April 21, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Stand Up For Clean Water SUP Race, Santa Monica

Check out the action from today’s Stand Up For Clean Water SUP race in Santa Monica, California.

The event was presented by the Waterkeeper Alliance in support of Santa Monica Baykeeper and featured a 5 mile Elite race and 1 mile Fun race.

Fernando Stalla took out the men’s Elite race, half a minute ahead of Quickblade’s Jimmy Terrell. Meanwhile Alison Riddle won the women’s division, with Kristin Thomas second.

Scroll down for full results and pics (big thanks to OnIt Pro for the great photos).

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2012 Stand Up For Clean Water Elite Race RESULTS

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M/F#NameTimeClassClass #DivisionDiv #
M1Fernando Stalla0:51:4114'117-291
M2Jim Terrell0:53:0614'240-491
M3John Becker0:54:1414'350+1
M4Partick OHea0:56:1914'430-391
M5Matt Parker0:56:2114'530-392
M6Brian Kane0:57:0712'6"140-491
M7Chuck Trout0:57:1514'650+2
M8John Goodman0:57:3714'750+3
M9Phil Coffman0:58:2212'6"240-492
M10Matt Hughes0:59:1412'6"317-291
F11Allison Riddle0:59:21F12'6"1F17-291
M12Tim Sanford0:59:4114'830-393
M13Terry Haggar0:59:5412'6"450+1
M16Shep Nelson1:01:2814'1030-394
M14Mark McCarthy1:01:2914'940-492
F15Kristin Thomas1:01:33F12'6"2F40-491
M17Kevin Dowdee1:02:4112'6"540-493
M18Joe Bark1:03:0914'1150+4
M19Barklie Griggs1:03:1512'6"640-494
M20Greg Starczak1:04:0614'1250+5
M21Scott Cohen1:04:4814'1340-493
M22Chris Curl1:04:5612'6"717-292
M23Logan Bounds1:05:2612'6"817-293
M24Marcus Young1:05:3412'6"930-391
M25Tami Starczaak1:06:4012'6"1050+2
M26Pat McGloin1:07:1612'6"1150+3
F27Mandy McDonnell1:10:58F14'1F30-391
M28Steve Dahlberg1:11:2914'1440-494
M29Robert Ardigo1:13:0014'1530-395
M30Dylan Marks1:14:27Surf117-291
M31Chris Andrews1:14:28Surf250+1
M32Greg Scott1:15:15Surf317-292
M33Mike Miller1:20:1714'1630-396
M34Heath Hamilton1:20:57Surf430-391
F35Diana Vaughan1:21:3214'17F30-391
F36Kate Burger1:21:34F Surf1F30-391
M37Johnny Youngblood1:22:28Surf530-392
M38Tom Conson1:23:23Surf640-491
M39Jesse Kaplan1:23:35Surf717-293
M40Jerry Cohen1:27:09Surf830-393
F41Kim Wyman1:28:00F Surf2F 30-391
F42Sheila Shea1:33:15F Surf3F 40-491
M43Greg Welch1:33:33Surf930-394
M44David Vukadiwoutch1:39:57Surf1040-492
M45Ross Prout1:48:08Surf1140-493


2012 Stand Up For Clean Water Fun Race RESULTS

M1Marten Stroebel0:15:19Mens 12'6 40-49
M2Raphael Lunnetta0:17:07Mens Surf 40-49
M3Evan Hibbard0:17:25Juniors Surf 13-16
M4Kyle Kushner0:18:05Mens 12'6 30-39
M5Dylan Bruno0:18:14Mens Surf 30-39
M6Ross Furakawa0:19:11Mens Surf 40-49
M7Kevin McCartht0:19:31Mens 14' 50+
M8Chris Chee0:21:00Mens Surf 40-49
M9Sean Yousseffi0:22:10Mens Surf 40-49
M10Mike Nardelli0:22:30Mens ??
M11Mahrn Tashmi0:22:39Mens Surf 50+
M12Cole Vaughan0:23:26Boys 14' 12 & Under
F13Emily Dolber0:23:30Womens Surf 30-39
M14Max Swart0:25:15Boys 12'6 12 & Under
M15Craig Hibbard0:25:20Mens Surf 50 & Up
F16Nancy Sheinbein0:25:23Womens 14' 50 & Up
M17Houshiang Banani0:25:55Mens Surf 40-49
M18Thomas Pavlovil0:26:05Mens Surf 30-39
M19Brian Meux0:27:40Mens Surf 30-39
F20Nadine Chisolm0:27:40Womens Surf 50+
F21Katrina Goldberg0:28:15Womens Surf 30-39
M22Tom Anderson0:28:38Mens Surf 40-49
F23Carmen Soriano0:29:50Womens Surf 40-49
F24Mckenzie Swart0:29:50Womens 12'6" 17-29
F25Andi Curl0:30:04Womens Surf 40-49
F26Patricia Eltinge0:30:34Womens Surf 50+
M27Tung Le0:30:40Mens ? 30-39
F28Sophia Ngo0:30:40Womens ? 30-39
F29Anna Kheyfets0:32:12Womens 12'6 17-29
M30Cade Cohen0:34:58Boys Surf 12 & Under