November 5, 2012
by Peter Petersen

[RESULTS] Team South Africa Qualifying Series, Race #4

The Brian Kayaks Big Bay Classic race hosted round four of the South African SUPSA Qualifying Series on Sunday 4th November. The winners from this Series will be representing Team South Africa @ the ISA Worlds in Peru next year.

Perfect light wind conditions greeted the 110 paddlers of which only 13 were SUPs. A 6.1km triangle course was set going out the bay and up the coast into a slight headwind. This was followed by a 3km downwind leg which offered nice little bumps with a 180 turn and back to Big Bay.

Dylan Frick shot out the gate and immediately got a gap on Colin Heckroodt and Brad Adams. On the second leg, Francois Frick overtook Brad Adams while Pietro Muscas had to come from behind to pull in Brad, Peter P and ultimately Francois as well. Brad dropped off completely on the downwind leg while Dylan just held his pace and a safe distance to Colin.

Dylan won comfortably ahead of Colin while Pietro muscled into 3rd. Brigette van Aswegen beat Mishka Steyn and Monika Wohlgemuth in the Ladies.

Surfing the last wave in, Dylan has now put himself in a position to potentially qualify for ISA Worlds. He was stoked to be back in the mix after missing out on the first couple of races due to his Hawaii commitments. Scott Rutherfoord from Durban can’t place worse than second in the overall ranking and is therefore already qualified, whereas Dylan Frick, Colin Heckroodt and Brad Adams have it all to do in the last race. If any of those three win the Coreban Summer Series in December then they will automatically qualify as well.

We’ll keep you posted with the results from that race, as well as the full teams competing in the 2013 ISA World Stand Up Paddle Championships in Peru.

– Peter

Team South Africa Qualifying Series, Race #4 RESULTS

#NameTimeClassDivision% of 1stGradekm/hmin/kmBoard
1Dylan Frick0:40:5714'Men's100Elite8.940:06:43Starboard 14' Ace Pro
2Colin Heckroodt0:41:4014'Men's98.28Elite8.780:06:5014'
3Pietro Muscas0:42:0914'Men's97.15Elite8.680:06:55Naish 14' MC
4Francois Frick0:42:1114'Men's97.08Elite8.680:06:55Starboard 14' Ace Pro
5Peter Petersen0:44:3814'Men's91.75A8.200:07:19Naish 14' MC
6Tom King0:45:1314'Men's90.56A8.090:07:25Fanatic 14' Falcon
7Matthew vd Linden0:45:5114'Men's89.31B7.980:07:31Naish 14' MC
8Brad Adams0:46:2914'Men's88.10B7.870:07:37Fanatic 14' Fly
9Brigette van Aswegen0:48:3114'Women's84.40C7.540:07:57Starboard 14' Ace Pro
10Dave Maxwell0:49:2514'Men's82.87C7.410:08:06Naish 14 Glide
11Craig Girdlestone0:56:1314'Men's72.84D6.510:09:13Naish 14 Glide
12Mishka Steyn0:58:0014'Women's70.60D6.310:09:30Starboard 14' OO
13Monika Wohlgemuth0:59:5314'Women's68.38D6.110:09:49Naish 14 Glide