November 17, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Ocean Addicts Power Of The Paddle: Kelly Margetts Goes Back-To-Back (UPDATED)

Check out the results from the Ocean Addicts Power of the Paddle SUP race that was held today at Coolum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The event had a knockout BoP-style format, which, combined with the good conditions made for a super fun race.

In the women’s race, former Ironwoman Queen Karla Gilbert was in a league of her own, while in the men’s race defending champion Kelly Margetts went back-to-back, holding off a persistent challenge from Jake Jensen.

We’ll have the full results up shortly, but in the meantime here are the winners, a few pics and some video of the action.

(Thanks to Trevor Tunnington and Kim Magee for the pics)


2012 Power of the Paddle SUP Race RESULTS

1 Kelly Margetts Open ($200 prize)
2 Jake Jensen Open
3 Beau O’Brian Open
4 Tanyn Lyndon Open
5 Troy Pease Open
6 Paul Jackson Open
7 Dylan Magee Open
8 Paul Jones open
9 Heath Brown O/40
10 Lincoln Dews Open (Cash Can prize)
11 Marcel DePaula Open
12 John Lock Open
13 Trevor Tunnington Open
14 Josh Burns Open
15 Damian Andrew Open
16 Jayden Jensen Open
17 Andy Davies Open
18 Reece Muir Open
19 Josh Woollett Open
20 Dale Chapman O/40
21 Wayne Johnston O/40
22 Mick Stokes O/50
23 Peter Dorries O/40 (Cash Can prize)
24 Chris Parker Open
25 Beau Nixon Open
26 Alain Teurquetil O/50
27 Ryan Keck Open
28 Steve Richardson O/40
29 Scott Roberts O/40
30 Chris Carter O/40
31 Peter Turner O/50
32 Anthony Swan O/40
33 Andrew Edhouse O/40
34 Luke King Open
35 Brenden Clark O/40
36 Chris McCall O/40
37 Geoff Dews O/50
38 John Nawrath O/50
39 Ian Borland 0/50

1 Jake Jensen Open ($300 prize)
2 Kelly Margetts Open
3 Tanyn Lyndon Open
4 Beau O’Brian Open
5 Troy Pease Open
6 Andy Davies Open
7 Paul Jones Open
8 Lincoln Dews Open
9 Dylan Magee Open
10 John Lock Open
11 Jayden Jensen Open
12 Paul Jackson Open
13 Damian Andrew Open
14 Josh Woollett Open
15 Heath Brown O/40
16 Trevor Tunnington Open
17 Chris Parker Open
18 Wayne Johnston O/40
19 Reese Muir Open
20 Beau Nixon Open
21 Dale Chapman O/40
22 Mick Stokes O/50
23 Alain Teurquetil O/50
24 Chris Carter O/40
25 Ryan Keck Open
26 Peter Turner O/50
27 Anthony Swan O/40
DNF Brendan Clarke O/40
DNR Josh Burns Open
DNR Luke King Open
DNR Marcel Depaula Open
DNR Scott Roberts O/40
DNR Andrew Edhouse O/40

1 Kelly Margetts Open ($400 prize)
2 Jake Jensen Open
3 Lincoln Dews Open
4 Beau O’Brian Open
5 Paul Jackson Open
6 Tanyn Lyndon Open
7 Dylan Magee Open
8 John Lock Open
9 Andy Davies Open
10 Trevor Tunnington Open
11 Paul Jones Open
12 Troy Pease Open
13 Jayden Jensen Open
14 Reece Muir Open
15 Damian Andrew Open
16 Chris Parker Open
17 Wayne Johnston O/40
18 Josh Woollett Open
19 Dale Chapman O/40
20 Beau Nixon Open
21 Mick Stokes O/50
22 Chris Carter O/40
DNR Heath Brown O/40
DNR Ryan Keck Open
DNR Alain Teurquetil O/50

1 Karla Gilbert Open
2 Sondra Purser Open
3 Molly Walker Open
4 Jayne Ryeland O/40
5 Simone Horsefield OPen
6 Keale Dorries Open
7 Sue Dorries O/50
8 Jennie O’Neill O/50
9 Alison Krone 0/40
10 Amy Fitzgerald DNS

1 Karla Gilbert Open
2 Sondra Purser Open
3 Molly Walker Open
4 Keale Dorries OPen
5 Sue Dorries O/50
6 Jayne Ryeland O/40
7 Simone Horsefeild Open
8 Jennie O’Neill DNF
9 Alison Krone DNF
10 Amy Fitzgerald DNF

Start of the men’s finalClick here to watch in HD (video © Maja Söderlind)

Women’s race about to start // photo © Kim Magee

Women’s winner, Karla Gilbert // photo © Kim Magee

Start of the men’s second elimination round // photo © Tunnington

Start of the first elimination round // photo © Tunnington

The fun little waves definitely mixed things up a bit // photo © Tunnington

Beau O’Brian leads Jake Jensen in the first round // photo © Tunnington

This was the lead pack in the final: Jake Jensen (yellow), Kelly Margetts (blue), Lincoln Dews (white) // photo © Tunnington

Start of Round 1 in the men’s race // photo © Kim Magee

Jake Jensen was one of the standouts // photo © Kim Magee

Troy Pease (centre) and Paul Jackson (right) // photo © Kim Magee

Dylan Magee (left) and Paul Jackson (right) // photo © Kim Magee

Boss man! (left) and Pete Dorries (right) // photo © Kim Magee

Kelly Margetts on his way to victory, with Jake Jensen a close 2nd // photo © Kim Magee

Top there (left-right): Kelly Margetts, Jake Jensen, Lincoln Dews // photo © Kim Magee