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April 15, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Head Of The Dart SUP Race (U.K.)

Results are in from the “Head of the Dart” SUP race. The action went down yesterday on the Dart River in Devon (U.K.) and drew a crowd of 50 paddlers, showing again that stand up paddle racing is growing like crazy in every corner of the world.

Paul Simmons put in a massive performance to take line honours in a time of 1:23:18, finishing over a minute clear of his nearest rival. What’s more, Paul took out the win on a 12’6″, leaving plenty of 14′ and Unlimited boards in his wake.

Marie Buchanan won the women’s race in a time of 1:35:23.

For some pics of the race action, check out this Facebook gallery straight from the winner himself.

Or if you wanna know where the next SUP race is in your part of the world, then check out our uber-comprehensive worldwide schedule of Stand Up Paddle races.


2012 Head of the Dart Stand Up Paddle Race RESULTS

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#NameTimeDivisionDiv #ClassClass #
1Paul Simmons1:23:18Men's1”12’'6"1
2James Hardy1:24:53Men's214’'1
3Oliver Shilston1:24:55Men's314’'2
4Rich morton1:26:15Men's4”12’'6"2
5Elliot dudley1:26:18Men's5”12’'6"3
6Matt French1:26:34Men's6Unlimited1
7Shaun Taylor1:26:51Men's714’’'3
8Crispin Jones1:27:49Men's8Unlimited2
9Nick Watt1:28:36Men's914’’'4
10Adam Stiling1:29:34Men's10Unlimited3
11Dave Hackford1:30:53Men's11Unlimited4
12William Wood1:32:47Men's12”12’'6"4
13Pete Vale1:33:29Men's13”12’'6"5
14Steve Graham1:33:36Men's14Unlimited5
15Benjamin Fisher1:33:45Men's15”12’'6"6
16Colin Elston1:34:09Men's16”12’'6"7
17Tim Bracey1:35:01Men's17”12’'6"8
18Marie Buchanan1:35:23Women's1W ”12’'6"1
19Kevin Nind1:37:31Men's18Unlimited6
20Richard Sayers1:38:49Men's1914’’'5
21Simon Frost1:39:09Men's20”12’'6"9
22Mark d'Silva1:42:10Men's21”12’'6"10
23Dennis Mears1:42:42Men's22Unlimited7
24Jocelyn Jones1:43:03Women's2W 14’’'1
25Tim Robbins1:48:15Men's23Unlimited8
26Anna Shekhdar1:49:36Women's3W ”12’'6"2
27Kate1:49:47Women's4W Unlimited1
28Ali Pereira1:51:39Women's5W Unlimited2
29Lindsay Frost1:52:44Women's6W ”12’'6"3
30Conrad Humphries1:52:47Men's24Cruising1
31Mark May1:54:54Men's25”12’'6"11
32Christine Anderson1:55:40Women's7W ”12’'6"4
33Colin Darkins1:58:04Men's26Cruising2
34Sarah Welsh1:59:22Women's8W Cruising1
35Joanne Taylor2:01:00Women's9W ”12’'6"5
36Elizabeth Prins2:01:42Women's10W Cruising2
37Peter Everitt2:10:27Men's27”12’'6"12
38Luke Green2:11:14Men's28Cruising3
39Max Salsbury2:14:54Men's29Cruising4
40James Heraty2:18:21Men's30”12’'6"13
41Sandra Elston2:18:47Women's11W ”12’'6"6
42Jack Philbedge2:28:13Men's31Cruising5
43Nick Philbedge2:28:13Men's32Cruising6
44Alan Walker2:34:17Men's33”12’'6"14
45Nigel Ridley2:37:31Men's34Cruising7
46Paul Clarke2:39:45Men's3514’’'6
47Carly Earnshaw2:40:18Women's12W ”12’'6"7