June 3, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Ross Island SUP Series – Race #2

Check out the results and race action from second event of the Ross Island SUP Series, held near Portland, Oregon on the weekend.

The Elite Course was two laps around Ross Island (8.3 miles) while the Short Course was 4.3 miles.

Karen Wrenn stole the show in the women’s division, while it was Cyril Burguiere who crossed the line first to take out the men’s race.

Scroll down past the pics for the full race results from both the Elite and Short Course races.

The event was hosted by Gorge Performance, who also took some great shots of the action (click here for more pics).



Ross Island SUP Series – Race #2 (Elite Course)

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OverallM/FM/F #NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1M1Cyril BURGUIERE1:18:18M 14'1
2M2Matt SPENCER1:21:29M 14'2
3M3Beau WHITEHEAD1:22:29M 14'3
4M4Dustin SOUSLEY1:22:39M 14'4
5M5Matt PARKER1:23:18M 14'5
6M6Rod PARMENTER1:25:30M 14'6
7M7Eric SCHULER1:25:31M 14' 50+1
8M8Doug HOPKINS1:26:26M 14' 50+2
9M9Tom HANNY1:26:31M 14'7
10M10John SCHALKA1:26:36M 14' 50+3
11M11MacRae WYLDE1:26:49M 14'8
12M12Dino ANDEREGGEN1:26:54M 14'9
13M13Greg GILBERT1:26:56M 12'6"1
14M14Rennick WOODS1:27:21M 14'10
15M15Paul WILLERTON1:27:29M 14'11
16F1Karen WRENN1:27:40F 14'1
17M16Rob DIES1:27:55M 14'12
18M17Steve GATES1:28:05M 14' 50+4
19M18Patrick AIO1:29:33M 12'6"2
20F2Kerri STEWART1:29:49F 14'2
21F3Brit OLIPHANT1:29:51F 14'3
22M19Gregg LEION1:31:10M 14' 50+5
23M20Dennis OLIPHANT1:31:50M 14' 50+6
24M21Bill BABCOCK1:33:00M 14' 50+7
25M22Michael WITHERITE1:33:27M 14'13
26M23Randall BARNA1:35:04M 14' 50+8
27M24Matt BARNETT1:35:58M 14'14
28F4Fiona WYLDE1:36:25F 12'6"1
29F5Isabella BARNA1:37:15F 12'6"2
30M25Oscar MAIEL1:37:26M 12'6"3
31F6Elizabeth SCHALKA1:37:43F 12'6"3
32F7Maria RANDALL1:37:58F 12'6"4
33M26Travis FUHRER1:38:04M 14'15
34M27Zack BUTLER1:38:09M 12'6"4
35F8Tracy SOLOMON1:40:14F 14'4
36M28Kip ROSEMAN1:51:31M 12'6"5
37M29Mike DOWD1:51:44M 14' 50+9


Ross Island SUP Series – Race #2 (Short Course)

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OverallM/FM/F #NameTime
1M1Steve Bunnage0:52:42
2M2John Wrenn0:53:11
3M3Aijiro Suzuki0:53:47
4M4Chris Matthews0:54:09
5M5John Seitzinger0:55:07
6M6Mark Provost0:56:04
7M7Kenny Mallgren0:56:25
8M8Dave Elton0:57:23
9M9Sean Benson0:58:42
10F1Wendy McDonald0:59:00
11F2Janet Laffitte0:59:24
12M10Jim Lacy1:01:30
13M11Jason Capili1:01:50
14M12Pat Foulon1:02:09
15F3Jessica Miller1:03:06
16F4Nancy Raskauskas1:03:30
17F5Daniela Brod 1:03:37
18M13Dave Matthews1:03:46
19F6Elle Truax1:04:40
20M14Jesse Wood1:04:56
21F7Emily Schalka1:05:10
22F8Tee Wolf1:05:44
23F9Dawn Smartwood1:06:09
24F10Nicole Withers1:06:20
25M15Paul Ash1:06:24
26M16David Walther1:06:40
27M17Timothy Duenas1:07:13
28M18Kevin Grant1:07:25
29F11Tracy Halsey1:09:59
30M19Minh Truong1:10:10
31M20Joe Nicolich1:11:30
32F12Dellanne McGregor1:47:19