May 25, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Southern Cross SUP Festival (updated + video)

Check out the results from a massive weekend of Stand Up Paddle racing at the Southern Cross SUP Festival, held at Port Stephens (Australia).

The event was presented by d’Albora Marinas, organised by Surfing NSW and acted as the New South Wales State SUP Titles. Winners from this weekend’s races qualified for the Australian National SUP Titles in August, which then decides who gets a spot in Team Australia for the 2013 ISA SUP World Champs.

Elite Marathon Downwinder WINNER Beau O’Brian // photo Copyright © Surfing NSW

The big winner this weekend was Starboard’s Beau O’Brian, who took 2nd in the Battle of the Paddle-style Surf Race, behind Kelly Margetts, before claiming a hat-trick of victories in the Elite Downwinder, Technical Short Course and Dash For Cash races.

O’Brian recently signed with Team Starboard and used the Starboard Coastal Runner 14′ to win the downwinder and the new Starboard Ace 14′ to claim his other two wins (and pocket $2,500 in prize money).

“This is the best downwinder I’ve ever done. I just got back from Hawaii where conditions were pretty good, but out here it really suited the 14 foot boards perfectly.

Being a downwinder, it could have been anyone’s race today. I saw the boys going a bit wide but I thought I’d take the inside line after I saw it sucking pretty hard off the point, which seemed to work out pretty well for me.

Stoked with how good all the races were and really happy with how my new boards are working.”

In total there was $8,000 cash and plenty of prizes on offer across the weekend. On the women’s side, Alison Fullagar, Molly Walker and Terrene Black all shared in the money.

Conditions for the downwinder were all time, with 35+ knot winds, while the overall event was hailed by all competitors as a big success.

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Elite Marathon Downwinder RESULTS (Saturday)

Click “M/F” to switch between Men’s and Women’s Results

#M/FM/F #NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1M1Beau O'BRIAN0:41:48Men's 14'1
2M2Kelly MARGETTS0:42:39Men's 14'2
3M3Sam PARKER0:43:04Men's 14'3
4M4David KISSANE0:43:1440+ Men's 14'1
5M5Andy DAVIES0:43:41Men's 14'4
6M6Will ANIDO0:44:5040+ Men's 14'2
7M7Steve MORRISON0:45:00Men's 14'5
8M8Mick DAVIS0:45:1640+ Men's 14'3
9M9Dane HURST0:46:16Men's 14'6
10M10Ben CHALMERS0:47:40Men's 14'7
11M11Cameron HOSKING0:48:3040+ Men's 14'4
12M12Dale CHAPMAN0:48:3540+ Men's 14'5
13M13Alan TEURQUETIL0:49:0740+ Men's 14'6
14F1Terrene BLACK0:49:18Women's 14'1
15M14Pete MORGAN0:50:00Men's 12'6"1
16M15Kai BATES0:50:35Men's 14'8
17M16Andrew CASSIDY0:51:0540+ Men's 14'7
18M17Peter MEYER0:51:34Men's 14'9
19M18Simon DODD0:51:35Men's 14'10
20M19Tony RUAULT0:53:03Men's 14'11
21F2Molly WALKER0:54:53Women's 14'2
22F3Sondra PURSSER0:54:54Women's 14'3
23M20Neil ENGLISH0:56:1040+ Men's 14'8
24M21Roger SAUNDERS0:56:1740+ Men's 14'9
25M22Jason BATES0:56:3240+ Men's 14'10
26M23Mark MITCHELL0:57:0340+ Men's 14'11
27M24Matt WORLEY0:57:43Men's 12'6"2
28M25Mitchell PEARSON0:58:09Men's 14'12
29F4Alison FULLAGAR0:58:56Women's 14'4
30M26John ENGELS0:59:0340+ Men's 12'6"1
31M27Paul HARRINGTON0:59:2640+ Men's 14'12
32M28Matt COLEFAT0:59:40Men's 14'13
33M29Richard MAURER1:00:2440+ Men's 14'13
34M30Rodney HINDERSON1:01:0240+ Men's 14'14
35M31Rick MUNITZ1:02:11Men's 14'14
36F5Di MORRISON1:02:41Women's 14'5
37M32Adam PALLISTER1:03:4740+ Men's 14'15
38M33Mark HANCOCK1:04:56Men's 14'15
39F6Vanessa SMITH1:05:11Women's 12'6"1
40M34Aiden LEWIS1:06:15Men's 12'6"3
41M35Andrew LAI1:07:58Men's 12'6"4
42F7Nicole ALLAN1:12:32Women's 12'6"2
43F8Melisa MCMANUS1:12:40Women's 14'6


Surf Race RESULTS (Friday)

Open Men’s

1st: Kelly MARGETTS 00:23:48
2nd: Beau O’BRIAN 00:23:51
3rd: Steve MORRISON 00:24:51
4th: Andy DAVIES 00:26:08
5th: Peter MEYER 00:27:23
6th: Kai BATES 00:27:32
7th: David KISSANE 00:27:44 (Over 40’s)
8th: Dane HURST 00:27:56
9th: John CHRISTENSEN 00:28:12 (Over 40’s)
10th: noel GRAHAM 00:29:15 (Over 40’s)
11th: Ben CHALMERS 00:29:19
12th: Roger SAUNDERS 00:29:21
13th: Michael STOKES 00:30:20 (Over 40’s)
14th: Alan TEURQUETIL 00:31:17 (Over 40’s)
15th: Dale CHAPMAN 00:31:34 (Over 40’s)
16th: Andrew CASSIDY 00:32:28 (Over 40’s)
17th: Matt WORLEY 00:33:51
18th: Mark MITCHELL 00:41:17
19th: Mark HANCOCK 00:41:18 (Over 40’s)
20th: Will ANIDO 00:41:18 (Over 40’s)
21st: Jason MCMANUS 00:41:19 (Over 40’s)

Open Women’s

1st: Terrene BLACK 00:31:55
2nd: Molly WALKER 00:32:46
3rd: Sondra PURSSER 00:33:06
4th: Alison FULLAGAR 00:34:05
5th: Elyse COMERFORD 00:39:07


Short Course RESULTS (Sunday)

Open Men’s
1st: Beau O’Brian

Open Women’s
1st: Alison Fullagar

Men’s Over 40
1st: Robert Westerlink


Dash For Cash RESULTS (Sunday)

1st: Beau O’Brian

1st: Molly Walker


Team Relay RESULTS (Sunday)

1st: Team Naish (Andy Davies, David Kissane, Steve Morrison, Di Morrison)
2nd: C4 Waterman (Terrene Black, Matt Worley, Simon Dodd, Dylan Henry)
3rd: Roar Industries (Alison Fullagar, Molly Walker, Neil English, Beau O’Brian)
4th: Liquid Force (Andrew Cassidy, Paul Chapman, Roger Saunders, Elyse Comeford)
5th: Kahuna (Adam Pantlin, Adam Aalistar, Mitch Pearson, Jade Doley)
6th: Grom (Dave Stretton, Josh Stretton, Elyse Comeford, Matty Keen)
7th: Surfing NSW (Amanda Couzner, Luke Michalak, Matt Keen, Terry Day)


Surf Race, moments before the chaos… Click the image to watch the VIDEO of what happened next

Kelly Margetts, Surf Race Winner // photo Copyright © Cameron Hosking

Surf Race // photo Copyright © Cameron Hosking

Surf Race // photo Copyright © Cameron Hosking

Surf Race // photo Copyright © Cameron Hosking

Surf Race Winners: Kelly Margetts, Terrene Black, Dave Kissane // photo Copyright © Surfing NSW

Epic conditions for the Downwind Race // photo Copyright © Paul Harrington

Epic conditions for the Downwind Race // photo Copyright © Paul Harrington

Downwind Race Open Women’s 14ft Winners // photo Copyright © Paul Harrington

Downwind Race Open Men’s 14ft Winners // photo Copyright © Paul Harrington

Photo credits: Cameron Hosking, Paul Harrington, Surfing NSW