February 27, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Lanakila Carpet Beach Classic SUP Race

Seems you can’t go a single week anymore without a whole bunch of stand up paddle races somewhere in the world!

So while the Gold medals were being won in Peru, there was still plenty of action right around the world this past weekend, including at one of the meccas of SUP racing: SoCal.

The 2012 Lanakila Carpet Beach Classic SUP race was held at Redondo Beach, California on Saturday 25th Feb. The area is home to many of the world’s fastest SUP racers, so while it might have been a “local” race it was still stacked full of talent.

Local boy Danny Ching kept his 2012 winning streak in tact by taking out the Stock 12’6″ Division. Though it was Dialy Ndiaye who took line honours, seconds head of Mr. Unlimited himself, Thomas Maximus.

Krisztina Zur put in a massive performance to take out the women’s race. The 4x World Kayak Champion finished ahead of both the 14′ and Unlimited female paddlers as well as 80% of the men’s Stock field.


2012 Lanakila Carpet Beach Classic SUP Race RESULTS

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M/F#NameTimeClassClass #Age
M1Dialy Ndiaye0.44.20Unlim1Open
M2Thomas "Maximus" Shahinian0.44.27Unlim2Open
M3Jered Vargas0.45.20Unlim3Open
M4Karl Ring0.45.23Unlim440+
M5Brian Stockdale0.45.41Unlim5Open
M6Danny Ching0.47.1912'6"1Open
M7Kevin Nerison0.47.4514'1Open
M8Eric Starnes0.47.5514'2Open
M9Michael Murphy0.48.2812'6"2Open
M10Daniel Hughes0.49.5814'318
M11Brendan Light0.50.1314'417
M12Rami Zur0.50.1512'6"3Open
M13Taylor Rambo0.50.5512'6"4Open
M14Dan Gavere0.51.0314'5Open
F15Krisztina Zur0.51.50F12'6"1Open
M16Brian Kane0.52.2912'6"540+
M17Daniel Mccarter0.53.32Unlim6Open
M18John Goodman0.53.3514'650+
M19Gene Smith0.54.4612'6"650+
M20Peter De Avila0.55.0712'6"7Open
F21Alison Riddle0.55.40F14'1Open
M22Kho Billy0.55.4312'6"8Open
F23Julie Wolfe0.55.56FUnlim1Open
M24Richard Davidson0.55.5814'750+
F25Kristin Thomas0.56.05F12'6"2Open
M26Steve Shikiya0.56.0812'6"940+
M27Chris Koerner0.56.1514'8Open
M28Aaron Hazlerigg0.56.3512'6"10Open
M29Mark Miamoto0.57.3814'919
M30Anntoinette Cocco0.59.0612'6"11Open
M31Robyn Benincasa0.59.2014'1040+
M32Pat Ryan1.01.2312'6"12Open
M33Eric Lindholm1.02.3112'6"1360+
M34Larry Johnson1.02.3212'6"1440+
F35Ruth Vesler1.04.45F12'6"3Open
M36Candy Apple1.05.0512'6"1550+
M37Kenneth Gallant1.06.4412'6"1650+
M38Gary Peterson1.06.4414'1140+
F39Renee Locarnini1.08.57F12'6"4Open
M40Mike Guerrrero1.09.2112'6"1750+
M41Chris Carnahan1.10.0212'6"18Open
F42Kristy Morris1.11.57F12'6"5Open
F43Stefani Jones1.12.06F12'6"6Open
M44Richard Rademacher1.12.5212'6"19Open
M46John Hackbart1.13.4914'13Open
F47Andrea Conrad1.14.31F12'6"7Open
M48Ian Light1.15.1112'6"2013