June 10, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Queensland State SUP Titles (UPDATED/VIDEO)

Queensland State Champion Beau O’Brian // photo Copyright © Von Piros Productions (vonpiros.com)

Check out the results of the 2012 Queensland State SUP Titles that were held on the Gold Coast this past weekend.

This race was a qualifier for the Australian National SUP Titles to be held in August (which will decide who represents Team Australia @ the 2013 ISA World SUP Champs).

Queensland (and the Gold Coast in particular) boasts a massive concentration of stand up paddle racing talent. Almost every race director in the world would have been stoked to see such an elite field line up at the start, and that’s without both Travis Grant (injured) and Jamie Mitchell (working the Volcom Pro Fiji) competing.

There were two events on the weekend; the Long Distance Race and the Battle of the Paddle-style Technical Sprint Race. The Long Distance race was a bit different in that the first half was an open ocean downwinder (Snapper Rocks to Currumbin Alley), while the second half was all flat water (up and down Currumbin Creek).

Start of the Long Distance race // photo Copyright © Trevor Tunnington

The qualifying division for the National Titles was a 17km course on 14′ boards, while at the same time there was an 8km course for the stock 12’6″ and unlimited paddlers.

Although the main goal was just to qualify for the National Titles, this was still a race and with this many good paddlers it was always going to be fast.

So it was amazing to see Starboard team rider Beau O’Brian score an absolute runaway victory. Despite a stacked field of evenly matched paddlers, O’Brian put an incredible four minutes between himself and 2nd place Jake Jensen (Naish). The local gun then backed it up by taking out the Technical Course/Surf Race the next day.

Jake Jensen, Kelly Margetts and Lincoln Dews // photo Copyright © Trevor Tunnington

Meanwhile in the women’s race it was another Starboard that crossed the line first, with Alison Fullagar winning ahead of Fanatic’s Angie Jackson. Though Angie did get some revenge by winning the Technical Course/Surf Race.

Check out the full race results below (the bold names qualified for the National Titles). Special mention goes to Fanatic’s Paul Jackson and Dylan Magee, who both qualified in the Long Distance event despite riding 12’6″ boards.

Troy Pease and Paul Jackson // photo Copyright © Trevor Tunnington



2012 Queensland State SUP Titles Long Course Race

Course: 17km // Boards: 14′
This was the qualifying division for the National Titles // Bold Name = Qualified
(click “M/F” to switch between Men’s and Women’s Results)

#M/FM/F #NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1M1Beau O'BRIAN1:42:3714' Open Men's1
2M2Jake JENSEN1:46:1214' Open Men's2
3M3Kelly MARGETTS1:46:2114' Open Men's3
4M4Lincoln DEWS1:46:2214' Open Men's4
5M5Paul JACKSON1:47:4914' Open Men's (12'6")5
6M6Troy PEASE1:48:5914' 40+ Men1
7M7Paul JONES1:50:2214' Open Men's6
8M8Dylan MAGEE1:51:1614' Open Men's (12'6")7
9M9Heath BROWN1:51:2214' 40+ Men2
10M10Steve WALKER1:51:3714' Open Men's8
11M11Trevor TUNNINGTON1:52:2114' Open Men's9
12M12Ryan KECK1:52:2814' Open Men's10
13M13Dale CHAPMAN1:53:3114' 40+ Men3
14M14Sam HAMILTON1:54:4514' Open Men's11
15M15Chris MAYNARD1:56:2614' 40+ Men4
16F1Alison FULLAGAR1:59:0014' Open Women's1
17F2Angela JACKSON1:59:3614' Open Women's2
18M16Alain TEURQUETIL2:00:2014' 40+ Men5
19F3Karla GILBERT2:04:4714' Open Women's3
20M17Neil ENGLISH2:05:0014' 40+ Men6
21F4Molly WALKER2:05:4214' Open Women's4
22M18Andrew EDHOUSE2:06:5414' 40+ Men7
23F5Sue DORRIES2:07:1414' Open Women's5
24F6Sondra PURSER2:15:5714' Open Women's6
25M19Mark WOELDERS2:24:0014' 40+ Men8


2012 Queensland State SUP Titles Long Course Race

Course: 8km // Boards: 12’6″ and Unlimited
Click “Division” to switch between the Stock and Unlimited results

Overall #NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1Jackson MAYNARD0:54:32Unlim Open Men1
2Matt CARTER0:57:24Unlim Open Men2
3Mark WALDECK0:59:50Unlim 40+ Men1
4Greg BEER1:00:22Unlim 40+ Men2
5Wayne JOHNSTONE1:02:2212'6" Open Men1
6Luke FRENCH1:03:1412'6" Open Men2
7Chris CHAMBERLAIN1:03:58Unlim Open Men3
8John TOWNSEND1:04:28Unlim 40+ Men3
9Luke EGAN1:05:2212'6" Open Men3
10Rob WALTON1:06:2012'6" Open Men4
11Dion PARKER1:06:2612'6" Open Men5
12Peter TURNER1:07:20Unlim 40+ Men4
13Julian BLANCHARD1:08:05Unlim 40+ Men5
14Shane LYNCH1:08:12Unlim 40+ Men6
15Paul MITCHELL1:08:14Unlim 40+ Men7
16Roger SAUNDERS1:09:17Unlim Open Men4
17Derek O'NEILL1:09:45Unlim 40+ Men8
18Robert EYRE1:09:55Unlim 40+ Men9
19Peter TULLETT1:10:11Unlim 40+ Men10
20Scott CORRIGAN1:10:3312'6" Open Men6
21Jeremy SCOTT1:10:48Unlim 40+ Men11
22Peter MORLEY1:11:31Unlim 40+ Men12
23Ryan RISTUCCIA1:11:5212'6" Open Men7
24Alex GULLIS1:14:1512'6" Open Women1
25Robert PENNELL1:14:43Unlim 40+ Men13
26Chris MCCALL1:16:4712'6" Open Men8
27David GULLIS1:17:2512'6" Open Men9
28Steve GRAHAM1:19:30Unlim 40+ Men14
29Cathy TANNER1:23:0312'6" Open Women2
30Sheldon STEELES1:23:3712'6" Open Men10


2012 Queensland State SUP Titles Surf Race

Course: BoP-style surf race // Boards: 12’6″
Bold Name = Qualified for the National Titles

Open Men’s
1st: Beau O’Brian
2nd: Kelly Margetts
3rd: Paul Jackson
4th: Jake Jensen
5th: Lincoln Dews
6th: Troy Pease (Qualified as 40+)
7th: Dylan Magee
8th: Steve Walker
9th: Simon Hunnybun
10th: Trevor Tunnington
11th: Luke French
12th: Chris Devine

Open Women’s
1st: Angela Jackson
2nd: Karla Gilbert
3rd: Sondra Purser
4th: Tenille Devine
5th: Alison Fullagar
6th: Molly Walker
7th: Keale Dorries

Over 40’s
1st: Troy Pease
2nd: Peter Dorries
3rd: Heath Brown
4th: Dale Chapman
5th: Steve Quiller
6th: Alain Teurquetil
7th: Brett Williams
8th: Wayne Johnstone
9th: Peter Turner
10th: Rob Walton