November 3, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Hennessey’s World SUP Championships In Cabo, Mexico (UPDATE: Day 2 Results Available)

The 2012 Hennessey’s World SUP Championships have just wrapped up in Cabo, Mexico. Several of the world’s finest were in town to duke it out for the $16.5k in cash prizes and title of WPA World SUP Champ. Saturday was the 11 mile P2P (Punta Gorda to Palmilla) Distance Race, while Sunday saw the 4 mile Elite race.

The Distance Race was taken out by Chase Kosterlitz and Jenny Kalmbach. Jenny blitzed the women’s field (and most of the men’s) in a very impressive performance, while Chase narrowly beat home Fernando Stalla.

Stalla took revenge in the Elite Race though, claiming the victory as well as the overall championship title after Kosterlitz finished 3rd behind Ryan Helm. Meanwhile in the women’s Elite Race, Candice Appleby got one back on Kalmbach after she finished 17 seconds clear.

Check out the race results below…


Hennessey’s World SUP Champs – Elite Race RESULTS

Men’s 4 mile Elite Race
1st: Fernando Stalla (38:54)
2nd: Ryan Helm (39:34)
3rd: Chase Kosterlitz (41:10)
4th: Jay Wild (44:00)
5th: Byron Kurt (44:20)

Women’s 4 mile Elite Race
1st: Candice Appleby (46:22)
2nd: Jenny Kalmbach (46:39)
3rd: Brandi Baksic (47:35)
4th: Krisztina Zur (52:05)
5th: Lina Augaitis (52:59)


Hennessey’s World SUP Champs – Distance Race RESULTS

Date: 3rd November; Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Course: 11 miles
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Overall #M/FNameTimeClass#Division#
1MChase KOSTERLITZ1:39:5914'118-291
2MFernando STALLA1:40:1614'218-292
3MRyan HELM1:43:4114'330-391
4MByron KURT1:49:3114'440-491
5MSean PANGELINAN1:49:4714'518-293
6FJenny KALMBACH1:50:01F12'6118-291
7MJavier JIMENEZ1:51:2214'618-294
8MErnest JOHNSON1:52:1014'740-492
9MJustin COOK1:55:0614'818-295
10FCandice APPLEBY1:55:51F12'6218-292
11MRami ZUR1:55:5614'930-392
12FBrandi BAKSIC1:56:35F12'6340-491
13MDon ALDERMAN1:57:5514'1040-493
14MMatt WISE1:58:5914'1117u1
15MStephen WINIERSKI2:00:1714'1240-494
16MColin MCPHILLIPS2:00:3614'1330-393
17MRand CARTER2:01:2112'6140-491
18FKrisztina FAZEKAS ZUR2:02:00F12'6430-391
19FLina AUGAITIS2:02:52F12'6530-392
20MAnthony VELA2:04:0114'1430-394
21MJames ROTHWELL2:04:3614'1540-495
22MBrain HAGG2:04:4814'1618-296
23MScott BRADLEY2:05:2714'1750+1
24MDiego MARTINEZ2:06:3812'6230-391
25MLars SVANBERG2:06:4314'1850+2
26MDavid LEACH2:08:3714'1950+3
27MOzzy LEANCH2:10:4112'6340-492
28MMike EVATT2:10:5214'2050+4
29MSol RODRIGUEZ2:11:0614'2130-395
30MBrook Staples2:12:3714'2240-496
31FApril ZILG2:13:05F12'6618-293
32MBob FARRAR2:13:3614'2350+5
33MJohn SCHALKA2:14:0914'2450+6
34MRoss STEVENS2:15:4214'2540-497
35MDarren DELMONICA2:15:4514'2640-498
36MRob PLAKENHORN2:16:2814'2750+7
37FBernadette LEACH2:17:41F12'6750+1
38MBernardo URREA2:18:2712'6418-291
39FKristin THOMAS2:20:49F12'6840-492
40MRoberto CONTI-VECCHI2:22:2612'6540-493
41MPeter BRADSHAW2:22:5914'2840-499
42FElizabeth SCHALKA2:24:14F12'6918-294
43MCorey CURTIS2:24:3014'2918-297
44FBetsy RISNER2:25:05F12'61050+2
45FMary SCHEERER2:25:21F12'61150+3
46MMauricio URREA2:26:0612'6618-292
47FAnnie DOYLE2:26:45F12'61250+4
48MLeon ROBLES2:26:4914'3030-396
49FAmy Staples2:28:35F12'61340-493
50FVeronica NAVA2:31:18F12'61440-494
51FJanet JENSEN2:31:45F12'61540-495
52MEd PIERCE2:31:4614'3150+8
53MAlfonso GUERRA2:32:4812'6740-494
54MDaniel URREA2:33:5414'3230-397
55MMarco PENA2:33:5514'3330-398
56FTeresa WOODLEY2:35:46F12'61650+5
57MBill HAMILTON2:36:2612'6850+1
58MJeff ALTER2:38:4414'3450+9
59FShari HYNES2:40:37F12'61740-496
60FGabriela FARIAS2:40:59F12'61818-295
61MPedro SALAS2:42:0112'6930-392
62MMickey MUNOZ2:42:3012'61050+2
63FDonna BANDY2:46:42F12'61940-497
64MIgnacio AYUSO2:52:0212'61150+3
65FJericho POPPLAR2:54:25F12'62050+6
66MAlfonso GAYTAN3:18:2712'61250+4
67MStephen WINIARSKI3:23:0314'3540-4910
68MBrook STAPLES3:23:0514'3640-4911
69MJay MARSHALL3:23:0714'3750+10
70FKristin GRAHAM3:23:23F12'62140-498
71FJenny ALDERMAN3:23:24F12'62240-499
72FAmy STAPLES3:23:25F12'62340-4910


Jenny Kalmbach crosses the line to claim the Distance Race victory…

The paddlers are staying in style at the Royal Solaris hotel // pic © SUP Mexico

Two of the stars of SUP racing; Anthony Vela and Candice Appleby are in town // pic © Candice Appleby