September 16, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[PHOTOS] Surf Race To Victory

There was plenty of carnage during yesterday’s Surf Race To Victory at Huntington Beach.

Solid 4-5ft waves were rolling through all day, turning most of the races into a battle for survival. Anthony Vela won the “hero of the day” award for his fearless, Superman-inspired attack on the set of the day. Vela was unable to turn his heroics into victory though, with France’s Eric Terrien narrowly out-sprinting him to the line.

Big thanks to OnIt Pro for snapping hundreds of photos of the action. Check out their full Facebook album for plenty more shots…

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The Surf Race To Victory @ Huntington Beach // pic ©

Morgan Hoesterey looking stylish in her blue stack hat // pic ©

The Surf Race To Victory @ Huntington Beach // pic ©

Even the smaller waves were tricky // pic © OnIt Pro

The bigger ones were just plain impossible // pic © OnIt Pro

Surf Race To Victory // pic © OnIt Pro

Morgan and Candice charging back to the beach // pic © OnIt Pro

Lance Erickson attempting a 12’6″ floater… // pic © OnIt Pro

…the end result // pic © OnIt Pro

Anthony Vela feeling at home in the waves // pic © OnIt Pro

SUPracer’s very own Boss Man somehow making a one foot wave look difficult… // pic © OnIt Pro

Even if you survived the sets out the back, you still had to deal with the shore-break from hell. // pic © OnIt Pro

Kody Kerbox was in fine form, reaching the final unbeaten // pic © OnIt Pro

Eric Terrien sprints to the line in the semi-final // pic © OnIt Pro

Anthony Vela got off to a flyer in the men’s final // pic © OnIt Pro

Vela somehow made it over three set waves to take an early lead… // pic © OnIt Pro

Anthony Vela doing his best Superman impression // pic © OnIt Pro

Vela maintained his strong lead into the second half of the final… // pic © OnIt Pro

…but the others started catching up // pic © OnIt Pro

France’s Eric Terrien was the only one who could fully close the gap on Vela, before stealing the victory in a sprint to the line // pic © OnIt Pro

Eric Terrien and Anthony Vela moments after crossing the line // pic © OnIt Pro

Vela, Terrien, Connor Baxter and Brennan Rose // pic © OnIt Pro

Anthony Vela, always smiling // pic © Quickblade Paddles

Candice Appleby in control of the women’s race // pic © OnIt Pro

Candice going for the air-drop // pic © OnIt Pro

Candice leading the final women’s race… // pic © Quickblade Paddles

Women’s winners: Morgan, Candice, Talia, Halie // pic ©

The Brackett boys, fearless chargers… // pic ©

Women’s Top 3: Candice Appleby, Morgan Hoesterey, Halie Harrison // pic ©

Eric Terrien, Anthony Vela, Connor Baxter, Brennan Rose, Mo Freitas // pic ©

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