June 17, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Waxx Summer SUP Challenge (France)

Check out results from the 2012 Waxx Summer SUP Challenge that was held last weekend in Bandol, France.

Well known French SUP racer (and surfer) Greg Closier took out victory in the Elite 5km “Slalom Race” (think Battle of the Paddle but without the waves). Closier walked away with €1,200 in prize money and a victory over one of his rivals for the French National Team, Gaetene Sene.

Though Sene did get some revenge in the 10km Distance Race, taking the victory ahead of Didier Leneil and Closier. Meanwhile in the women’s races, Olivia Piana continued her fine form to take out both races.

The Summer SUP Challenge in Bandol was the third big French SUP race in the past three weekends (the other two being the SUP Race Cup and Massilia SUP Race). Each event has offered upwards of $10,000 in prize money on offer… combine that with last week’s $20,000 Lost Mills race you can safely say that Stand Up Paddle racing in Europe is looking strong.

Plus this event had the coolest sponsor of any SUP event: Waxx Underwear.

Check out some video of the race action on Youtube or take a look at the full results below (pics thanks to Laurence Oliva).

The Waxx Summer SUP Challenge in Bandol, France // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

The start of any SUP Race is always a good action shot // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

Jockeying for position // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

Greg Closier in the lead // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

The next generation of elite Euro SUP racers! // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

Greg Closier looking stoked with his victory! // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

Women’s Champ (and Waxx Team Rider) Olivia Piana // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

Olivia takes another 1st place trophy // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva

To the victor go the spoils! (…and the booze) // photo Copyright © Laurence Oliva


Waxx Summer SUP Challenge 5km Elite Race

#NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1Gregory CLOSIER00:26:08Open Men's1
2Gaetan SENE00:26:15Open Men's2
3Thierry KOSTKA00:27:01Senior Men's1
4Didier LENEIL00:27:37Senior Men's2
5Sebastien BRUEL00:27:45Open Men's3
6Philippe ESCROUZAILLES00:28:08Open Men's4
7Christophe DESSART00:28:18Open Men's5
8Sebastien CATTELAN00:28:29Open Men's6
10Laurent DELPIN00:28:42Open Men's7
11… INCONNU00:29:04Open Men's8
12Fabien FULGONI00:29:13Open Men's9
14Olivia PIANA00:31:34Open Women's1
15Stephane CELETTE00:31:44Open Men's10
16Christophe RODES00:31:53Senior Men's3
17Herve ROTA00:32:03Open Men's11
18William FROES00:32:16SEM1
19Christophe RONDEAU00:32:21Senior Men's4
21Brice BONOMI00:32:49Open Men's12
23Bruno TOLLARI00:33:17Senior Men's6
24Oscar WULLHEIM00:34:23Senior Men's7
25Lydie SOULE-TOUHE00:34:50Senior Women's1
26Xavier KEMPF00:35:05Open Men's14
27Christophe LAGNEAU00:35:11Open Men's15
29Emmanuel LIBRE00:36:39SEMANM1
30Guillaume SIMEONI00:37:36Open Men's16
31Henri RONAN00:39:22Senior Men's8
32Christophe GATTI00:41:00Senior Men's9


Waxx Summer SUP Challenge 10km Distance Race

1Gaetan SENE01:04:1612'6"
2Didier LENEIL01:04:5812'6"
3Gregory CLOSIER01:05:1512'6"
4Sebastien CATTELAN01:06:0112'6"
5Thierry KOSTKA01:06:1612'6"
6Philippe ESCROUZAILLES01:07:0512'6"
7Sebastien BRUEL01:07:2012'6"
8Christophe DESSART01:07:5112'6"
9Laurent DELPIN01:08:5912'6"
10Lulu LAUGEOIS01:09:0312'6"
11Guillaume FALLOURA01:09:1212'6"
12Patrick COLIN01:10:2612'6"
13Laurent BENAICHE01:14:1512'6"
14Sebastien TRIPOGNEZ01:16:0012'6"
15Pierre NAU01:18:0212'6"
16Christophe RODES01:18:2712'6"
17Stephane CELETTE01:18:4912'6"
18William WUSTENBERG01:19:0312'6"
19Michel OCCHIPIRTI01:19:0714'
20Christophe RONDEAU01:19:2812'6"
21Jerome MASSIASSE01:20:1112'6"
22William FROES01:20:3512'6"
23Johan BELLON01:23:0112'6"
24Guillaume SIMEONI01:23:0412'6"
25Brice BONOMI01:23:1212'6"
26Celine GUESDON01:27:24F12'6"
27David TOURENC01:27:4914'
28Laeticia ISNARDON01:34:5212'6"
29Henri RONAN01:35:5712'6"
30Nicolas CRUCIANI01:47:1612'6"
31Frederic MUTRYN02:08:4512'6"
32Jean-Frederic FAURE02:14:2212'6"
33Aurelia AUDRAN02:21:58F12'6"


Waxx Summer SUP Challenge 3km Fun Race

#NameTimeDivisionDiv #M/F
1Pierre NAU00:17:48CAM1M
3Laurent DELPIN00:17:57MASTM2M
4Antoine DELPERO00:17:59SEM1M
5Lulu LAUGEOIS00:18:15BEM1M
6Stephane CELETTE00:18:17MASTM3M
7Christophe RONDEAU00:18:39VETM1M
9Henri RONAN00:19:54VETM2M
11Benjamin MERIC00:20:08BEM3M
12Laeticia ISNARDON00:20:12SEMANF2F
13Thomas CANTONI00:21:40MASTM4M
14Jules LANGLOIS00:22:18BEM4M
15Julien DROUILLOT00:23:55SEMANM1M
16Pierre TRAPES00:24:53SEMANM2M
17Sabrina DELLA-VEDOUA00:25:43MASTF1F
18Yannick JULIENNE00:26:07SEMANM3M
19Aurelia AUDRAN00:26:11SEF1F
20Mawir MAMFOU00:29:51SEM2M