October 21, 2012
by Peter Petersen

[RESULTS] PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series (South Africa) Race #2

Boss Man’s note: More action from South Africa with the second Downwind Dash Series race @ Cape Town. Young gun Dylan Frick was once again the victor, narrowly edging out Chris Bertish, while Brigette van Aswegen was too strong in the women’s race for the second week in a row.

Also check out the results from last week’s Downwind Dash race #1. Thanks again to SUPracer.com’s latest columnist Peter Petersen for the race recap and results. All photos © Jane Amory.

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The second race of the PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash, held on Wednesday 17th October, gave the 43 SUP paddlers excellent downwind conditions with flat seas and a steady 15-25knot South-Easterly fanning the runs. The windspeed was still relatively light for Cape Town, but it was very contestable and there were quality runs the entire way.

Dylan Frick made no mistakes off the start this time round, and immediately led out together with the Bertish brothers Chris and Greg. Everyone else was slowly but surely getting left behind and eventually Greg also got dropped with about 3km out of the 10km left to go. Dylan kept leading out Chris but a concerted effort from Chris saw him virtually catch up at the entrance to Small Bay, only for Dylan to once again put the hammer down and finish one wave ahead of Chris in 52:47, 15 seconds ahead of Chris. Brother Greg made sure it was a repeat of last weeks 1,2,3 with a 54:18. Ivan van Vuuren had a sterling comeback from a uncharacteristic start last week with a fine fourth closely followed in by Pietro Muscas in 5th – these two gents also representing 1st and 2nd in the Masters division (over 45 years old).

A couple of new names in the top 10 this week with Colin Heckroodt, Justin Bing and Nikki Venter pushing some of the stalwarts down the order – Brad Adams also made a welcome return to the top 10!

The first lady was once again the unbeatable Brigette van Aswegen at 1:02:24. Tammy Robarts from Strand came home 2nd in a time of 1:07:15, while 15 year old Mishka Steyn, also from the Strand, snagged 3rd a mere 12 seconds further back.

The Juniors saw Joshua Robertson record his first win in 1:02:14, with last weeks winner Ethan Koopmans relegated to 2nd in 1:04:25 and Calvin Ginsberg coming 3rd in 1:05:00.

A good couple of newcomers in John Henshilwood, Justin Trent, Luke Crocker and Oliver Potgieter – good to see fresh faces on the runs.

In the overall classification Dylan Frick has cemented his lead with two victories, followed by Chris Bertish and Greg Bertish. In 4th we now have our first Masters paddler, Pietro Muscas, ahead of the 2nd Master, Ivan van Vuuren in 5th.

Brigette van Aswegen has two victories in the Ladies, with Mishka Steyn now in 2nd and Karina Figl in 3rd. In the Juniors, Joshua Robertson now takes over the lead from Ethan Koopmans and Kimon Dos Santos in 3rd.

Remember, you get a discard after 4, 7 and 9 completed races so keep pitching for the races! More fun next week with 8 more races to go before we crown our first Downwind Champion of the new season!

PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series: Race #2 Results

Date: 17th October, 2012
Wind: SE 15-26knots
Waves: 0.5m
Course: 10.1km

#NameTimeClassDivision% of 1stGradekm/hmin/kmBoard
1Dylan Frick0:52:4214'Open100.00Elite11.500:05:13Starboard 14' Ace Pro
2Chris Bertish0:53:0214'Open99.37Elite11.430:05:15Naish 14 Glide 2012
3Greg Bertish0:54:1814'Open97.05Elite11.160:05:23Coreban 14' Dart
4Ivan van Vuuren0:54:5014'Masters96.11Elite11.050:05:26Coreban 14' Dart
5Pietro Muscas0:55:2914'Masters94.98A10.920:05:30Naish 14 Glide 2012
6Colin Heckroodt0:56:2014'Open93.55A10.760:05:35Starboard 14' OO
7Francois Frick0:56:2614'Open93.38A10.740:05:35Starboard 14' Ace Pro
8Justin Bing0:56:4414'Open92.89A10.680:05:37Coreban 14' Alpha
9Brad Adams0:58:1714'Open90.42A10.400:05:46Fanatic 14 Fly
10Nicky Venter0:58:5014'Open89.58B10.300:05:50Starboard 14' OO
11John Du Rooy0:59:0414'Open89.22B10.260:05:51Coreban
12Andrew Cillie0:59:1014'Masters89.07B10.240:05:51Starboard 14' Ace Pro
13Peter Petersen0:59:3214'Masters88.52B10.180:05:54Naish 14 Javelin MC
14Tom King1:00:3814'Open86.92B9.990:06:00Naish 14 Glide (2012)
15Nicky Carstens1:00:5014'Open86.63B9.960:06:01Custom 14'
16Joshua Robertson1:02:1414'Junior84.68C9.740:06:10Coreban 14' Dart
17Brigette van Aswegen1:02:2414'Women's84.46C9.710:06:11Starboard 14' Ace Pro
18Grant Seeton Smith1:02:4414'Open84.46C9.710:06:11Coreban 14 Dart
19Glen Thompson1:02:4614'Open83.96C9.650:06:13Naish 14 Glide AST
20Rob Munro1:02:5414'Open83.78C9.630:06:14Fanatic 14 OO
21Mitch Wagstaff1:04:1814'Masters83.78C9.630:06:14Starboard 14' OO
22Dave Maxwell1:04:2514'Masters81.96C9.420:06:22Naish 14 Glide
23Ethan Koopman1:04:34UnlJunior81.81C9.410:06:23Naish 17' Javelin
24Guy Bubb1:05:0014'Open81.62C9.390:06:24Naish 14 Glide (2012)
25Jimmy Pappas1:06:4414'Open81.08C9.32#REF!
26Cameron Rein1:07:1514'Open78.97D9.080:06:36Naish 14 Glide 2012
27Tammy Robarts1:07:2714'Women's78.36D9.010:06:40Naish 14 Glide (2012)
28Mishka Steyn1:07:5914'Women's Jnr78.13D8.980:06:41Starboard 14' OO
29Gavin Dace1:08:0014'Open77.52D8.910:06:44Naish 14 Glide AST
30Michael Fiet1:08:1914'Open77.50D8.910:06:44Coreban 14' Dart
31Wayne Robertson1:08:2414'Open77.14D8.870:06:46Coreban 14 Dart
32Tyran Cooper1:11:5814'Open77.05D8.860:06:46Coreban
33Steve Tripney1:12:5814'Masters73.23D8.420:07:08Coreban 14 Dart
34Craig Ginsberg1:13:4714'Masters72.22D8.310:07:13Naish 14 Glide (2012)
35Karina Figel1:14:0914'Women's71.43D8.210:07:18Coreban 14' Dart
36Monika Wohlgemuth1:15:0014'Women's71.07C8.170:07:20Naish 14 Glide (2012)
37Calvin Ginsberg1:15:1514'Junior71.07D8.170:07:20Naish 14 Glide
38James Taylor1:16:3314'Open70.03D8.050:07:27Naish 14 Glide AST
39Luke Crocker1:21:3214'Open68.84D7.920:07:35Naish 14 Glide
40Craig Girdlestone1:23:1714'Masters64.64D7.430:08:04Naish 14 Glide AST (2012)
41Patricia Kohrs1:27:4412'6Women's63.28D7.280:08:15Naish 12 Glide
42John Henshilwood1:28:0514'Open60.07C6.910:08:41Coreban 14' Dart
43Justin Trent1:29:0514'Open59.83D6.880:08:43Naish 14 Glide AST
44Oliver Potgieter1:29:1014'Open59.16D6.800:08:49Naish 14 Glide

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