leong2:28:1612'6"3065
106M88Jeff Timmons2:29:5512'6"3132
107F19Micha Shaw2:30:06F Elite 14'1131
108M89Mickey Muñoz2:31:0412'6"3274
109M90Mitch Boothe2:33:1514'3152
110F20Francine Tone2:33:43F12'6"656
111M91Kevin Scott2:34:3814'3250
112M92Scott Parsons2:35:1212'6"3355
113M93Barney Pugh2:36:2314'3364
114M94Bill Schmidt2:36:5214'3467
115M95Nicole Roberts2:38:0012'6"3441
116M96Perry Peterson2:38:1914'3551
117F21Tami Word2:42:15F12'6"747
118M97Rod Olson2:43:1312'6"3555
119F22Ayshe Tuncer2:49:33F12'6"838
120F23Katie Mancuso2:50:46F14'440
121F24Jane Melody2:51:53F12'6"952
122F25Lynn Zarubin3:01:49F12'6"1056
123F26Jude Markward3:09:28F12'6"1152
124F27Kristin Oswalt3:12:41F12'6"1228
125M98Rodney K. Mattos3:15:12Elite 14'2445
126M99Art Holscher3:16:59Unlimited539


Open SUP Race (4 miles) RESULTS

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OverallM/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #Age
1M1Brendan Light52:25Unlimited117
2M2Jake Lamberth52:29Unlimited249
3M3Brad Seyffer54:3014'139
4M4Jimmy Spithill54:4014'233
5M5Wesley Stolp54:4314'334
6M6Chris Bishow55:1314'432
7M7Chris Brackett55:1914'543
8M8Darian Hildreth55:3114'639
9M9Joel Comer56:0214'749
10M10David Defoe56:09Unlimited343
11M11Michael Bennett56:2814'842
12M12Scott Cheney56:5714'950
13M13Roger Knowlton57:2614'1048
14M14Evan Derdodski58:3112'6"124
15M15Shannon Falcone1:04:2714'1131
16M16John Goodman1:04:4914'1256
17M17Kyle Wade1:05:0814'1347
18M18Scott Estrada1:05:2212'6"244
19M19David Meyler1:05:3912'6"340
20M20Phil Coffman1:05:4412'6"443
21M21Michael Day1:05:5212'6"560
22M22Tarzan Smith1:06:0912'6"651
23M23Eric Diggins1:06:1512'6"742
24M24Dino Wilson1:06:1912'6"850
25M25Kevin Crifasi1:06:2214'1437
26M26Geoff James1:07:2612'6"949
27M27Ryan Brown1:07:3414'1541
28M28Fred Andersen1:07:5112'6"1060
29F1Kimberly Gomez1:07:53F 14'133
30M29Pete Newport1:07:5814'1641
31M30Jeff Erickson1:08:0012'6"1117
32M31Stephen Pugh1:08:0414'1755
33M32Brandon Cheney1:08:1612'6"1235
34M33Ian Light1:08:3314'1813
35M34Jimmy Granger1:08:4814'1959
36M35Jay Gomez1:08:5612'6"1335
37M36Brettq McCann1:09:0014'2051
38M37Ruben Sanchez1:09:1614'2142
39M38Todd Caranto1:09:2314'2241
40M39Tony Schopp1:09:2912'6"1446
41M40Paul Zarubin1:09:4214'2358
42M41Mark Becker1:09:5014'2457
43M42Danny Buchanan1:10:0212'6"1541
44F2Lel Tone1:10:22F12'6"142
45M43Larry Froley1:10:4514'2560
46M44Darryl Lazar1:11:3014'2649
47M45Ken Hoeve1:12:0112'6"1641
48M46Josiah Brackett1:12:1712'6"1712
49M47Matt Ivey1:12:2014'2735
50M48Ward Figge1:12:3012'6"1848
51M49Jimmy Fry1:12:4314'2847
52M50David Swidan1:12:5114'2943
53F3Kristine Hamrick1:12:56F12'6"247
54M51Tom Holbrook1:13:1414'3060
55M52John Alexiou1:13:2314'3146
56M53Michael Melville1:13:23Surfboard158
57M54Jean-Marc Bouis1:13:5612'6"1948
58F4Valerie Khachadourian1:14:06F12'6"350
59F5Peggy Munoz1:14:40F12'6"463
60M55Hugh Holt1:15:0512'6"2060
61M56Roland Hayami1:15:1912'6"2149
62M57Sasha Unruh1:15:3412'6"2238
63F6Teressmarie Tucker1:15:44F12'6"553
64M58John Allen1:15:5214'3251
65F7Annie Doyle1:16:08F12'6"654
66F8Chad Caranto1:16:24F 14'238
67M59Kevin Murnane1:16:2712'6"2341
68F9Brie Moore1:16:32F12'6"736
69F10Sally Mello1:17:26F12'6"846
70M60Steve Funk1:17:2712'6"2445
71M61Gary Leong1:17:3112'6"2565
72M62Brad Coburn1:17:4112'6"2645
73M63Art McClary1:18:1214'3362
74F11Debbie Fajans1:18:37F12'6"933
75F12Amy Marshall1:18:48F12'6"1041
76M64Joshua Brackett1:19:0712'6"2710
77M65Frank McDermott1:19:1114'3439
78M66Michael Dillon1:19:3614'3560
79M67Bob Stulac1:19:46Surfboard250
80M68Greg Felsch1:19:5812'6"2860
81F13Francine Tone1:20:08F 14'356
82M69Trent Carter1:20:1212'6"299
83F14Brenda McGirr1:20:30F 14'457
84M70Marcos Biddle1:21:0812'6"3044
85M71Robert Galbraith1:21:1714'3650
86F15Nancy Ryan1:21:21F12'6"1151
87M72Tom Sullivan1:21:3012'6"3151
88F16Kali'a Alexiou1:21:33F12'6"1211
89F17Drea Perry1:21:34F12'6"1341
90M73Andrew Long1:21:47Surfboard328
91M74Bob Long1:22:1112'6"3261
92M75Brady Flaherty1:22:4012'6"3341
93F18Tami Word1:22:46F12'6"1447
94F19Sarah Callaham1:22:51F12'6"1526
95F20Gail Demarco1:23:16F12'6"1655
96M76Jordan Basile1:23:2714'3725
97M77Ton Evans1:23:5312'6"3452
98F21Nancie Schoener1:23:56F 14'553
99F22Jenna Granger1:24:01F 14'627
100F23Cory Stead1:24:02F 14'737
101F24Karla Wade1:24:25F12'6"1740
102F25Lynn Zarubin1:24:42F 14'856
103F26Kim McDermott1:24:43F12'6"1834
104M78Chip Smith1:25:3712'6"3541
105F27Julie Garside1:25:41F12'6"1945
106F28Jessica Timmons1:25:44F12'6"2031
107F29Jody Souza1:25:46F12'6"2153
108F30Zee Zee Matta1:26:15F12'6"2247
109M79Lee Novak1:26:24Surfboard439
110F31Julie Stevens1:26:38F12'6"2344
111M80Jack Hanna1:27:0014'3863
112F32Karen Jarvis1:27:18F12'6"2442
113M81Brandon Carter1:27:2314'3939
114F33Angela Gardner1:27:59F12'6"2540
115F34Saki Evans1:28:01F12'6"2651
116F35Kaila Pearson1:28:48F12'6"2719
117F36Geneva Stockdale1:29:11F Surf116
118F37Laurence Croter1:29:43F Surf254
119F38Rhianna Clark1:30:05F12'6"2834
120M82Dax McPhillips1:30:1312'6"368
121F39Sage Roebuck1:30:29F12'6"2915
122M83Bobby Mello1:30:3712'6"3713
123F40Susan Czerwiec1:30:52F12'6"3052
124F41Lauren Robinnson1:30:55F12'6"3122
125F42Nancy Barna1:31:24F12'6"3253
126F43Kerry Bennan1:31:34F12'6"3344
127F44Nickie Misfeldt1:32:41F12'6"3460
128M84Aaron Stone1:32:4612'6"3848
129F45Trisha Carten1:33:09F12'6"3536
130F46Sofia Sanchez1:33:25F12'6"3611
131F47Guylaine Reinbeault1:33:27F12'6"3749
132F48Janet Gavaldon1:34:19F12'6"3840
133F49Andrea Ivey1:34:26F12'6"3926
134M85Brian Hughes1:34:4312'6"3958
135F50Linda Knutson1:34:48F12'6"4057
136F51Michelle Jurischk1:34:53F12'6"4143
137F52Joanna Moore1:34:54F12'6"4229
138F53Patty Robbins1:35:42F12'6"4357
139F54Ivy Delaunay1:35:44F12'6"4434
140M86Ronnie Ayers1:35:4914'4044
141M87Doug Greenwood1:36:1112'6"4055
142M88Tim Rote1:36:29Surfboard551
143F55Jude Markward1:36:38F12'6"4552
144M89Travis Unruh1:36:4212'6"4131
145F56Sandy Capozzi1:37:02F 14'951
146F57Monique Semak Carter1:37:35F Surf335
147M90Lakota Wright1:37:3612'6"4214
148M91Steve Kundich1:37:42Surfboard648
149F58Barbara Rote1:39:13F Surf457
150F59Rachel Jones1:42:43F12'6"4621
151F60Kelly Unruh1:43:01F Surf534
152F61Maureen Zupan1:43:40F12'6"4741
153F62Mateja Lane1:44:13F 14'1023
154F63Lucija Kordic Hadzise1:47:13F12'6"4853
155M92Ryan Funk1:48:1512'6"4312
156M93Chase Kosterlitz1:48:3914'4126
157M94Brant Turner1:48:5112'6"4465
158M95Zane Sanford1:49:56Surfboard715
159F64Lola Bouis1:50:27F12'6"4915
160M96Gary Mandy1:52:3412'6"4540
161F65Meredith Bean1:52:36F Surf641
162F66Michelle Craig1:53:45F12'6"5040
163F67Agathe Bouis1:55:28F12'6"5115
164M97Samir Hadziselimovic1:59:1012'6"4650
165M98Calvin Hersey2:07:5012'6"4713



1st: Jessica Brackett // 8 years // 5:25
2nd: Elika Nemeth // 7 years // 5:43
3rd: Sierra Kellom // 8 years // 6:54
4th: Riley Brown // 6 years // 8:28
5th: Taly Mancuso // 8 years // 21:08

1st: Dax McPhillips// 8 years // 4:05
2nd: Matix Springer // 8 years // 4:25
3rd: Jacob Brackett // 6 years // 4:57
4th: Cuurren Springer // 6 years // 5:26
5th: Bori Estanisiao // 8 years // 5:38
6th: Tripp Boyer // 7 years // 5:50
7th: River Brown // 7 years // 6:03
8th: Dash Springer // 4 years // 7:27
9th: Wade Perry // 6 years // 9:03

GIRLS 9-12
1st: Dahlia Brown // 9 years // 6:49
2nd: Kali’a Alexiou // 11 years // 8:04
3rd: Elizabeth Comer // 12 years // 8:29
4th: Piper Thrams // 11 years // 8:34
5th: Ily Logeais // 11 years // 8:44
6th: Payton Springer // 10 years // 9:37
7th: Sofia Sanchez // 11 years // 10:17
8th: Gigi Comer // 11 years // 11:32
9th: Paige Carter // 11 years // 12:15
10th: Ella Fry // 10 years // 18:13
11th: Kailyn Winter // 9 years // 18:52
12th: Zoe Carter // 9 years // 21:37
13th: Kate Craig // 9 years // 23:49
14th: Charlotte Rambach // 9 years // 25:37

BOYS 9-12
1st: Josiah Brackett // 12 years // 6:50
2nd: Joshua Brackett // 10 years // 7:28
3rd: Blake Witherite // 11 years // 9:29
4th: Wyatt Johannsson // 11 years // 11:05
5th: Stefan Fellner // 11 years // 11:15
6th: Dalton Lamberth // 11 years // 11:35
7th: Anson Derego // 10 years // 11:52
8th: Tyree Stoup // 11 years // 12:43
9th: Aspen Spora // 11 years // 14:03
10th: Than Stoup // 11 years // 16:31
11th: Trent Carter // 9 years // 17:21
12th: Kai McPhillips // 9 years // 17:26
13th: Phoenix Sanchez // 9 years // 18:25