March 17, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Surftech Shootout Duel-athlon SUP Race

Check out full results from the 2012 Duel-athlon SUP Race at the Surftech Shootout. The race was held on Saturday 17th March at the famous Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz.

Californian guns Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela took out big wins.

Scroll down for race results and check back real soon for photos and video of the action.


2012 Surftech Shootout Duel-athlon SUP Race

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M/F#NameTimeDivisionDiv #
M1Anthony Vela1:00:00True Grit Elite 12'6"1
M2Benjamin Sarrazin1:00:23True Grit Elite 12'6"2
M3Brennan Rose1:00:42True Grit Elite 12'6"3
M4Matt Becker1:01:25True Grit Elite 12'6"4
M5Chance Fielder1:02:14True Grit Elite 12'6"5
M6Brent Pascoe1:04:35True Grit Elite 12'6"6
M7Tony Mueller1:04:49Buckaroo Elite 14'1
M8Joe Carberry1:07:32True Grit Elite 12'6"7
F9Candice Appleby1:08:05True Grit Elite F12'6"1
M10Scott Cheney1:08:47True Grit Elite 12'6"8
F11Allison Riddle1:09:20True Grit Elite F12'6"2
F12Jen Fuller1:10:38True Grit Elite F12'6"3
M13Mark Pastick1:12:39True Grit Elite 12'6"9
M14William Dinnean1:12:40True Grit Elite 12'6"10
M15Chris Chandler1:13:59True Grit Elite 12'6"11
M16Michael Dillon1:14:09Buckaroo Elite 14'2
M17Jay Gomez1:15:35Buckaroo Elite 14'3
M18Maurice Rogers1:20:08True Grit Elite 12'6"1
M19Ryan Brown1:22:43True Grit Elite 12'6"13
M20Ted Fawcett1:34:31True Grit Elite 12'6"14


1st: David Meyler (29:47)
2nd: Dino Wilson (30:05)
3rd: Olivier Guincetne (30:28)
4th: Keith McConnaughay (30:53)
5th: Scott Rubble (31:37)
6th: Josh Corey (32:07)
7th:Joe Muin (35:56)


Pics and video of the race action coming soon.

Big thanks to Surftech for getting the results online so quick!