[RESULTS] Elite Race @ Punta Sayulita Classic, Mexico

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Here are the full results from the 2012 Punta Sayulita Classic Elite Race in Mexico. The race was held Saturday March 10th and featured some big names from Mexico, California and Hawaii.

2012 Punta Sayulita Classic Elite Race RESULTS

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M/F#TimeNameDivision #
M10:41:58Connor BAXTER1
M20:42:03Kai LENNY2
M30:42:48Ryan HELM3
M40:43:03Zane SCHWEITZER4
M50:44:23Fernando STALLA5
M60:44:28Matt BECKER6
M70:45:06Aaron NAPOLEON7
M80:45:37Brennan ROSE8
M90:46:09Hector GONZALEZ9
M100:46:21Riggs NAPOLEON10
M110:46:58Felipe RODRIGUEZ11
F120:48:28Candice APPLEBY1
M130:49:38Anthony VELA12
F140:50:07Jenny KALMBACH2
F150:50:08Talia GANGINI3
M160:50:46Alfred VAN GIESEL13
M170:51:24Jim TERRELL14
M180:53:35Adam FINER15
M190:54:13Gerry LOPEZ16
M200:55:03Diego MARTINEZ17
M210:55:29Steven WINIARSKI18
F220:58:15Vanina WALSH4
M230:59:41Kevin ROBERTS19
M241:02:43Jonathan HOLLIES20
F251:03:52Sofia DE WOLF5
F261:04:08Britt OLIPHANT6
M271:04:17Four ALLOWS21
M281:05:22Brian CONLEY22
F291:11:08Veronica NAVA7
F301:12:01Surfy JULIETTE8
F311:12:57Alejandra FERRIS9


Thanks to @Jenny Kalmbach and @Talia Gangini for the cool pics…

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