September 26, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Quickblade Pays Tribute To The Awesome Payette River Games



The Payette River Games may have been put on ice for now, but the memories will last a lifetime. The 2015 event was a classic, and now you can relive the event with this great recap from Quickblade Paddles.

The clip, courtesy of Pat Myers, has plenty of insights from the QB athletes including Shakira Westdorp, Kelly Margetts, Anthony Vela, Chase Kosterlitz and Candice Appleby, plus a very special mention for Jonas Letieri, a double amputee from Brazil who inspired everyone in Idaho with his skill, spirit and determination.

The whole thing pays tribute to what is, or at least was, perhaps the best event on the entire international calendar. Watch above and enjoy, and let’s hope it’s not the last time we get to hang out in the beautiful Idaho countryside.