January 21, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Watch: The Red ‘Dragon’ Unleashed in the French Alps

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Check out this awesome drone footage from today’s GlaGla Race here in the French Alps, featuring the crazy 22ft inflatable from Red Paddle Co known as the Dragon.

In case you haven’t been following this story over the past few months, the ‘Dragon’ is a 22ft long, 34 inch wide behemoth of a board that’s been designed for a unique style of teams racing.

There are four paddlers on each board, with teams battling each other in a test of skill, speed and seriously good fun. Not only have they created a whole new style of racing, Red Paddle Co has gone a step further and created the ‘Dragon World Series’ – a circuit of events around the world that culminates with the championship race in Barbados later this year.

Have a read of our original announcement about the Red Dragon inflatable SUP for more info on the board and the new Dragon World Series, and check out our story on the 2017 Dragon World Championships in Barbados for details of what will probably be the funnest event of the year.

Oh and stay tuned for more drone vision of the GlaGla Race tomorrow — the footage from the mass start in the long distance race, where over 300 paddlers were on the start line, is absolutely incredible.