February 4, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 2012 Bogey & Bacall Paddle Classic

Initial race results from the weekend’s Bogey & Bacall Paddle Classic in Key Largo, Florida.

Saturday’s six mile Elite Stand Up Paddle race was won by Packet Casey in what were apparently pretty tough conditions.

Full race results coming soon (…keep an eye on the official Facebook page or our mates over at Distressed Mullet)


Women’s 12’6″
1st: Heather Gaines (1:11:35)
2nd: Ashley Clarkin (1:12:07)
3rd: Nessa Brunton (1:14:22)

Men’s 12’6′
1st: Mark Anthancio (0:50:07)
2rd: Luke Goetz (0:53:26)
3rd: Don Eisenman (0:56:11)

Men’s 14′
1st: Packet Casey (0:49:45)
2nd: Chris Stephan (0:50:26)
3rd: Darian Hildreth (0:50:26)